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From the Toledo Blade: No timetable for return of Bowling Green coach

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at Swish Appeal: What Each WNBA Team Do In 2012, Pt. 2: Playoff Teams That Might Not Be Championship Caliber Yet

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a blah game. Duke’s offense was inept, UConn’s defense was impressive, and their offense was... well… inelegant. Writes Rob at DWHoops:

Moral victories are no victories at all, but for the first time in a long time Duke made UConn sweat a little before losing 61-45. The bottom line is that UConn once again turned Duke into a one-on-one jump-shooting team (leading to Duke shooting just 25% and dishing out only 8 assists). But this time Duke never gave up on the defensive end. Duke forced 21 UConn turnovers (13 in the second half) and hung close on the boards (-6 for the game), but the Devils rushed their shots and never recovered from a twelve minute field goal drought in the second half.

Perhaps the biggest story was not the heralded match up between Williams and Lewis, but the emergence of that “other” freshman, Kiah Stokes.

In other news:

Hampton returned to its winning ways, tattooing Morgan State by 14. Lucky Joanne Gerstner got to “Hoop Across America” with the Pirates as they get amped.

Howard kept pace by downing South Carolina State by 24. (In her fourth year there, coach Niki Reid Geckeler has done a nice turnaround job.) Coppin State kept pace, too, but it was by squeaking by Norfolk State, 61-58.

Appalachian State’s win over Western Carolina moved the Mountaineers to 10-1 in the Southern. The Mocs are lurking at 10-2, while Davidson sits at 9-2 behind the strong play of Aleksandravicius.

High Point is still undefeated in the Big South, but Liberty is right behind them at 7-1.

Yup, EIU is still undefeated in the OVC.

Looks like the Jackrabbits are running away with the Summit, and the Pioneers are dominating the NEC.

The NY Times invites the Cheeseheads to pay attention to that “other” team in Wisconsin: Flourishing Without Packers as a Shadow

Thirty-four white-and-green banners hang in the rafters of the sparkling Kress Events Center, the home of the Wisconsin-Green Bay women’s basketball team, whose run of 13 consecutive Horizon League regular-season championships stands as the longest active streak of its kind in the country. Twelve banners represent N.C.A.A. tournament appearances. The midmajor Phoenix earned the most recent of those last March while reaching the Round of 16 for the first time.

And this season’s team, off to a program-best 19-0 start — the only undefeated team in Division I besides top-ranked Baylor — may add more.


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From WNBAlien, you get a handy list of all the teams, their free agents, and a little analysis tossed in.

From Nate, you get, What Each WNBA Team Do In 2012, Pt. 1: Intro & Teams In ‘Win Now’ Mode

In any professional sports league, it’s not just about wins and losses, even though it is the most visible measure of a team’s performance. There are other metrics that need to be viewed to see how the team is doing and where it should be in the future. These include the age of the roster, how younger players played, etc.

To me, there are three categories of strategies among all teams in a professional league.

Here are the categories:

Category 1: Go for the championship this year, make moves to acquire players to win now this year.

Category 2: Stay with current roster, make moves to improve and aim for postseason, and create havoc once the team reaches the postseason.

Category 3: Build the foundation of the team for the future. (In WNBA terms, aim for the 2013 draft) If a team was previously built for categories 1 or 2, in layman’s terms, blow the team up and rebuild.

In the WNBA for this season, each of the 12 teams falls in one of these sorted categories.

(BTW, there’s some great stuff over there on the Cal/Stanford game, too.)

From SlamOnline, you get She’s So Money: WNBA Finals MVP Seimone Augustus has persevered and now sits at the top of her sport.

A little WATN? for Valerie Still: Being honored at the Kentucky game.

A little WATN? for Taj McWilliams: Getting the St. Edwards Alumni Achievement Award.

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Charlie’s been busy with his latest bracketology, and he breaks down his 1 & 2  thought process. (Interesting that he doesn’t refer to Miami’s injury situation.)

At the base of the page, look for Kara’s preview of the Duke-UConn game.

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some pre-game reading:

From DWHoops: Will New Faces Bring Different Results?

