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…and 27.5% shooting won. However you slice it, I’m glad I didn’t purchase a ticket for the  #11 Tennessee v. #  17 Rutgers game. To add insult to injury, the Knight’s will have to wait for the doctor’s report on Betnijah Laney’s thumb to see what’s up.

So, what does the fact that the Mercer Bears beat Alabama tell us?

Debbie Antonelli Special: Sacramento State 99, USC 101. One of these days, the Hornets are going to win one of these shootouts.

Ouch 1) Kentucky’s Goss has a broken thumb.

Ouch 2) Missouri women’s basketball team loses forward Kayla McDowell to ACL injury

So long:

Sadie Edwards Leaving UConn Women’s Team

Freshman  Kaylee Page leaves Nebraska.

Freshman Brielle Blaire will leave Virginia Tech.

Dishin & Swishin 12/11/14 Podcast: Looking at the first part of the college basketball season with Debbie Antonelli & Brenda VanLengen

From Graham:  Major finds lead way for Green Bay – Phoenix score fifth win against a team from the ACC, Big East, Big Ten or Pac-12

Separated by a little more than 100 miles, after all, the two schools form the points connecting the hypotenuse of a right triangle that has the population center of Milwaukee as its 90 degree angle. One of those points has Big Ten money. The other has the smallest athletic budget in the Horizon League.

How often did his program and the University of Wisconsin go head-to-head on recruits?

“I don’t know that we’re really in that arena for the most part,” Borseth eventually allowed. “We lose a lot of kids to bigger schools, not just Wisconsin but other schools equally, as well.”

And yet the Phoenix rarely lose to those teams on the court. Especially against the Badgers.

Upcoming game of interest:

Nice matinee matchup of undefeateds: #16 Oregon State v. #6 UNC.

Speaking of undefeated: Northwestern Zipped Past Gonzaga, 62-43

The Wildcats, at 8-0, are off to their best start since the 1995-96 season when the squad opened with nine victories.

From Notre Dame coach Muffet McGraw: “Stand for something you believe in.”

From Michelle Smith: ‘I wanted to see what it meant to protest’ – All-America candidate Brittany Boyd, coach Charmin Smith join Berkeley protests

They pulled out masking tape and a black permanent marker and began to write names on the strips they pulled from the roll.

The players on the Cal women’s basketball team woke up Saturday morning in Long Beach to the news that back in Berkeley, three cardboard cutouts of African-Americans in nooses had been hanged in effigy on the Cal campus.

While campus officials worked to determine both who was behind the act and their intent, the players gathered after their shootaround. The team’s plan was to wear black shirts with the phrase “I Can’t Breathe” Sunday at home before a game against Louisville. But the Bears felt compelled to act immediately.

Forwarded by Sue, a FOB: Goshen basketball player Olivia Love copes with tragedy with help from family

Kimberly Love and her two youngest children — Kristian and Kiana — died in a 2007 fire, leaving Kimberly’s mother Rita Mickles to raise grandchildren, including Goshen basketball player Olivia Love.

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Simmons cleared to play at Seton Hall

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Alabama now tells NCAA it will support waiver for former women’s basketball player Daisha Simmons

Alabama has changed its stance on former women’s basketball player Daisha Simmons.

Simmons left the school and transferred to Seton Hall University after graduating from Alabama. She had a release from Alabama to talk to other schools, but an original letter sent to the NCAA from Alabama did not support Simmons’ request to be immediately eligible.

But the stories still don’t quite mesh: Attorney for Daisha Simmons alleges Title IX violations, says Alabama knew family’s health problems

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this sounds like a hot “denial of transfer” mess (with echoes of a more recent fiasco): Full timeline of Daisha Simmons’ request to transfer from Alabama to Seton Hall

From Asbury Park Press: Alabama called “spiteful” in block of Simmons transfer

Although they may threaten and delay and even impose conditions, college sports teams rarely block someone from transferring to play elsewhere.

Rarer still — virtually unheard of — is a college blocking a transfer who already has a degree.

The case of Daisha Simmons, then, is like Halley’s comet.

