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Not so much, eh Courtnay?

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Taking it straight to the basket is just part of the custom lyrics on the platinum hit song “Classic” by Malcolm Kelley and Tony Oller of MKTO that was reinvented for ESPN2’s WNBA regular-season coverage. Debuting during tomorrow’s doubleheader (Indiana at Atlanta, 8 p.m. ET; Chicago at Los Angeles, 10 p.m.) the song will be used in games telecasts through the remainder of the regular season.

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Oh, look. What a surprise. Chicago with another injury: Vandersloot out 6-to-10 weeks with sprained knee

And a different kind of ouch: Alexis Jones is transferring from Duke?

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(Hope this FASHION trend doesn’t go viral!)

Cynthia Cooper goes at June, Kobe, Chris Paul and Jen Azzi FIERCELY!

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Still in Omaha, and the W is

still playin’.

I don’t know if it the comment should be “no one wants to win the East” or “no one wants anyone to win the East.” Folks just keep slappin’ teams down to .500 or so. (Unless you’re the Dream.)

Cappie and Tina had just enough to hold off Bentley and Chiney – though Chiney points the finger at the Sun: 

“We had the perfect comeback being written and we tore out the last page,” said Ogwumike, who had 22 points and a career-best 17 rebounds.

And, before we start saying, Yah, sure, Cooper can guide that Dream team to that elusive ‘ship, consider that a cobbled-together-Catch-less Indiana team had the lead late, and then, when they lost the lead, were within 4 until the last .43.

Another rally and another push back meant Becky and San Antonio escaped with a win over Washington.

And yup, huge congrats to Griner for slappin’ away 11 shots. BUT, before we move from “the anointing of Minnesota” (ouch Augustus. And yikes, Seattle!)  to “the anointing of Phoenix” as the odds-on favorite for WNBA champs, consider they only beat Tulsa by 3. And that was with Tusla shooting 31.% (18 offensive rebounds anyone?)

BTW – enjoying watching the Omaha weather change. Have had hot and humid, torrential downpour and fabulous lightening, gray and threatening, stunning sunsets, and a little hail just to keep everyone on their toes. Got some birds on campus, to. Lots of robins, chipping sparrows, barn swallows, chimney swifts, and and chickadees. Last night, while visiting a community garden, heard and saw nighthawks.

Nighthawks - photo from Wild Birds Unlimited

Nighthawks – photo from Wild Birds Unlimited


Don’t know if I’ll be able to get out to a field and see the beautiful state bird of Nebraska, the Western Meadowlark.

Western Meadowlark - from FindtheBest

Western Meadowlark – from FindtheBest



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Incoming potential football star punches star women’s basketball player and breaks her jaw.

Incoming player is no longer incoming. Rightly so.

3 minutes for the ESPN talking heads talk: “No matter what the circumstances were, Nigel punched a woman.”

WHB Wonders: If he punched a man, would he still be on the team?

As the story continues: all about impact on football team, about the “promise” of this football player, need for coaches to regroup, might he be back.

WHB Wonders: What about that person he hit? Yes, she might have surgery. Yes, she might file charges, but what about her? Her team? Her coaches? Her family?

Amber Battle is a rising senior, and was the Red Raiders’ leading scorer and rebounder last season, with 16.4 points and 7.4 rebounds per game. This on a team that just had three players, Marina Lizarazu, Diamond Lockhart and Jasmine Caston transfer.

In other news, a story that highlights the impact of having one-year scholarships: 3 area women off Radford hoops team – Students, coach give different versions of what happened

Robinson and Brower said their scholarships were not renewed by coach Mike McGuire, who is entering his second season with the Highlanders. Robinson said McGuire did not renew Clark’s scholarship, either.

“He told me he wasn’t renewing my scholarship because I wasn’t going to get any playing time next year and I should transfer,” Robinson, a former Highland Springs star, said in a phone interview. “I told him specifically I didn’t want to transfer and he said it wasn’t up to me, (that) he wasn’t renewing my scholarship, so I didn’t have a choice.

Some serious sadness: Former UTSA basketball coach Rae Rippetoe-Blair killed in motorcycle accident in Austin

Rippetoe-Blair went 216-173 during her tenure at UTSA and led the Roadrunners to the NCAA tournament in 2008 and 2009. She holds UTSA basketball records for victories and seasons coached.
“I really don’t feel like I’ve ever gone to work,” Rippetoe-Blair said in an interview during her last season. “I mean, honestly, I love what I do. It’s all about the kids and motivating them, and seeing how well they do. That’s on the court and in the classroom, and then seeing them come back and say, ‘Thank you.’ It wasn’t just basketball.”

There’s no answer to such senseless loss, but there can be some actions that try and find some balance in the world: Q&A: Arizona women’s basketball head coach Niya Butts’ Chillin4Charity project spreads like wildfire

University of Arizona women’s basketball assistant coach Calamity McEntire approached head coach Niya Butts with an idea.

After seeing cold water challenges sweeping the different social media outlets, McEntire thought it would be a good idea to challenge the different coaches around the Pac-12 to see if they would do it.

Butts then proposed that they package the challenge with a monetary value. If the challenge wasn’t met by a coach, they would have to donate money to the Kay Yow Foundation for the fight against women’s cancer. If an athlete failed to meet the challenge, they would have to do five community service hours. In just 13 days, the Chillin4Charity project has spread all across the country including to the University of Oregon.

Butts caught up with the Emerald earlier this week to talk about the success of the project.

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Where’s Nashville?

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