From the Post: Hartley ‘one confident kid’ for UConn

From the Post: UConn women’s game day

From the Courant: Tough road games test Huskies

From the Courant: Capsule: No. 3 UConn at No. 5 Duke

From the Register: Matchup with Duke features two freshman phenoms

From the Day: No. 3 UConn visit No. 5 Duke tonight

From the Hour: Women’s basketball glance – UConn at Duke

From the Republican: Preview: UConn at Duke

From ESPN: Big Monday preview

From the News & Observer: Duke’s Grey combines skill with unmatched vision

From the Durham Herald Sun: Duke veterans find their niche

From Beth and Debbie: Previewing the Duke-UConn game and chatting with Auriemma.

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damned if you don’t when it comes to the question of parity in women’s basketball: if you say, “Look at all the ranked teams that lost (many to unranked teams)” folks will say, “The ranked teams aren’t that good,” or “it’s a down year for women’s basketball.”

Of course, if all the ranked teams win, then they’ll say, “There’s no parity.”

So, Sunday, clearly the ranked teams aren’t that good:

#9 Ohio State lost to Minnesota (12-11), 76-65.

#19 Penn State lost to Michigan State (13-9), 83-77.

Yes, #12 Rutgers had Rushdan go down (hopefully temporarily), but how do you only score 36pts in your loss to #16 Georgetown?

Ranked, and lucky to escape with a win:

#13 Texas A&M by 2 over Iowa State (11-8).

#16 Delaware by 7 over James Madison (15-5).

#24 Georgia Tech by 9 over Clemson (5-14)

#25 North Carolina by 4 over Wake Forest (12-9).

In the spirit of “there’s no parity in women’s basketball:”

#6 Kentucky over Alabama by 14.

#8 Miami over Boston College by 31.

#9 Tennessee over #15 Georgia by 17.

#21 Nebraska over Illinois by 20.

Conference undefeated UTEP over UCF by 29.

Conference undefeated Marist over Sienna by 11.

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fashion advice, but even I can see that these new gray — oh, I mean “platinum” — uniforms are so ugly they’re wugly.

I’m guessing fans will be asking “Why are we dressed like Ohio State? ” and refs will be saying, “Foul on… umm… hold on… I can’t read that number.”

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for the Stanford/Cal and Gonzaga/St. Mary’s games — didn’t dare call the winners, but they were sure very, very, interesting.

Some really good games in other arenas, as top teams in conferences met or (in one case) as struggling teams came up big against conference top dogs.

Iowa stopped #17 Purdue’s 11-game win streak while Hayes’ second 30+ game helped UConn continue their 97-game home court winning streak.

I’m still paying attention to New Hampshire, who defeated UMBC, 75-68.

One year ago, head coach Maureen Magarity (Marist grad and daughter of Army’s Dave) and her staff started a new chapter in the history of the University of New Hampshire women’s basketball program. Despite being picked last by the league coaches, the Wildcats bested preseason poll predictions and raced toward a trip to the conference tournament. This season, with Magarity back at the helm for her second campaign, the Blue and White will look to take the next step and not only return to postseason play but make a run for the America East Conference Championship.

Still undefeated in conference play: St. Bonaventure, San Diego State, Green Bay, High Point, Notre Dame, American, Eastern Illinois, Idaho State, FGCU, Baylor, Fresno State and Bowling Green (who got all it could handle from Eastern Michigan.)

It took double-overtime, but the Sugar Bears (aka Central Arkansas) took took down McNeese State, 71-70, and now both are at 6-1 in the Southland.

It only took one overtime, but it was enough for Coppin State to give Hampton their first loss in the MEAC, 69-66. (BTW, the Pirates will be on ESPNU Monday, Jan 30th at 4:30pmEST)

Important win for Eastern Washington in the Big Sky as the Eagles (7-2) dominated Montana State, 66-52.

Arizona State moved to 6-3 in the Pac-12 as they squeaked by Washington, 57-53.

You can’t make this stuff up: The Fighting Camels over the Blue Hose, 53-44.

Oklahoma made sure Missouri was still miserable in the Big 12.

Oregon State beat Oregon, 67-60. Wonder how the Ducks are feeling about the Paul Westhead hire these days?

Duquesne isn’t enjoying A-10 play much: their loss to St. Joeseph’s sent them to 3-3.

Considering what a mess the Cincinnati program was when Elliot took over (heck, they didn’t know the difference between reins and reigns!), I’m calling their 55-54 win over Syracuse important.