More from Swish Appeal: The sad story of Daisha Simmons’ fight to transfer from Alabama to Seton Hall

As reported by multiple outlets during the NCAA offseason, Alabama has taken a hard-line stance in blocking senior Daisha Simmons from transferring to Seton Hall for family reasons. ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas said in an interview with Swish Appeal that the NCAA has done the right thing in response to the blocked transfer request, but Alabama is “acting in a shameful fashion”.

In happier news: Dolson Gives Her Take on the U.S. Women’s National Team

First off, my time with U.S. Women’s National Team was a great experience. It was an honor just to be selected for training camp and then to make it past the first cut and to go with the team to France is something I am very proud of. I came in with confidence and I think that helped me throughout camp and ultimately helped me be in the final 15.

One of the biggest takeaways for me was that I was honored to be around women like Diana Taurasi, Maya Moore and Seimone Augustus (among others). It truly was great to see how they carried themselves. I saw how hard they went in practice. I saw how motivated they were to do everything perfect — even down to streching. I even saw how they handled themselves off the court. When we were not practicing and there was some down time, nobody had headphones on or was in their own world. Everybody was talking and professional. I respected that. It was a learning opportunity for myself and it’s something I can use to my advantage in the future.

The Times-Picayune catches up with Pokey Chatman of Ama, still shining with Women’s National Basketball Association

A little “better late than never” from espnW: HEY FIBA, LET QATARI WOMEN PLAY

The best argument you can make against sports boycotts is that those who show up usually make history. Not those who stay away.

Think of Jesse Owens at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. Think of John Carlos and Tommie Smith’s Black Power salute at the 1968 Mexico City Games or baseball’s Jackie Robinson. Think of Kathrine Switzer sprinting to elude the race official who was trying to stop her from competing in the 1967 Boston Marathon or Venus Williams taking the microphone after winning the 2009 Dubai Tennis Championships and lamenting the absence of Shahar Pe’er, the Israeli woman who was banned by organizers and denied a visa to enter the Arabic country.

But sometimes refusing to play can actually be the right thing to do.

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Here in Omaha at a conference and the folks I’m sharing my lovely student housing with are from there. I got it — with a syllable missing, granted —  but the folks I was speaking with were impressed nonetheless. See, women’s basketball is a multi-purpose tool!

*ooooo! Sun shower in Omaha!*

Prepping for my presentation tomorrow with my two friends….


But, that doesn’t mean I don’t have time to wonder if Skylar is bucking for MVP.

If Catch is going to come back.

If Chicago is doomed without the Donne.

If Anne Donovan is bucking for COY  — tonight notwithstanding. Or this news: Danielle McCray has undergone a surgery to repair a torn ligament in her thumb.

If the Dream are going to become a reality or go “poof!”

If Phoenix can continue their rebirth and truly challenge Minnesota (we see you Penny Taylor).

In other news:

Not good news for coach Curry: Alabama women’s basketball’s top returning scorer granted release.

Good news from a former Maine Bear: Blodgett named BU women’s basketball assistant coach

Speaking of Nebraska (Lincoln, though): NU Women’s Basketball Returns To Devaney Center For One Game

The Nebraska women’s basketball team plans to honor its first NCAA Tournament team when the Huskers return to the Bob Devaney Sports Center to take on Utah on Sunday, Nov. 23.

The game, which was announced by Nebraska on June 25, will mark the Huskers’ first game at the Devaney Center since moving into their new home at Pinnacle Bank Arena for the start of the 2013-14 season.

And yes, that was Gary Harris, Son of WNBA Great Joy Holmes-Harris, who was Drafted 19th Overall in the 2014 NBA Draft

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to write a “where are they now, how are they doing and what do they think about it” about the seismic shifts that happened in 2007, I don’t know what will: Texas Tech WBB coach Kristy Curry heads to Alabama, AD Kirby Hocutt will make fourth major coaching decision in calendar year

Considering Alabama women’s basketball has been less than an afterthought for years, I don’t know if this is a move of future hope or future crash and burn.

Oh, and Jim Foster landed in a spot that loves women’s basketball.

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The look of the reporter reacting to the VaTech AD’s reason for hiring Wolff is classic.

I wonder why Alabama hired Wendell Hudson  — ’cause he has three daughters?

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team a fighting chance — but a 28 point lead at the half? That’s generous, even for a Wildcat team battling the post-beatdown blues.

