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From Odeen at AZCentral: Candice Dupree finding stride in Phoenix Mercury’s system

Hope has turned into expectation. For what once was staggered now is seamless.

Forward Candice Dupree no longer is the new Mercury player. And now, she’s more than just a player; she’s an integral part of a Mercury team that is playing like a defending WNBA champion for the first time this season.


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Is “avidity” a word?

Survey: Social-media use builds fan avidity

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Allegations of Anti-Lesbian Bias in IUPUI Women’s Basketball Program

If these allegations of abuse are substantiated, it is not only the coaches who should be held accountable. It is also the school athletic administrators and any other athletic staff who ignored or supported the alleged abusive behavior and anti-lesbian interrogations and relationship rules. How many times do we have to hear this story or variations of it for coaches and administrators to begin to take seriously their responsibilities to abide by school policies and state non-discrimination laws?

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Happy Basket Cases

(mebbe ’cause Mechelle did the anti-jinx in her chat?)

Unbelievable! For long stretches tonight, the Mystics played, to put it nicely, some pretty crappy basketball. They committed 25 turnovers (and gave up 23 points off those TOs); they dribbled the ball out of bounds; they failed to inbound the ball in the required 5 seconds. They committed (or at least were called for) 22 personal fouls. Washington trailed Indiana for practically the entire game. But you know what? In the end it didn’t matter!

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I was finishing up with my UAE students, so my ticket went unused. Fortunately, Kathy Goodman came east: I can’t complain

The Sparks came in to play the New York Liberty at the end of a four-game, 10-day trip that had us zigzagging across time zones four times. Although the trip started rough in Indiana, we rallied from there, winning in Connecticut and Minnesota, moving us into fourth place in the Western Conference standings (and a playoff berth). We all were looking for a final win in New York to cap our trip, but it wasn’t to be. We fell to the Liberty on Friday night, 88-79, but I can’t complain.

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Catch as MVP

From Kevin Messenger: A Letter to the Fans and Media Voters of the WNBA – “Why Tamika Catchings Is the MVP of the WNBA – Why Not?”

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ODU’s Buchan savoring “best moment in my career”

If you’ve followed Ladyswish in the last couple weeks — and surely you have — you already know about Old Dominion’s Mairi Buchan leading the Great Britain National Team to its first Division B title. The Brits edged Slovakia 47-46 at the U20 European Championships in Kavadarci, Macedonia.

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From Michael Pointer: Pike girls basketball coach Armstrong helps U-17 U.S. team win world title

To do something like this, I’m living the dream,” said Armstrong, who has a 303-202 record in 24 seasons at Perry Meridian and led the Falcons to the Class 4A title game in 2003. “To get a chance to coach internationally and work with USA Basketball is more than anyone could hope for.”

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The Fever breaks

From David Woods at the Indy Star: Fever fall apart in 2nd half – Mystics’ Harding pours in 33 points to rally a desperate team

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Lauren Jackson’s free throw shooting ridiculous?

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Jayne in the WNBA (part 2)

And now, a guest blog post for C and R’s Stanford Women’s Basketball blog because, hey, it’s summer and we are lazy. This account of former Stanford rookie Jayne Appel playing in a WNBA game for San Antonio was submitted by TG.(Comments in parenthesis are C and R’s because, hey, we are just snarky that way)

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More Guru

Dream’s Rise Becomes Sun’s Demise

On Friday night while the Mohegan Sun casino-entertainment complex was offering patrons free tee shirts to add to their apparel, the Atlanta Dream were in the nearby arena busy making quick work skinning the Connecticut Sun 94-62 in a key WNBA game.

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Katie Carrera writes: Nolan Richardson’s foray into the WNBA has been a Shock to some

Days after he traded away nearly every player with ties to the storied Detroit franchise that relocated to Tulsa for the 2010 season, Nolan Richardson reaffirmed his commitment to building a winning WNBA team out of an abysmal first year.

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From Michael Pointer at the (East)IndyStar.com: Ex-Warren Central standout wants to wind up in WNBA

Mariesa Greene still dreams of playing in the WNBA and hopes a season in Switzerland will give her a chance to do just that.

The former Warren Central High School standout said this week that she has signed to play for Pully in Switzerland’s LNA women’s league. She said she leaves for Switzerland on Aug. 31.

