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A quick measuring stick as she starts her W career and everyone prepares to support her. Below’s a list of stats for

  • #1 picks.
  • Who were identified as centers, even if they can play a little 4. Yes, Janel as a “center” is pushing it, and Wauters, Dydek and Leslie were what I’d call “experienced” centers… but hey, it’s what I’ve got.
  • Used Basketball-Reference.com for the stats.

If anyone wants to look up their stats for theri first games, send’em on over.

2013 Brittney Griner 
First season
27 games. 26 minutes. 12.6/6.3 rebs.

2010 Tina Charles
First season
34 games. 31 minutes. .487. 15.5/11.7 rebs

2005 Janel McCarville
First season
28 games. 3 start. 11.1 minutes. .340%. 1.8/2.7.

2001 Lauren Jackson
First season
29 games. 34.5 minutes. .367%. 15.2/6.7 rebs.

2000 Ann Wauters
First season
32 games. No starts. 18.7 minutes. 523%. 6.2/4rebs.

1998 Margo Dydek
First season
30 games. 28 minutes. .482%. 12.9/7.6

1997 Lisa Leslie
First season
28 games. 32 minutes. .431%. 15.9/9.5 rebs


Man, I love how Minneapolis covers the Lynx. (Excited at the amount of coverage the Wings have gotten, too)

A fresh approach for Lynx point guard Lindsay Whalen: The Lynx veteran guard stayed home this offseason to recharge after an injury-riddled 2015 season

For weeks Lindsay Whalen did, basically, nothing. And it was glorious.

All of November and half of December, Whalen, the Lynx guard, once and future Olympian, former Gophers star and Minnesota’s favorite daughter, rested. She didn’t go to the team’s facility. For the first time in a decade she didn’t go overseas to play.

She didn’t do any basketball stuff at all.

Lynx forward Brunson ready to start after recent arrival and Healthy, excited Augustus happy to rejoin Lynx

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but Chicago DOES have Sylvia. The fact that the Sky couldn’t beat a Plenette-less and Vaughn-less Liberty makes me wanna take a hard look at their coaching. The fact that Chicago shot an embarassing 6-21 from the free throw line makes me wonder about their focus. Which makes me wanna look at their coaching.

And then, of course, they turn around and roar back in the fourth to take Indiana into overtime. And lose. (1,500 free throws? I guess the refs love Catch, huh? :-)

The SASS is enjoying its East Coast swing, and Mystics fans are enjoying (?) the Dive for BG (goin’ well, ain’t it?). A lot riding on today’s game against Tulsa.

Shocked, shocked! That Glory got a technical. Didn’t help Tulsa against the Sun, though.

Speaking of the Sun, watch out. Kara’s kickin’ butt (All hail, vegan athletes!) and, for all of those folks bemoaning the “boring season” because Minny is “so good”: look at the standings now that the Lynx have lost three in a row. I’m sure Minny’s (and the rest of the League’s) walking wounded will appreciate the Olympic break.

A game Debbie would have enjoyed: Monster games by Lyttle and Bonner – Dream win 100-93. (And no, I didn’t think Hayes would be a starter — did you?)

Not the news Storm fans (or USA Basketball) want to hear: “Sue Bird – hip flexor, Ann Wauters – strained calf, Tina Thompson – awkwardly bent ankle.” Needless to say, the Sparks took advantage, and Parker was three assists from that triple-double Lobo wants her to get. Boy, LA’s starters play a lot of minutes…

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Storm Signs Veteran Center Ann Wauters

Connecticut Signs Veteran Mistie (nee Bass) Mims

I guess it’s a story that doesn’t get old — even after 15 years. From espnW: WNBA players cash in overseas

espnW’s “Hoops Across America” visits Blue Devil country to meet the Button Man who helps preserve Duke memories

Maya Moore checks in for “Athlete’s Life:” Maya Moore aims for four titles in 2012

Ben offers words on The WNBA’s Immeasurable Impact – For Jenny, 10, it’s her entire world.

Kara Lawson talks about (men’s) Bama basketball. ‘Cause you don’t want her talking about the women’s team.

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USA Women’s National Team Falls To Ros Casares Valencia 80-76

Despite receiving 22 points from Brittney Griner (Baylor University), the 2011 USA Basketball Women’s National Team (2-1) fell behind by as many as 15 points in the second half and was unable to bridge the gap before time expired, falling to host Ros Casares Valencia 80-76 on Wednesday night at the Fuente San Luis Municipal Arena in Valencia, Spain.

From Geno:

One of the things we talked about was that if you’ve got somebody like Brittney Griner, you have to go to her. You have to use her. Otherwise you might as well have another 6-2 kid running around. So, it wasn’t until later that it dawned on all of us, hey, throw the ball in there every chance we get. Our possessions got better and our rhythm got better because we were forcing them to defend us in the lane.

We played a really, really good team and Brittney, offensively, was really, really good again. She’s been really good every game. Defensively, playing against somebody like Ann Wauters is not easy. It’s not easy for an experienced pro, much less a kid who’s never played international basketball before. I think she learned a lot, because she saw something in guarding Ann Wauters that she hasn’t seen in two years of guarding anybody in college.

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WATN? Ann Wauters

The Belgian Waffle (or The Brussels Sprout) is having a munchkin!

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