In fact, it proved too dang generous, and Alabama, the worst team (and THAT’s a whole ‘nother issue) in the SEC held on for the win, putting itself in contention for the “Upset of the Year” award. And can someone please explain to me the concepts behind Kentucky’s defense? ‘bama shot 70% in the first. (Wonder if Graham wants to revisit his article from Feb 5th: Kentucky loses but has no reason to panic?)

It’s not quite as “sexy,” but I’m also putting Jen Azzi’s San Francisco team up for the “UoY” award as they took down #23 BYU. Yah, we mentioned their nice win a while back, the it’s exciting to see the Dons do more than just threaten to change their ways.

Nebraska suffered its own post-loss discombobulation, letting Northwestern (13-12, 3-9 Big 10) stick close all game. And then watched as the Wildcats ran away with the win.

A tip of the hat to the Pride as they played Delaware:

The Pride wore pink warm-up shirts that said “Crush Clare’s Cancer”. The school had to get a waiver to wear them since Droesch is a high school coach in New York. Droesch talked to the team before the game.

“It was really emotional,” Pride coach Krista Kilburn-Steveskey said.

Looks like it was a fun game out in Hempstead, but in the end, Hofstra was overwhelmed by the Donne (42 points, 12rebs – now at 2000pts for her Delaware career ). Yah, yah, yah, I understand all the naysayers, but come on, do you REALLY want your team to meet the Blue Hens in the tournament?

I’m going to bet Tennessee fans (and coaches) are shaking their heads at the Vols’ Jekyll and Hyde like performances. There was little fire and less offense in their 57-41 win over Mississippi State.

Yawn. Another double-double for Wojta. Yawn.

Whoa! The Thundering Herd of Marshall (14-11, 5-7 surprised Memphis (19-6, 9-3), 65-54.

After a rough start, the Techsters are trying to make a run in the WAC.

Okay, the Eagles are on a roll: the take down Clemson (2-11, ACC) for their second conference win.

Well, it wasn’t exactly 28 points, but the Hawkeyes were down 14 at the half and managed to come back for the 1pt win over Michigan.

Erf: the Wildcats put a hurt on Washington State, 90-51.

UTEP is still digging its way through the C-USA schedule and now are 12-0 in conference play. In a similar vein, Fresno State is mauling the WAC competition and they’re 9-0 in the conference. (Why aren’t these teams ranked, especially in a year where the “bottom” 24 are such a hot mess?)

Yesterday’s “game Debbie and Beth would have loved”? Wright State 91, Detroit 82. Haven’t I mentioned that Wright State has stunk? Here’s a little on their second-year coach, Mike Bradbury:

Mike Bradbury was named as the sixth Raider women’s basketball coach at Wright State on April 21, 2010 and he hasn’t stopped.

Last year was a year of firsts for the WSU women’s basketball program as it played in its first post-season tournament as a division I school when it hosted two round of the Women’s Basketball Invitational. The team also recorded the most wins in division I with a 20-13 record. Three Raiders received Horizon League honors–LaShawna Thomas first team, Molly Fox second team and Shaunda Sandifer Newcomer Team.

Don’t ignore what the Toreros are up to in the WCC: 19-6, 10-3. (Check out their blog.)

The Cal Bears moved to 19-7, 10-4 with their 83-71 win over the Ducks. Who’s impressed with the job Lindsay Gottlieb has done in taking over?

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Third Round
Tuesday, March 22
Toledo 74, Alabama 59

Wednesday, March 23

Arkansas 78, Oral Roberts 59
Southern Cal 62, BYU 50

Up next:

Thursday, March 24
Boston College  at Virginia, 7 p.m. EST
Eastern Michigan at Syracuse, 7 p.m. EST
Florida at Charlotte, 7 p.m. EST
Duquesne at Illinois State, 8:05 p.m. EST
Colorado at Wyoming, 9 p.m. EST

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Round 2 Games from Sunday, March 20

Charlotte 69, South Carolina 57
Illinois State 62, Wisconsin 59
Alabama 72, Northwestern 70
Arkansas 65, Missouri State 64
Virginia 71, Loyola 49
Southern Cal 78, Nevada 59

With James Bowman over at Swish Appeal asking, “Does playing in the WNIT help teams?“, Scott Nulph at the Laramie Boomerang offers a possible response: Cowgirls, fans embrace WNIT

It’s not going out on a limb to say that the University of Wyoming women’s basketball team and its fans have embraced the Women’s National Invitation Tournament more than most schools.

