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for a better year: great college season, fabulous Final Four, enjoyable W season with an exciting playoff run, good futures being built in USA Basketball and an (almost) wide open 2011-12 season win many intriguing players to follow.

The off the court heartbreak of the last four months of the year, though, dominates my memories of 2011: Pat, Kurt and Miranda and Tayshana.

For a retrospective, Brenda and Mechelle give us WSC Radio Show: December 30, 2011: Year in review and opening week of conference play

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Mel’s got some stuff on the game: Another Delaware Game-Changing Moment Awaits At Maryland

Since the season got under way back in early November the Delaware women’s basketball team has been akin to someone heading off the beach to do a little body surfing in uncharted waters.

Several times out the Blue Hens have looked at a wave unlike most they had ever seen and after successfully navigating across the crest an even bigger one would lie ahead.

With junior Elena Delle Donne healthy and happy, Delaware (10-0) is getting a rush from playing in an environment and setting challenges that not too long ago existed in another galaxy from where the Blue Hens dwell.

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from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Seimone Augustus (and I wanna know the story behind the second photograph in the slide show…)

Augustus, 27, committed herself to becoming an outstanding defensive player last season, adding a new dimension to her game. She lost 30 pounds. She stepped forth as a more assertive leader, taking charge in the Finals as she averaged 22 points per game — including an epic 36-point performance in Game 2, when she carried her team to a come-from-behind victory that deflated rival Atlanta.

Lynx coach Cheryl Reeve, who took over in 2010, entered last season eager to see what a healthy Augustus could do. After challenging Augustus to seriously consider the legacy she wanted to create, Reeve witnessed the flowering of a player determined to discover how great she could be.

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Holdsclaw surprises Summitt with gift – Delivers letters of 60-plus former players

Holdsclaw, a four-time Lady Vols All-American from 1995-99, presented Summitt with a collection of letters written by former players and managers detailing their relationship with Summitt and her influence on their lives.

“I know my relationship with Coach Summitt through the death of my grandmother and me going through my ups and downs,” said Holdsclaw, who has dealt with depression. “What I realized from these letters is coach has helped these players through some of the most difficult times of their lives. When I’m reading them, I’m thinking, ‘Wow she’s had an impact on their lives.'”

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ot: Fess up….

…was this you the evening of December 24th?


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#6 Kentucky dropped by Murfreesboro and slipped on some Ice(lyn Elie).

The Wildcats’ “40 minutes of dread” pulled them close to the Blue Raiders, but then Middle Tennessee pulled away (shooting 46%) to pull off the 70-58 upset.

“We’ve learned from previous games, and I feel like we knew we could’ve beat Penn State,” Blue Raiders guard Kortni Jones said. “We felt like we could’ve beat Arkansas. You look back at those films, it kind of makes your heart ache a little bit. We could’ve been in the Top 25 rankings. Tonight Ebony made a statement we’ve given away too many. Tonight, we’re going to have take this one home.”

The other games involving ranked teams went as anticipated: ugly stompings by the Cardinals, Terps, Irish (with a little WATN? Lancers first-year assistant coach Lindsay Schrader), Blue Hens, Longhorns, Bulldogs, Hurricanes and Vols.

The Drexel/South Carolina game was far more interesting, with the Gamecocks squeaking out a four-point win.

Five points separated NC State from Florida Gulf — Wolfpack holds off a second half surge by the Eagles and wins, 69-64.

Speaking of squeaking – that was Arizona State with a 2-pt win over UTEP.

Yah, the Wildcats (note to self: do not blog at 2am. H/T to S.H. in AZ) are 11-1 with their 4-pt win over UNLV, but here comes the conference play.

Some games I’m interested in today:

Princeton/Hofstra 4pm EST

Tulane/Hampton8pm CT

Delaware/Maryland7pm EST

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D.C. (at least to WHB readers), where Gaullaudet makes its point loud and clear

Sustaining success at Gallaudet would seem be a difficult task, as the pool of deaf athletes skilled enough to play intercollegiate basketball is finite when compared with the hearing.

“I often get two different types of players,” Stern said. “I have some players who, like me, have said from when they were young that they want to come to Gallaudet, and I have other types of players who have never heard of Gallaudet or feel nervous about coming to Gallaudet.

“My selling point for those players … I try to explain that Gallaudet is a very special place not because you discover your deaf identity. You come actually and you finally become not deaf.”

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