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Well, hello Northwest!



Evening at the Key started right.


Got a hug from a total stranger after the anthem….

Game was fun – though Sue Bird-less (knee) and still Whalen-less. I got “W in the 90’s” flashbacks with the low scoring, physicality and defensive fierceness. Oh, and that 5-minute scoring drought? Classic Lib v. Cleveland (look the Rockers up, newbies!).

When that little Langhorne putback fell and gave Seattle the lead, I’m betting most of the folks in the arena did what my little ensemble did – look at each other and say, “11 seconds is a lot of time.” Still not sure how Syl didn’t make that shot.

Random observations:

  • Smells like real jalapeños on those nachos the arena serves.
  • Like the fact that the ushers are totally pro-Storm.
  • Shout out to the little girl in the spelling bee contest who, when asked to spell “Sue Bird,” quietly panicked and just started saying random letters. I’d have given her the win.
  • Yes, the Liberty got the best of the Swords for a couple of Seattle draft picks deal.
  • If Kaleena wants to see more than end-of-the-quarter minutes on the W court, she’s going to have to get into better shape. Watching her try and keep up with Maya was…comical.
  • There’s nothing like watching Big Syl school second-year Stewart in the paint. Muscle and footwork beats not-quite as much muscle and footwork every time.
  • Not happy to see shoulda-been-a-Lib Brunson wince her way to the bench. Last I heard was “walking boot” and “two weeks.”
  • Moore had a pretty sucky shooting night, but near the end, she nailed a couple “in most games those would have been the nails in the coffin” kinda shots. Kudos to the Storm players for punching them out and getting the win.
  • Key Arena is a great place to watch a game. It’s a little tattered around the edges, but the love is real.

See y’all a the game tomorrow night!

A couple more shots of the surrounding area:IMG_1756.JPG





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Last 30 days have seen me in….

St. Thomas

Grey Angelfish

Four Eyed Butterflyfish

New Orleans

Miami/Ft. Lauderdale/Key Largo

Honeycomb Cowfish

Rainbow Parrotfish

and now… OFF TO Portland/Seattle!!!! Gonna catch two Storm game and one Rose Hill Roller Derby match. Anyone around? I’ll be wearing the Suuuuuueeeeee jersey!

Fair warning – first time in Seattle, not only were we shooting pictures with FILM *gasp* but I won the Storm trivia quiz on the bus to Spokane. (Long story) You better step up your game, Storm fans!

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Short takes…

New York Liberty be like, “We can compete with the best!” LA and Minnesota be like, “Simmer down, friends.”

WNBA – “Yeah, we’re playing San Antonio, a guaranteed win!” San Antonio, “Nah, friends.”

Storm – “We’ve got a lot of young talent! How exciting!” Seattle fans, “Not so much, friends.”

Prognosticators – “Ouch, Chiney’s out again… it’s gonna be a tough year for Connecticut.” Sun plays, “Not so fast, friends.”

Chicago fans – “Dabnabbit, everyone leaves.” Sky players, “Some of us are still here, kids.”

And yes, still in New Orleans….at a conference. Really. I’m attending ALL the sessions….


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Yes, I’m at a work conference in New Orleans….

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