Hartford surprised Albany, 65-57.

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The rematch between St. Mary’s (7-2 in the WCC) and #20 Gonzaga (5pmEST) and the game between #4 Stanford, who’s been quietly running their record to 17-1 (8-0), and feisty Cal (5pmEST).

C&R get busy on the Cardinal/Bears tussle over at Swish Appeal.

And now, in honor of the Big Game, C and R present the 158th annual Q & A with Nick from SB Nation’s California Golden Blogs.

He asks the Q’s, C and R answer them. (Secretly, we think he just wants our Stanford blog to mention his Cal blog, hoping for bad karma or ju-ju or what have you, but I digress). Our questions to him are at the bottom, and we will publish tomorrow or whenever we get around to it.

One note, usually his questions are funny and silly, so that’s how we wrote ours. Then he writes these scholarly and insightful questions, like he’s been studying basketball or something. Ours look stupid by comparison. Oh well, when have we ever let that stop us! Enjoy.

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A little on Kelsey Bone

The Aggies (13-5) are experiencing the weight of the “crown” a bit, and Kelsey Bone, who was on the sidelines as a transfer last season, especially can feel it. The 6-foot-4 center knows the big part she has in filling the scoring void left by Final Four Most Outstanding Player Danielle Adams.

Bone is averaging 11.9 points and 7.0 rebounds in her first season for the Aggies, but those numbers are 6.8 and 5.5 in four of Texas A&M’s last five games. The exception was her 18-point, seven-rebound performance in a victory at Kansas on Saturday.

A little on Elizabeth Williams

Elizabeth Williams is the centerpiece of the youngest Duke team in more than a decade. But she spent a fair amount of time in her first semester of college thinking about growing old.

She took a sociology class about adulthood and aging, and it confirmed a mindset she pretty much already had.

“One of the interesting statistics in a paper I did was that people who had a positive outlook on life would live an average of 7.6 years longer than people who didn’t,” Williams said. “People who thought that growing old was a negative thing, their lifespan was shorter. I took that and thought it applies to me at a young age, too: ‘Think of all these opportunities you’re given, and really embrace them.'”

And a reminder as to why she’s such a valuable member of the women’s basketball community: Institutional Memory. From her chat yesterday:

jbb1985 (ny) You may be too young, but Kerry Bascom was UConn’s first star player and is still its 4th highest scorer all-time. Yet she played in 1988-1991 period. Might you have seen her play? If so, what type player was she and which contemporary player would remind you of her?

Mechelle Voepel Nah, I don’t qualify as “young” anymore. Haven’t for a while. :) I started covering women’s basketball when I at Missouri in 1984. So, yes, I do remember Kerry Bascom, even though I obviously didn’t see nearly as many of her games as I have with UConn players over the last 17 years. Kerry was a scoring machine, and the player she kind of reminds me of was Texas AM’s Danielle Adams, now with San Antonio Silver Stars. I am a little leery of talking about this in a way that would offend anyone, but obviously Danielle has a large physical presence, and yet has skills I think surprise people who see her and expect she would not have them. Kerry was not physically as large as Danielle, but she was stout and strong, while still with good body control. I recall there was a picture of her in past UConn media guides – not sure if it’s still in there – where one defender is falling over trying to guard her, while another has her hand basically on top of Kerry’s head trying to stop her… and Kerry is still going right to the basket. She could shoot the 3 and penetrate; she had just a ferocious will to score. That’s my memory of her. Really quite a player.

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Yes, they were missing Thomas, but still…Maryland losing to Va Tech? At home? Gotta be the upset of the season. (Hmmm, maybe there’s an anti-WHB curse goin’ on — I poke Kansas, I poke Va Tech… and look what happens!) DC BasketCases keep their reaction short and (not so) sweet.

If you though the Terps’ 19 TOs were bad, look at Auburn: 30 against Kentucky, and the loss.

Vandy regrets dropping out of the polls and took it out on #15 Georgia, 68-48.

No problems for Baylor as they took care of Oklahoma and (oh, oh) Griner hit a… three!?! (That’s just not fair.) Oh, and how cool is this? At the New York Times Krista Pirtle of The Lariat at Baylor University will file reports about the top-ranked Baylor Lady Bears throughout the season for The Quad.

