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Zut, alors!

Overheard in the French locker room: We had zem, and zen we deed not! ZUT!

USA Basketball’s headline — France Surrenders As USA U19 Women Come From Behind For 70-64 Victory, Advance To Medal Semifinals — doesn’t tell the whole story. A better one might be “US Refuses to Surrender and Comes From Behind, ’cause it was more desperate and closer than the final score indicates.

“We talked about this yesterday, that every team out here is very equal,” said Jennifer Rizzotti , USA U19 World Championship Team and University of Hartford head coach. “Everybody wants to win really badly and it was going to take some individual plays and team defense to make sure we got a win. France gave us all they had. To see their disappointment after the game shows you how much they wanted to win and how hard they play for their country. I want my players to feel that kind of passion and I felt that in the fourth quarter tonight everything came together for us.”

Catch the semi-final games TONIGHT streaming at FIBA. Spain takes on Australia at 6:45pmEST followed by the US against Brazil at 9pmEST. Finals are scheduled for Sunday.

Continuing in the USABBall theme, a little something on Auriemma’s wish list for the Senior Team.

“(In the Czech Republic) we were missing a few key players from the 2008 Olympics team in Candace Parker and Cappie Pondexter,” he recalled.

“Right now Candace Parker is injured and hopefully she will be healthy.

“I wouldn’t mind taking the team we had at the World Championship. That was an excellent team but you know players like Candace Parker and Cappie Pondexter would make it so much better.”


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but you’ve got to wonder if (and that’s a qualified “if the tall Aussie doesn’t return) we didn’t see the WNBA finalists in action last night.

True, Indy needed a last second basket (from Bobbitt!) to squeak out a win over Washington — but they did get the win.

Not a lot of drama in Minnesota after the first quarter — the Lynx simply ran over the Storm.Yah, the Lynx are having fun being number one but, writes Tim Leighton at the Pioneer Press,

The Lynx, however, are leaving elevated excitement levels to their fans.

“The bottom line is that we haven’t done anything yet,” head coach Cheryl Reeve said. “We have a lot of work left to do, and we haven’t seen San Antonio yet. I don’t know if I am ready to say we are the team to beat, but we have put ourselves in a position to gain a lot of respect.”

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and everything you and your crack team of subscription reps did to ensure the move went smoothly has really paid off:

WNBA Team Attendance Drops 30 Percent After Move From MSG to Newark

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Mon Dieu!

Another slow start for the U-19 team, this time vs. the 5-1 French team. Check out audio or live stats.

Interesting that Spain spanked the Canadians.

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Where can I get the chicken piccata recipe?

Need to know who to follow on Twitter: Ask Lady Swish for their Twitter rankings

Which coaches/teams are getting it done on Twitter? Here’s our tweet-by-tweet rundown on how things grade out:


Kenny Brooks, JMU – @CoachBrooksJMU
Provides informative, occasionally humorous updates…Stinging commentary from the 2010 CAA Awards Banquet was Twitter gold…Isn’t afraid to give glimpses of himself as a husband and father in addition to coach…Gets extra credit for periodically retweeting our stuff (You da man, Coach!). Grade: A-

Classic Brooks tweet: “It’s Comedy Central up in here!”

Excuse me? Mechelle’s on vacation?!?! The noive!

From Mel:

There are times when team nicknames can get in the way of a story and make things a bit confusing.

Though All-Star starting guard Katie Douglas remained home knocked out of the start of a road trip by a fever, her Indiana Fever knocked out the previous unbeaten home record of the Connecticut Sun with a 69-58 victory Thursday night to break a statistical first-place tie between the two and move to a one-game lead in the WNBA Eastern Conference.

Sue wonders What’s up with the Sparks?

The Title IX blog is rockin’ the info:

Title IX and community colleges

The NYT ran a very interesting article last week about the application of and compliance with Title IX at the country’s community colleges.
Community colleges face unique challenges when trying to comply with the law. It’s non-traditional student body, of which women make up the majority–often a large majority, has lead many community colleges to believe they cannot possibly comply. Additionally, community colleges are facing the same–if not worse–budget issues as four-year institutions.

Soon-to-Be-Coed College Plans to Retain Single Sex Classes

Peace College in Raleigh, North Carolina is making some changes. Not only is it changing its name to William Peace University, it has decided to admit male undergrads for the first time in its history. According to this article in Inside Higher Ed, however, some classes will remain single-sex, though the President assures that no one will be denied access to a course, just sometimes a particular single-sex section. This raised some Title IX red flags to the reporter on this article, who contacted me and some other Title IX experts about whether this was legal. As I said to him, it seems to me like a difficult position to defend. By becoming coed, the college loses any claim to an exemption from Title IX on the basis of its single-sex tradition. Accordingly, it must comply with the law’s prohibition against discrimination in all of its programs, and this includes classes, with limited exception for things like physical education, human sexuality, and choruses.

Why Title IX should (and already does) apply to high schools

As we noted yesterday, a lawsuit against the Department of Education has been filed claiming that the application of the three-prong test to high schools violates the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution. Here’s a little more on that. And we are sure there is much more to come.