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Former Boilermaker performs double duty

Back in her hometown of Indianapolis playing for the WNBA’s Indiana Fever since 2008, Katie Douglas has never felt better.

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to pay for the back-and-forth travel.

WNBA releases 2010 playoff schedule

There’s finally a benefit to winning in the regular season as the WNBA switched its playoff schedule to a 1-1-1 format. The higher seed, meaning Seattle (21-2) in its Western Conference run, will play at home for Games 1 and 3, if necessary, in the best-of-three opening round.

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From Michelle at Fanhouse: Thompson’s WNBA Legacy Unparalleled

Tina Thompson’s name has never blazed at the top of the women’s basketball marquee.

She should blame the company she keeps.

I was lucky enough to sit behind Larry Brown and Roy Williams during the Athens Australia/USA gold medal match up. They were so focused and respectful of the game.

If you remember, it was a very tight game — Dawn was HUGE.  But, near the end, Tina hit a key turnaround baseline jumper that got both coaches up out of their seats.

I love this shot of Tina during the medal ceremony. (#2)

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from HoopGurlz: Hollivay’s tough lesson learned

From where Rachel Hollivay sat last week — in street clothes, on the Essence bench in New Orleans, sealing her team’s ignominious fate of being bounced way too early from its own tournament — salvation seemed light years away.

“I missed two games with my team,” Hollivay said of disciplinary action taken during the Basketball on the Bayou, “when I know I should have been there for them.”

And Lindsay Schnell: Tired, but ready for Nike Nationals

Forgive Elizabeth Williams if she looked a little out of it in the opening round of Nike Nationals on Wednesday, but the 6-foot-3 post player from Boo Williams spent Tuesday night walking around Wal-Mart, willing herself to not fall asleep standing up.

“I have crazy jet lag,” Williams said rolling her eyes. “We’re just running on adrenaline.”

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Le Guru

WNBA Musings: UConn Angles Are Everywhere

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Everyone sing

“I’d like to teach the world to sing, in perfect har-mo-ny.”

WNBA signs Coca-Cola to marketing partnership

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WATN? Nykesha Sales

Being appreciated:

The Connecticut Sun will honor former WNBA All Star Nykesha Sales as part of Season Ticket Holder Appreciation Day on Sunday, August 15th, during a game against the Indiana Fever at Mohegan Sun Arena at 5 p.m.

Gosh – a team honoring a former player. Imagine what they’d have done if, say, that player had been inducted into the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame!

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In this, the W goes to the head of the class

From Ben York: The WNBA and Diversity – Received all As in recent study.

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From Matt Stout at the Norwich Bulletin: Sun drop worst loss in franchise history

At one point during the second quarter Friday, Angel McCoughtry fell to the seat of her pants while driving past Kelsey Griffin.

But as Connecticut’s Asjha Jones and Griffin converged, the Atlanta Dream star maneuvered the ball past their reaching hands, looked up and threw a 12-foot bank shot off the glass and in — all while still sitting down.

And that wasn’t even the most embarrassing part.

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The RIC Sky is the only women’s wheelchair basketball team in the Chicago area. Part of the WNBA Chicago Sky family, the Sky aim to spread the game of basketball to girls and women throughout the Chicago area. Both organizations strive to educate and encourage girls and young women to participate in competitive and recreational sports, including young women with a physical disability. The Sky play local games against men’s teams and travel outside of the Chicagoland area to women’s tournaments. The Sky are members of the women’s division of the National Wheelchair Basketball Association

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comments: The Rebkellians have been all over this.

From Queerty – Free of an agenda, except that gay one: Why Did 28 Players + Coaches Quit Indiana University’s Women’s Basketball Team? Its Anti-Lez Coach, Perhaps

For those who are hearing echos, consider downloading Training Rules on iTunes – 14.99 to buy, 3.99 to rent. Even if you think you “know” the story, please consider taking the time to watch. As some of the Rebkellians write:

I just got done watching Training Rules, and about my only comment is: Shocked

How the hell did that get allowed to happen for so long? I am well past stunned on the surprise scale.

I clearly give the 21st century waaay too much credit.


The attitude and behaviors the film typified certainly have not magically just disappeared, but seem to have just become more veiled and discrete.
And, perhaps, coded.

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with Mechelle.

Sandra Robinson (Bethesda, MD)

I heard that Mary Jo Kane has been asked to serve on an advisory group to advise ESPN regarding their coverage of women’s sports. I hope this is true and what improvements would like to see, if you can comment? Thank you.