Hofstra put up a great fight in the first half, and was tied with Delaware going into the break. Then EDD took over: 41pts, 15 rebs, 5 assists, and the Pride fell, 84-66.

It took overtime, but the Illini got their first Big 10 win: 71-62 over Michigan State.

The Tribe finally win a close one: William & Mary 83, ODU 80. Oh, and it’s their first win against ODU in 53 tries. (Great photo.)

Whoa! The Penguins (3-5 Horizon) took down Detroit (5-3 Horizon), 80-67.

FGCU beat up on the Mercer Bears, 92-55.

Bookends in the C-USA: UTEP goes to 7-0 in conference play (and coach Adams gets her 300th win) and sends Southern Miss to 0-7.

Looks like this isn’t the Vikings’ year — perhaps it’s the Bobcats’? Montana State 70, Portland State 50.

Six of Arizona’s seven losses are in the PAC-12.

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Minor stroke.

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Or perhaps it was the fact that Tech’s best scorer didn’t make the trip? Either way, Kansas stomped their way to a 19pt upset of #23 Texas Tech. (Yah, but K-State lost to Iowa State. How much fun is it for writers to type, “Poppens pops off for 23”?).

It was close at first, and it stayed close. The Bonnies escape the clutches of the Hawks, 68-61.

It was close at first, and it stayed close. The Terriers escape the clutches of the Retrievers, 59-53.

It wasn’t so close in the first, but it got closer. Still, the Falcons escape the clutches of the Cardinals., 63-52.

Indications of a good, well-coached team: Toledo loses their best player a while ago, and still puts together a 5-2 MAC record.

Good one between Richmond and Dayton — Flyers come out on top in OT, 81-78.

American kept Bucknell defeated in the Patriot and themselves undefeated, 71-45.

It was close at first, and then it wasn’t even close to close at the end. You could have taken away Tiffany Hayes’ 35pts and UConn would still have beaten Syracuse by 6.

The Orange are set to join ex-Big East member Boston College in the ACC. Wonder if coach Hatchell will enjoy playing ‘Cuse as much as she enjoys playing BC.

It was a tussle, but Georgia Tech topped Virginia, 63-53.

Sun Belt (and I mean Middle Tennessee) shouldn’t sleep on the Florida Atlantic Owls. They’re now 6-2 in the conference. (Yes, I know, so are the UALR Trojans & the Denver Pioneers, but that’s in the West.)

Okay, I know it’s the WCC v. the ACC, but how come 19-3 (7-1) BYU isn’t ranked (in the ESPN polls) and North Carolina (14-5) is?

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last night’s game in Jersey was either gutty or gut-wrenching.

Depleted DePaul rode the hot hand of Anna Martin to a nice lead over Rutgers. Then turnovers, a missed field goal and Khadijah Rushdan’s end of game scoring streak spelled disaster for the Blue Demons: the Scarlet Knights win.

Hard to cheer against Gary Blair. Harder to cheer against Oklahoma State. Cowgirls pull off the 57-53 upset of # 14 Texas A&M.

Mechelle says the Big 12 about more than just Baylor, but I’m not sure of the overall (NCAA-level) quality of the teams.

Graham has his mid-majors poll and, picking up on Doug “The APWBall King”‘s theme, notes: Zags, BYU give WCC two entries

Speaking of the Zags: from the Spokesman-Review: Gonzaga’s Redmon proves her dedication

Ooops. Will this undermine the Miners? 2 UTEP guards suspended indefinitely

So, has there been some shaky play this season, or do we get to pull out the p-word? LSU had to go to overtime to escape with a 71-68 win over East Tennessee State.

From the Observer: ND’s Peters comfortable in her role and I missed this Hoops Across America entry from espnW: Love of the Irish drives volunteers

Xavier’s misery continues: Temple 64, Musketeers 38.

About those Idaho State Bengals: Ashleigh Vella: the wonder from “down under”

Ouch: BG coach Miller’s health ‘not 100 percent’

San Diego State remains undefeated in the MWC, and Nick Canepa writes: SDSU women’s basketball deserves show of support

What Beth Burns needs is a show to call her own. To be square, not necessarily The Show, the roaring, cunning group of San Diego State’s men’s basketball wackos, but maybe something along the lines of The Showups.

