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From Tim Hower at the Star News: New UNCW women’s coach finding early success

“I asked myself how could I give back to women’s basketball and the way that I felt I could give back best was to become a coach and teach the younger generation some of the things that I learned along my journey,” Cooper-Dyke said. “Also, to kind of pass on some of my passion. I care about the game of women’s basketball a great deal, so I wanted to infuse the younger generation with the same passion I have for the game.”

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with The Betty.

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From Ben York

Candace Parker: ‘I have a lot to prove’

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Check out the latest podcast.

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From ESPN: On homophobia and recruiting: Coaches will use a subtle vocabulary to qualify certain programs; it’s become pollution

(ok. it took me a moment to get past the typo in the photo caption. poluuting indeed.)

The messaging continued after she joined the Iowa State squad and started to help recruit younger players. Coaches told all the Cyclones to emphasize their “environment” to any visiting recruits: married head coach, straight assistants, kids running underfoot. “Tell them we’re family- oriented,” the player recalls. “According to the coaches, it needed to be said.”

Why, exactly, depends on whom you ask. Gay rights activists, coaches and players speak at length about what they see as a longtime and underhanded recruiting tactic in women’s sports: Pitches emphasizing a program’s family environment and implicit heterosexuality are often part of a consciously negative campaign targeted at another program’s perceived sexual slant. In a survey of more than 50 current and former college players, as part of The Magazine’s seven-month look at women’s basketball recruiting, 55 percent answered “true” when asked if sexual orientation is an underlying topic of conversation with college recruiters.

How about 2009?

Curve: Lyndsey D’Arcangelo, “Training Rules” Addresses Homophobia in College Athletics

NCLR: New Report Focuses on Eliminating Negative Recruiting in Sports – NCLR combats negative recruiting based on sexual orientation

OutSports: Cyd Zeigler, Jr., Negative Recruiting report lays foundation for gay-positive college sports

Was it 2008?

It Takes a Team blog: Pat Griffin, ESPN on Negative Recruiting

Maybe it was 2007.

WeNews: Viv Bernstein, Lesbian Coaches Confront Bias in Recruiting Game

NYTimes/PilotOnline: Jere’ Longman, Negative recruiting fears follow Chatman incident at LSU

InsideHigherEd: Elizabeth Redden, ‘Dirty Little Secrets’ in Women’s Sports

USAToday: Joe Milicia, AP, Athletic world still slow to accept gay athletes, coaches

How about 2006?

OutSports: Jim Buzinski, NCAA Panel to Address ‘Negative Recruiting’

USAToday: Jill Lieber, Harris stands tall in painful battle with Penn State coach

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Cindi Lash, How a promising hoops career turned sour
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Chuck Finder & Cindi Lash, Penn State’s ‘Mommy Coach’ a bigot?

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Chuck Finder & Cindi Lash, Player from ’82 team says she suffered the same way Harris did

Perhaps it was in 2005?

Tribune-Review: JoAnne Kilmovich Harrop, A silent dilemma haunts women’s college recruitment

Baltimore Sun: Milton Kent, Homophobia whispers grow louder in negative recruiting game

Could it be January 2003?

OutSports: Former Coach Fights Homophobia in Sports – Helen Carroll a Tireless Advocate for Gay, Lesbian Athletes

Washington Post, Greg Sandoval: Going Behind the Back – College Recruiters Raise Issue of Sexual Orientation

Women’s Sports Foundation: Recruiting – Women’s Sports Foundation Response to Negative Recruiting/Slander Based on Sexuality: The Foundation Position

Or was it 1998?

Pat Griffin, Strong Women, Deep Closets: Lesbians and Homophobia in Sport

Ummm, 1991?

Philadelphia Inquirer: Jere’ Longman, Lions Women’s Basketball Coach is Used to Fighting and Winning: Rene Portland has Strong Views on Women’s Rights, Lesbian Players and Large Margins of Victory

Hey, how about 1986?