Mechelle Voepel: Several questions on espnW, and its potential impact on coverage of women’s sports. I want to stress this very much: please, please, please let ESPN.com know – through the ombudsman or a giant billboard or using a plane with the message trailing it, whatever – that you are a consumer who values the coverage of women’s sports and you want to see more of it. That you really want professional, nuanced, in-depth coverage of women’s and girls sports. The reason I say this is I feel there is still that hesitance and lack of belief that the market is out there and that you really exist in significant numbers. I definitely believe you do, and that you should be better-served. But the “powers that be” need to hear it from you, too. Please. :)

*And Durham-Sue – Don’t worry. While the Women’s Basketball Intelligentsia is a benevolent dictatorship, MV is a fully tenured member with full benefit privileges. So she can (almost) safely mention the Buckeyes and the Final Four any time she wants.

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Yet another Liberty season subscriber came up to me post-game and asked me about where the Lib were going for the next three years. (Newark!)

The lack of information coming from the Liberty management is giving me a serious case of deja vu. So I went back into the Helen archives to pull a letter I wrote six years ago.

August 10, 2004

Ms. Blazejowski,

As a seven-year subscriber to the New York Liberty, I’d like to express my profound disappointment in how we, as season ticket holders, were treated during the process of moving from Madison Square Garden to Radio City Music Hall.

Instead of making the selection process transparent, you presented RCMH as a fait accompli. Instead of explaining and educating subscribers on the hows and wherefores of the decision making, you left the door open for plenty of disgruntled “They don’t know what they’re doing” and “Why on earth did they choose RCMH!” talk. And there has been PLENTY of that.

Instead of acknowledging the challenges of the move, you sent out a cheery “How much fun is this going to be!” letter. You missed an opportunity to be clear with subscribers on what the seating/sightline issues were going to be. You missed a chance to get us on your side.

Instead of offering subscribers flexibility in their subscription plans, you insisted that the purchase of all the games was a hard and fast policy. No chance to purchase only the MSG seats. No chance to put your season subscription on hold. You missed a chance to make us feel like you understood our concerns.

When some subscribers vociferously and stubbornly complained, and that “hard and fast policy” changed, you did not then go back to those season subscribers who had been told, “It’s all or nothing,” and say, “We’ve modified our policy.” You missed a chance to make us feel like the best interests of ALL your subscribers at heart, not just the ones who harassed you incessantly.

Instead of inviting subscribers to an open house at RCMH to see the various seating options and challenges and get their opinions, you created some obscure seating selection process. Was it by price? Was it by longevity? Was it by throwing darts? We would love to know how we, as seven-year subscribers to club seats 12 rows behind the visitor bench ended up in Row L, forty rows back. And how can you be so unaware of section dynamics as to separate them so profoundly? You missed an opportunity to make us feel like respected fans and that you understood the camaraderie that develops between groups of season subscribers.

Instead of being proactive in the RCMH seating process and making it clear that changes were possible, you left it up to subscribers to gripe amongst themselves and discover that a phone call to the subscription office produced miracles… such as seats only 20 rows away from the court. You missed an opportunity to diffuse discontent and prove you were service oriented.

Hey, we love our New York Liberty. We truly and profoundly do. But this has made us wonder why on earth we bother being season subscribers. You claim we’re the greatest fans but, compared to our friends in many other WNBA arenas, we sure aren’t treated as such.

With the possibility of MSG renovations forcing another eviction, is it any wonder that we’re concerned on how we’ll be treated in the not too distant future?

Sigh. Sometimes deja vu sucks.

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See below

I mean, below this — plane troubles have pushed Mechelle’s chat to today, 1pmish.

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I know Mechelle is chatting


How come I can’t find a link on the ESPN.com site.

Why do they makes it so hard to participate? Do they want us to chat?

Luckily, I’m stubborn. Here’s the link. Send in your doozy of a question. (Or two.)

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So, long, it’s been good to know ya…

Mechelle looks at Tulsa’s revolving door roster.

You know, I will say I respect the hell out of the Tulsa players. They are still fighting. The remind me of trying to dig out a dandelion. The flower comes off nice and easy, but you have to fight like a sombytch to get the roots out.

Oh, and don’t forget M’s chat tomorrow.

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