School District with Sexual Orientation “Neutrality” Policy Targeted by Lawsuit and Investigation

The Anoka-Hennepin School District is the only district in Minnesota with a curriculum policy that requires teachers and staff to remain “neutral” on sexual orientation issues, deferring instead to students’ “family homes, churches, and community organizations” to disseminate attitudes and information about homosexuality.

Two major civil rights organization, the National Center for Lesbian Rights and the Southern Poverty Law Center, have sued the district on behalf of LGBT student plaintiffs who experienced harassment and discrimination at Anoka-Hennepin schools. They argue that the neutrality policy amounts to gag-order that contributes to a hostile environment for LGBT students by rendering teachers ineffective at dealing with LGBT harassment when it occurs and at laying a foundation of inclusion and appreciation for diverse sexual orientations that could prevent harassment of LGBT students in the first place. They argue that the policy singles out LGBT students for exclusion in violation of the federal Constitution’s Equal Protection Clause, Title IX, and the Minnesota Human Rights Statute.

Speaking of Title IX, did you catch this New York Times article: Long Fights for Sports Equity, Even With a Law

In 1998, the University of Southern California was accused of denying its female students a fair chance at participating in sports. Thirteen years later, the federal agency charged with investigating sex discrimination in schools has not completed its inquiry of U.S.C.

In 2008, the same federal agency, the Office for Civil Rights, came across evidence that Ball State University in Indiana was losing a disproportionate number of women’s coaches. But the agency opted to let Ball State investigate itself. After a two-week inquiry, during which Ball State failed to interview a single coach, the university concluded that there was no evidence that any of the coaches had been unfairly treated or let go.

The federal law known as Title IX — requiring schools at all levels across the country to offer girls and women equal access to athletics — has produced a wealth of progress since it was enacted almost four decades ago. Almost no one disputes that.

But scores of schools, year in and year out, still fail to abide by the law. For those schools, almost no one disputes this: There is little chance their shortcomings will ever be investigated, and even if they are, few will be meaningfully punished.

I often wonder if those who oppose Title IX were first children. You know, because they believe that because they were “first” they should get all the perks – mom and dad’s attention, nurturing and money. As for the rest of the kids — too bad. Their birth order simply means they are and should always be second class siblings.

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Statements made?

So, Indy waltzed into Connecticut’s “we-win-at-home” zone and said, “Not this time!” With the 1997 flashback score of 69-58, the Fever solidified their hold on first place in the East.

Hey, did you know San Antonio’s Becky Hammon wasn’t drafted? Crazy, considering she powered San Antonio to a 102-91 win over Phoenix. That’s the Merc’s third loss in a row and I’m tempted to hit the Rock on Saturday just to see if Taurasi earns another T.

Had a great moment yesterday as I walked into my office sporting my ancient Sue Wicks t-shirt. Says a woman in the elevator with a big smile: “Liberty, huh?” “Yup!” I respond. “I went to my first game,” she continues. “My brother is down in Atlanta and is a huge fan.” Guess her brother is happy this morning: the surging Dream took down the stumbling Sparks 89-80 as Angel nearly notched a triple-double.

After missing her first six shots, Angel McCoughtry made life miserable for the Los Angeles Sparks.

“We played well for about 23 seconds, but she hit some pretty big shots at the (shot-clock) buzzer,” Sparks center Tina Thompson said. “You can’t let those things happen, but some of the shots she hit were tough. Not many people would make them.”

As for that old t-shirt, I broke it out because it was SUUUUUUUEEEEEEE’s night at the Rock.

Have I mentioned lately that I miss Sue Wicks? Because I really miss Suuuuuuuue. Yes, Sue, you don’t like to speak in public, that’s why you rambled for three minutes and only stopped because all of the Mystics were standing there staring at you and waiting to warm up. That’s why you name-checked all of our greats and Kisha Ford. (Who I loved, and who has made quite a post-basketball life for herself, but who is not exactly VJ or Becky Hammon.)

Oh, and yah, there was a game played, too.

DeMya Walker’s hair looks awful, and we didn’t get to see any of her trademark flops. I think that’s completely unfair. If we’re going to see DeMya Walker miss easy shots once she gets in position, and otherwise play like a shell of an All-Star, we should at least get to see one of her Oscar-winning performances.

I think Kia Vaughn may have gotten into Nicky Anosike’s head after a quick start in the first half, because she was pretty much a non-factor for the rest of the game, and she spent a lot of time on the bench. While part of me is disappointed, because I like Anosike, the rest of me does the dance of joyous self-satisfaction. Crystal Langhorne put in a lot of extra effort and scrapped hard on the boards. I’ll give her that. However, I can also be exceedingly annoyed at the four-step lay-ups and the off-the-ball holding. I know everyone does it, but she needs to learn to be subtle about it if she’s going to do it.


I will not, cannot get used to the ‘stics in Red. To Comet-like, and that’s just plain wrong. Bad enough that Tulsa stole my Liberty’s black jerseys….

Didn’t see a lot of rust from the Lib, just a lack of defense (Washington shot 50%). But, when it mattered most, the defense channeled Sue’s intensity and stole a win.

As for the Shock – ouch. Eleven in a row. The killer is that they were up on the Sky at the end of the third. Which doesn’t speak well for what’s happening in Chicago.

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WATN? Shaquala Williams


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