Chicago Sun-Times: Bill Figel, Lesbian in a World of Athletics

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the Terps tar the Heels.

At one point late in the second half, ESPN Announcer Rebecca Lobo commented about Maryland’s 27 turnovers, saying “that’s pretty horrible.” But she immediately followed up her remark by observing that the Terps “made up [for the TOs] with effort.”

Did they ever! What a great effort. And what a great show Maryland put on today for the national TV audience, and a great crowd at Comcast, in beating the #10/11 ranked Tarheels, 88-65.

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From Lady Swish: Delle Donne could have Lyme disease.

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UConn’s Doty A Future Harlem Globetrotter?

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Yikes and phew!

(but our thoughts and good wishes go out to those who weren’t so lucky) Storm star Sue Bird fine; team missed Moscow airport attack

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Watch to watch for in the week ahead

Iowa at Ohio State: The schedules are favorable for both of these Big Ten preseason favorites after this week, which also includes Iowa hosting Michigan State on Thursday, but that will be small comfort for Monday’s loser.

Miami at Florida State: The polls differ on which team should be favored, but Miami seems to have the most to gain in this ACC clash.

Abby Waner has a piece about Oklahoma’s Hand: Sooner or later, this Sooner would recover

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from Jayda: Injuries, returns and extensions

The WNBA is keeping itself in the news this offseason and not all in a good way.

(Hey! What ever happened to any press is good press???)

And from the .com:

Q&A with the Seattle Storm’s Camille Little

Crystal Langhorne Discusses Russia

And a little ex-W news:

Queen of the Court: Ridgewood’s Anne Donovan and her solid gold basketball career

McConnell-Serio has lifted Duquesne women out of the doldrums

Pittsburgh’s Pat Coyle Takes Liberty From The WNBA

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from SlamOnline: It’s the Aussie Merc fans like to call PFT

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A little catch up

after spending all day 22 miles out at sea looking for stuff like this and this. (And yes, it was cold as a witch’s unowht)

Is their a plot by ACC players to drive their coaches over the edge? Duke let NC State get a HUGE lead on them, and then snuck out a 1-pt win. I’m guessin’ both coaches are muttering to themselves today.

Meanwhile, follow a post-UConn game pattern, UNC got smoked by Maryland. Granted, Breland is out, but does she absence really make a 20-pt difference?

Thank goodness Pseudonymity dropped by with some SEC links:

Tennessee has too many weapons for Auburn, even with Bjorklund a non-factor

Lister has freshman moment for Vanderbilt (0 pts), Pinkett has freshman breakthrough for Kentucky (17 pts), as Kentucky wins.

Georgia cruises easily past Mississippi State

LSU dominates Florida

Mississippi upset #24 Arkansas from the free throw line

Arkansas continues SEC decline, losing to Ole Miss

Unsurprisingly, South Carolina beats Alabama Says friend Psuedo: South Carolina is a fun team to watch. It’s like five Dawn Staleys-in-training are on the court. Perhaps they need a post player, though.

In other games, there was a Sooner-like battering, an Irish-esque rout, and a Spartan streak continuation.

Anyone notice that Georgia Tech is 5-1 in the ACC? Or that Houston is 6-0 in C-USA? Or that Coop-the-original is 6-1 in the CAA? Or that Middle Tennessee State is 7-0 in the Sun Belt (by the skin of their chinny-chin-chin)? Or that BU is 7-0 in the Am. East?

Oh, and the Bison toyed with succumbing to the WHB jinx, but they resisted.

Holy kamole! There were 119 games on Saturday?

Things that pop out:

Fordham (!) beat GW (sigh)

Ball State (8-11) gave Kent State their first MAC loss.

At least ‘nova scored in the 40’s, but they’re still 6-0 in the Big East.

Ahem, that would be Temple who’s 4-0 in the A-10.