Speaking of San Diego — a little WATN? with Charity Shira of then-Southwest Missouri State’s Final Four team of 1992: Elliott has her NCAA Division II California-San Diego Tritons ranked No. 1 in the country

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for basketball west of the Mississippi: Gonzaga women have challenge for WCC title

After a decade of domination, Gonzaga finally has a challenger or two for the top spot in the West Coast Conference.

And coach Kelly Graves couldn’t be happier.

“It speaks so well for our conference,” he said. “Our conference is a ton better now and I love it. For so long, we’ve needed another team to go with us. Our men have had it with Saint Mary’s. We’ve wanted that competition.”

The 22nd-ranked Zags (17-3, 6-1) now have it with BYU, which joined the WCC this season after being a founding member of the Mountain West Conference. The 23rd-ranked Lady Cougars entered the Top 25 on Monday for the first time in five seasons.

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includes this unsurprising promise:

4. Defense:
We will spend NO money on defense. My fellow Americans don’t care about Defense! We will put our money into  the pick n roll, running the flex, executing horns, drilling every option in the motion and dribble-drive game.  We will protect the shooter and reward those teams that put 100 points on the board. What were we put on this earth to do?  SCORE!

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by ESPN (Baylor, Notre Dame, Purdue, Duke, Kentucky, Stanford, right?)

American University Eagles

Boston University Terriers

Bowling Green Falcons

Delaware Fightin’ Blue Hens

Eastern Illinois Panthers

Florida A&M Rattlers

Florida Gulf Coast University Eagles

Fresno State Bulldogs

Green Bay Phoenix

Hampton Pirates

High Point Panthers

Idaho State Bengals

McNeese State Cowgirls

Marist Red Foxes

Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders

New Jersey Institute of Technology Highlanders

Princeton Tigers

St. Bonaventure Bonnies

San Diego State Aztecs

University of Texas-El Paso Miners

Wichita State Shockers

By the way, HUGE win for Jennifer Azzi’s San Francisco squad: they got their second win in the WCC by taking down St. Mary’s (who’ve defeated conference leaders BYU and Gonzaga) courtesy of Mel Khlok’s 32pts, six steals  a buzzer-beater by Rheina Ale. The Dons played the Gaels a couple of weeks ago and got stomped by 22.

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And it wasn’t just because of the final score (which I’m not sure surprised many). ’nuff said by me. Others weigh in:

Notre Dame women’s basketball: Riled-up Irish send Vols a message

Notre Dame crushes Lady Vols, 72-44

Diggins leads Irish women to rout of Tennessee

Women’s Basketball: Volunteers worked

Sky’s now the limit for Irish

Vols fall to Notre Dame by 28 in lowest-scoring game in modern Tennessee history

Notre Dame women throttle Tennessee

John Adams: Lady Vols balance bad offense with bad defense

Lady Vols pummeled by Irish

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What was feared is confirmed: Stroman out for the season

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You stay put

Lynx sign veteran C McWilliams-Franklin

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Cleanse your palate with a little pre: ND/TN game hype (7pmEST, ESPN2):

Erie’s McBride, Notre Dame on national TV tonight

Vols are in ‘uncharted waters’

Finding flaws with Notre Dame a tough task – Lady Vols must limit mistakes against No. 2 Irish

Irish try to start a streak against Vols

Unconventional offense to challenge the Irish

Lady Vols, Irish square off Monday

PODCAST ALERT: Beth Mowins and Debbie Antonelli preview Tennessee-Notre Dame and chat with Skylar Diggins.

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Impulse post…

This is the kind of headline I love to groan at: Jumbos smoke Camels, crush Cardinals on the road

But, to be honest, they chickened out… it should have been “pluck Cardinals.”

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(or, perhaps use picture in picture?),  some pre-game reading before the #5 Duke- #7 MD game (3:30pmEST- ESPNU).

Duke women put streak on line in showdown with Maryland

Terps have no trouble getting fired up for rival Blue Devils

Maturing Blue Devils welcome Maryland

McCallie Previews the Maryland Game

ACC Leaders Clash in Cameron

Live Blog!

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for the ranked teams:

#1Baylor dismissed #22 Kansas State by 35.

#2 Notre Dame tamed Villanova by 33.

#3 Connecticut schooled DePaul (but got a Doty knee scare) by 44.

