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Very excited….

Just got my latest USA Sochi Winter Olympic team email, and look at the gloves they have for sale!!!

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Now that the Swedish Manicurist Consortium  has withdrawn its submission — “Oh, right, we’re from Sweden!” (And honestly, the design WAS a little simplistic. See below)

… the USOC has been flooded with applications to be the Official Manicurist of the US Sochi Winter Olympics teams. Some of the top candidates:


Even as someone who doesn’t care about Nail Art Design, I find I’m truly excited by the diversity of submissions —  I’m thrilled how the USOC has embraced the spirit of Flo-Jo:

[Florence Griffith Joyner] was someone who wanted to make a fashion statement, as well as do it while running so fast you could barely see the fashion,”says Phil Hersh of the Chicago Tribune on ESPN Classic’s SportsCentury series.

No word yet on whether Jason Thompson, the director of diversity and inclusion, will be on the selection committee.

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What, too much?

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Russia and the IOC Agree: Don’t Be Openly Gay at the Olympics.

My response? Don’t boycott, stand up to them. Hire these folks to create the US’s Opening Ceremony uniforms.


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