It’s not rare to hear UW fans say they would rather see their beloved Cowgirls play at home in the WNIT than be one and done in the NCAA tournament.

Just why is that?

Certainly, winning has played a big part. The Cowgirls are 10-2 in the WNIT since coach Joe Legerski took over in 2003, including winning the title in 2007.

More than that, it’s also about who the Cowgirls have played and beaten.

Getting teams to come to Laramie has always been a difficult task. Now throw in the fact that UW has won nearly 75 percent of its homes games since Legerski took over, and getting anybody to play in the Arena-Auditorium these days is a challenge.

Long time readers will remember the exciting 2007 title run.

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some SEC links before tonight’s important tangle between Georgia and Tennessee:

Auburn doesn’t help their postseason chances, losing last week at home to Alabama
and yesterday to South Carolina.

Arkansas wins at home against LSU.

Alabama making a bit of a late season run, winning against Ole Miss.

Florida dominates Mississippi State, snapping a four game losing streak.

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Pseudonymity shows up with the SEC links and starts by saying:

Congratulations to Andy Landers on his 850th career win as Georgia defeats Alabama handily.

I didn’t see this one coming: Mississippi State gets first SEC win against Auburn, beating them at home.

Vanderbilt gets a road win against Florida in 2nd overtime.

The first meeting between LSU and Ole Miss was a 78-43 LSU rout. The second was much the same, a 76-38 LSU victory.

South Carolina edges Arkansas in overtime on the road.

Some thoughts on tonight’s Tennessee-Kentucky game.

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(via pseudonimity)

Kentucky demolishes Auburn with a balanced attack.

Georgia edges Arkansas in overtime after slow start at home. [There does not seem to be a good writeup on this interesting SEC match, but the replay is on ESPN3 for the next couple of days.]

Vanderbilt remains unbeaten at home, defeating LSU.

Ole Miss beats Florida on the road.

Alabama gets first SEC win, defeating Mississippi State on the road.

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and the SEC news (some of which you’ve read about, but Ps. did put in the time and effort of gathering, and we’re grateful!)

LSU upsets Georgia, now on a two game skid. Both teams only score 20 points in the 2nd half!

Tennessee beats a determined Arkansas team behind Strickland’s 26:

Vanderbilt overwhelms Ole Miss with a new starting lineup:

Toles leads Auburn past South Carolina in closing minutes of the game:

Down at the half, Kentucky ends up beating Alabama.

Florida beats Mississippi State.

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Quoth Pseudo: “I thought Alabama was going to pull the upset off for a while, and LSU was simply embarassed by Auburn.”

After slow start, Kentucky goes on 22-0 run and holds on to win over Mississippi State

Auburn crushes LSU

Another tooth and nail struggle involving South Carolina, as they edge Ole Miss in overtime

Arkansas tried to make it interesting with 28 turnovers, but Alabama succumbs

Georgia pulls out a win over Florida after trailing most of game

Summitt says Lady Vols were ‘shot happy’

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the one that’s most of concern in this observation from a Tennessee fan:


At almost every timeout during the second half Wendell Hudson (UA coach) used less than half of the allotted time to talk to his team and they then returned  to the court to just stand there.  At least once it seemed their whole team was in a trance staring at our bench probably thinking (so that’s what a coach looks like).

Now to the links:

Buoyed by Tuomi’s 22 pts, Vanderbilt defeats Auburn

LSU dominates Alabama

South Carolina falls short in another nail-biter

Arkansas holds off Mississippi State

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a little SEC news:

Tennessee beats LSU in SEC opener without making a 3-pointer, first time since

Vanderbilt loses lead and game to Ole Miss in SEC opener

Georgia overpowers South Carolina in SEC opener

Auburn pulls away from Alabama in SEC opener

Kentucky prepares for Duke

From me, on one of tonight’s more intriguing games:  Check out the non-Duke affiliated site DukeReport:

Joanne P. McCallie Previews Kentucky

Jasmine Thomas & Krystal Thomas Preview Kentucky

No. 3 Duke and No. 10 Kentucky Will Tip at 7:00 PM on Tuesday on ESPNU.

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