#4 Stanford rolled over Washington by 18.

#11 Green Bay conquered Cleveland State by 22.

#13 Texas A&M survived Kansas by 11.

#25 Gonzaga escaped San Diego by 10.

The only team that was unwilling to run with the pack was #8 Rutgers (6 point margin.), who got a tussle from USF, but emerged a victorious.

Florida Gulf defeated Stetson by 4 and now sits at 9-0 in the A-Sun.

Sacred Heart’s win over CCSU puts them at 7-0 in the NEC.

I don’t want to distract from St. Joe’s win, but dang — Xavier’s now at 3-14.

San Diego State moved to 4-0 in the MWC.

Samford’s defeat of Davidson is keeping the Southern interesting. No rest for the weary — the Bulldogs face Appalachian State next — who took down the Mocs, 62-51.

Yup, the Cowgirls of McNeese State are at 5-0 in the Southland.

It was a squeaker, but the Rattlers escaped MD-E Shore and now FAMU is undefeated in the MEAC.

Those Shockers are still loss-less in the MVC.

Pirates over Spartans, Hampton to 7-0 in the MEAC.

The Bobcats roared back in the second half, and now Coach Binford’s got her Montana State team at 5-2 in the Big Sky.

Big win by Oregon State, as they took down USC in OT.

Eastern Illinois (5-0) is perched atop the OVC.

The Bonnies and the Blue Raiders and the Bengals are still undefeated in-conference.

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Driving For Home – A hoops prodigy who had her choice of powerhouse programs, Elena Delle Donne once quit the sport. Now she’s the nation’s top scorer at upstart Delaware—and couldn’t be happier

TRANSLATED FROM ITALIAN, the family name means “of the women,” and it could hardly be more fitting. The clan is extraordinarily close-knit, living together on a 35-acre compound outside Wilmington. Not only do the Delle Donne females outnumber the males three to two; the entire offense runs through the family’s oldest daughter, Lizzie. “She’s the boss,” says Ernie Delle Donne (6’6″), the paterfamilias and a former basketball player at Columbia. “And the happiest of my kids.” Adds Gene Delle Donne, 25, who at 6’7″ played tight end for Middle Tennessee State, “Lizzie’s the captain of the boat; we’re just the crew.”

Now 27, Lizzie was born deaf, blind and with cerebral palsy. “She’s severely handicapped, functioning at the level of an infant—and she’s incredible,” says Elena, age 22. “The battles she fights to get through a day put everything in perspective.” Lizzie knows her sister by her scent and her feel. As Helen Keller did, Lizzie can communicate using hand-over-hand sign language. “She can [distinguish] my hugs and kisses,” says Elena. “I can’t even describe how close we are.”

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Marist (8-0) didn’t run its win streak to 8 and fellow MAAC member Fairfield (6-1) didn’t keep pace. The Stags’ only loss is to the Red Foxes. They meet again Feb. 10th. Or, maybe they don’t….

Oh, and in the battle of the Dakota States, it wasn’t Jackrabbits stampeding over the Bison.

As for today, FGUC looks to take command of the A-Sun with a win over Stetston.

As for tomorrow — how cool is this: Delaware gets its first sellout. The Hens battle the Dragons at 3:30EST.

Oh, and there’s a job opening in North Dakota: UND women’s basketball coach Roebuck to retire after season. Big shoes to fill though: Roebuck is 616-143 with the Sioux.

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LSU starting point guard Destini Hughes out for the year

The nature of her injury sounds very Kalana Greene-esque — but even worse.

I guess the only encouraging thing about THAT thought is that KG recovered enough to play effectively.

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(Wouldn’t it be cool if you could sign up for email alerts?)

Beth and Debbie talk with Doug, Jen, Marynell, and Geno about the Olympics. Tamika Catchings gets to chat, too!

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Not to be picky,

(or factual), but the ESPN women’s basketball site claims “THERE ARE NO NCAA WOMEN GAMES TODAY.”

Gotta be a surprise for the crew broadcasting the Marist /Loyola (MD) game on ESPNU at 6pmEST — one of EIGHT games being played tonight.

Yah, I’m sure they meant “Top 25” games, but really, why even say it at all? Some of us actually enjoy teams who are NOT in the top 25.

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