Oofta! Bethune Cookson gave Hampton their first MEAC loss.

Chicago State is 4-0 in the Great West (does that conference cover the most territory?)

In the battle of the Services, Navy took down Army. Navy’s still undefeated in the Patriot league, while the Black Nights now sport conference loss.

You know, St. Francis (NY) has been awful since forever. St. Francis (PA) is 6-1 in the NEC.

Yah, the PAC-10 is getting more competitive. Uh, huh.

It’s a bad thing to spot your opponent a 40-9 lead. Do you feel better if you only lost 59-77?

Kinda misleading headline of the night: Huskies struggle from 3-point line but still bury Panthers. The game was a LOT closer than the score. Pitt played great and, obviously, the Huskies are doing some readjustment. From John Altavilla’s blog:

But after Saturday’s 66-46 win over Pittsburgh at Gampel Pavilion, Geno Auriemma reminded his team of something he fears may sometimes get lost in the translation.

“The coaching staff said it well in the locker room,” Maya Moore said. “They told us it is OK to struggle and that sometimes you are going to struggle. We aren’t machines and we will have off nights, as far as our shooting goes.”

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or when you’re benched because of an ACL: Trick Shots!

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From Lady Swish

Wendy joins 600 club; JMU, W&M(!) winners; Cavaliers crush Hokies

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From Mel

Rosseel’s Half Makes Drexel Whole

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from Mechelle: Samarie Walker to land at Kentucky – Freshman forward from Ohio reportedly has enrolled to play for Wildcats

There will be fans who are irritated with Walker, believing that she was dishonest about her intentions and somewhat took UConn for a ride. But I think that Walker probably never intended to do anything like that.

Some might say I’m giving her too much benefit of the doubt and that if teenagers can go die in wars they don’t need any coddling about decision-making. But I don’t think it’s coddling to try to understand how and why this happened.

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Hogg, Taylor Recall Techsters Beginning at National Championship Reunion Luncheon – Packed house hear about the very beginnings of the storied program

A sense of nostalgia filled the banquet room at Squire Creek Country Club Saturday afternoon as hundreds of Louisiana Tech basketball fans turned out for a luncheon honoring members of the Lady Techsters three national championship teams.

Memorabilia filled two tables taking Lady Techster fans old and new back three decades to the first of the three national championship titles when LA Tech defeated Tennessee 79-59 on March 29, 1981.

Original footage from all three national title games rolled off a projector against a screen in the room, which included game footage as well as postgame interviews with players such as Jennifer White, Angela Turner, Teresa Weatherspoon and more.

BTW, thanks to Spoon, the LaTech program has a future: they’re unbeaten in the WAC.

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Breland-free in (area near) D.C.

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during a blowout, by Michelle Smith: Thursday night Fashion Report

After absorbing the grunts and groans of my male colleagues in the press room last night, I feel compelled to put my head even further into the proverbial lion’s mouth.

Considering that last night’s Stanford-UCLA game was not close, I think it’s appropriate for a diversion.

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ACC Partners with ‘Shootaround with Beth and Debbie’ in ACC Style: Two of the most talented broadcasters in the business preview ACC women’s basketball games weekly on XM & SIRIUS Radio.

The Atlantic Coast Conference has partnered with Beth Mowins and Debbie Antonelli to bring ACC women’s basketball fans an exclusive and unique, inside look at league contests throughout the regular season.

“Shootaround with Beth and Debbie – ACC Style” offers insights to upcoming games and discusses ACC teams, highlighting student-athletes and coaches. The 10-15 minute segments, which air on XM and SIRIUS radio, are designed like a sports talk-radio show, featuring insightful commentary, news and on occasion interviews from the league’s head coaches.

ACC Women’s Basketball fans can listen to each week’s show on XM and SIRIUS radio or at theACC.com on the “Shootaround” channel: http://www.theacc.com/allaccess/?channel_id=366.

