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Sorry, Brittney, ODU’s Donovan is the one to beat out

SportsCenter is full of highlights of the feat, and the media keep repeating it, so it must be true, right? Baylor’s Brittney Griner is the NCAA leader in blocked shots with 665. Who she’d best to get it? Louella Tomlinson of St. Mary’s in California finished her career in 2011 with 663.

If you wonder why Anne Donovan’s 801 career blocked shots aren’t even a footnote in this conversation, it’s because the Old Dominion superstar played two of her years in the AIAW, and we’re not counting two years of her phenomenal shot-blocking statistics. Apparently, basketball statistics didn’t exist before the NCAA, a condescending attitude given Donovan and her Lady Monarch teammates Nancy Lieberman and Inge Nissen are regarded as some of the best to play this game.


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An important history lesson from the NCAA that captures some of the passion and heartbreak that was the NCAA’s 1981 takeover of women”s championships from the AIAW. (Though there’s not a lot of discussion of how the NCAA fought tooth and nail against Title IX)

Charlotte West, an AIAW supporter and administrator at Southern Illinois, said she was “uncomfortable” throughout the debate. Grant had perhaps one of the most emotional speeches of the Convention, pleading with the delegates for “simple fairness” and “adherence to the concept that those to be governed have a right to directly determine by whom they are governed.”

“This is an opportunity for you to send a message to the leadership of this organization, and to the hundreds of women who cannot speak for themselves, that you will not take the women against their will,” she said.

Grant and fellow AIAW loyalists reported hearing pockets of booing in the crowd while they spoke and finding ugly caricatures of themselves scribbled on slips of scratch paper. (Frank and others deny hearing boos, saying the conduct in their immediate area was professional.)

“We all like people to get along, and goodness knows we had very different points of view in the AIAW,” West said. “We’d get up and argue, and you might vote one way and I’d vote another, but we were still very close colleagues. It was an entirely different feeling on the NCAA Convention floor. It was us against them.”

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at HoopFeed: The 1,000 point milestone: AIAW players dominate top of quickest to 1K list

Several players have hit the 1,000 point career mark this season. From Southern Methodist University senior forward Delisha Wills’ early season feat in November to Baylor sophomore center Brittney Griner’s accomplishment on January 12.

While Griner’s feat of reaching the milestone in just 51 games is impressive, she is not in the in the top ten or even top 20 list of players to reach 1,000 points the quickest. The leaders in this statistical category belong to a few old school ballers, including the mother of Seattle Storm superstar, Lauren Jackson.

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