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Mechelle blogs: UCLA simply no match for Stanford

Stanford coach Tara VanDerveer is in this somewhat odd position a lot: talking up teams that her squad has every intention of going out and beating handily.

The Cardinal have consistently been at the top of the totem in the Pac-10 for so long that excitement bubbles anytime there’s even a hint that they might be challenged. VanDerveer likes the idea that eyes are focused on the Pac-10 … but she still wants the result to be same old, same old.

And more: Kansas can’t keep up with Baylor – Game snowballs out of control for Jayhawks, who struggle against Baylor defense

Yet another winter storm walloped these parts Wednesday, but Baylor’s Destiny Williams loved it. It reminded her of being home in Michigan. She hasn’t seen snow since moving to Waco, Texas, last year when she transferred from Illinois.

After the game, she would have been perfectly happy to go outside Allen Fieldhouse and play in the white stuff. And the Kansas Jayhawks probably would just as soon have engaged Baylor in a snowball fight. They might have had better luck than they did on the basketball court. At the very least, it couldn’t have been any worse.

And even more: Texas Tech on the right track in ’11 – Lady Raiders hope to make first NCAA tournament appearance since 2005

The past few years, it has been wise for Texas Tech coach Kristy Curry to keep in mind the motto of nothing ever being as good or bad as it seems. Except, of course, sometimes things really were that bad.

Just a little gallows humor here. When so much of your life is about winning basketball games in a place where people really do care a lot about that, it can be hard to know just what “perspective” is, let alone successfully keep it.

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is Mel: UConn Still Has Moore With One Less

Mechelle: Walker’s happiness is what matters – Questions abound after freshman leaves, but both she and UConn will push forward

and The Horde members:

John Altavilla: Samarie Walker’s AAU Coach Says Her Decision To Leave Is Not UConn’s Fault and Geno Auriemma Says UConn Will Be Fine With Seven and Samarie Walker Heading To Kentucky

Rich Elliot: Huskies Ready To Move Forward Without Walker and UConn women down to 6-7 players in rotation

Jim Fuller: My thoughts on Walker’s departure

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reads the blog?

His article: Gallaudet makes noise with 14-0 mark, top 25 spot

The head coach is battling Parkinson’s disease, daily mourns the loss of his sister and isn’t fully fluent in the language used by his players.

One senior co-captain nearly quit school after her brother died. The other is a junior college transfer who was picked on as a kid.

Those would be compelling stories for any basketball squad, but this is Gallaudet, the university for the deaf whose women’s team is making noise with a 14-0 start and a No. 24 ranking in Division III, its first appearance in the top 25 since 1999.

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Tennessee beats South Carolina despite 23 turnovers (“Not one of our better efforts as
a basketball team,” Summitt says)

Tuomi held scoreless, but Vanderbilt defeats Arkansas in Nashville

Georgia rolls over Alabama

Auburn stifles Mississippi state for seven minutes to secure comeback win

LSU runs away from Ole Miss in the 2nd half in big win

Florida misses buzzer-beater to fall to Kentucky in final seconds after late free throws give lead

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Betty and friends

Betty adds 2 to form Dream ownership group

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FGCU women’s basketball team’s unbeaten run ends abruptly

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Fran Harris. But hey, she’s still in the running for GMA’s new advice guru

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UConn: Samarie Walker’s Departure Leaves Bench Even Shorter

“There’s a certain camaraderie that exists on a team, there’s a certain level of accountability that exists on a team.  You want to know someone is going to put in the time and effort and they are going to have your back the way that you have theirs and their level of wanting to do things is a certain way, the same way as yours, and we’re all in this together and we all kind of pay our dues the same way to hopefully achieve a common goal.  It’s not conducive to good team chemistry when someone is struggling with wanting to be with any team, not just this team.” – Geno Auriemma on the departure of Samarie Walker

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UConn Women’s Basketball mentioned on NBC’s “Perfect Couples”

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