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but some will not be there to play.

Earlier, it was Baylor freshman Destiny Brown being dismissed for an unspecified violation of team rules.

Now it’s Nebraska’s turn: Sophomore guard Rebecca Woodberry has been removed from the team for a violation of team rules.

And from Graham (welcome back to women’s basketball!) this disconcerting news: Delle Donne deals with Lyme flare-up – Delaware senior nowhere near 100 percent in recurrence of disease

With the start of the regular season just a week away, Delle Donne told espnW she is experiencing a recurrence of symptoms of Lyme disease, the same illness that forced her out of the lineup for 12 games during the 2010-11 season.

Although she experienced sporadic symptoms last season and remained on medication for the disease, she was for the most part healthy as a junior. The results were otherworldly, one of the greatest statistical seasons on record. She averaged 28.1 points and 10.3 rebounds per game while shooting 52 percent from the field, 41 percent from the 3-point line and 89 percent from the free throw line, turning over the ball fewer than two times per game.

But when full practices began several weeks ago, Delle Donne felt the return of familiar symptoms, which can include extreme fatigue, migraine-like headaches and anything from mild to debilitating pain in muscles and joints (hold your arms out in front of you for a few seconds; now imagine not having the strength to keep them there).

La di dah: Georgia women’s basketball team unconcerned with high preseason ranking

James has the rest of his list: The Top 100 Programs in Division I women’s college basketball: #11-25 and the Top 100 Programs in Division One women’s college basketball:  #1-10. He also offers up: How do basketball recruits make their decisions?

In WNBA news, congrats to Former UConn, WNBA basketball player Rebecca Lobo who is to receive Westfield Athenaeum distinguished speaker honor

From Israel, Lior catches January Fever

To be completely honest, there aren’t a lot of reasons to get excited over the new division I women’s basketball season in Israel. If we ignore last year’s exciting playoffs, the regular season itself had many tough to watch games. But as I sat in my living room in the middle of the night and watched the Indiana Fever win their first WNBA title in the sold out Bankers Life Fieldhouse, I got goosebumps. The fact that their starting PG, Briann January, will play here in Israel this season is definitely a reason to get off the couch and go see her live in action.

Where’s Armintie Price? At the Fifth Annual Special Needs Fall Festival held in Hampton.

From Dime Magazine: One Of The WNBA’s Shortest Players (Ivory) Is Making A Huge Difference Off The Court

Yes, Nate, “During the WNBA’s long off-season, it’s never too late for WNBA Finals analysis”: Atlanta Hawks forward Josh Smith on the WNBA Finals: ‘The Lynx shouldn’t have lost.’

He also ponders What might limit a WNBA Draft prospect’s success?

Perhaps the easiest way to demonstrate the value of statistics and more specifically the value of looking at the right statistics is to look back at the track record of success of volume shooters in both the NBA and WNBA draft.

And really we’re not talking about the mysterious advanced statistical sorcery of magic wizards, but simple things like the percentage of attempted shots a player makes.

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So said Maya Moore to the crowd that watched the Lynx defeat the Silver Stars 85-67 and move out of the first round of the playoffs for the first time in franchise history.

Don’t let the final margin fool ya, though. There was a moment, early on, where you had to wonder whether the young Minny team was going to break under the pressure or snap back.

After a first quarter in which they appeared to be the Missing Lynx, the home team flexed some muscle and got after the San Antonio Silver Stars. They mashed them, which is all anyone ever wanted, and re-established themselves as the team to beat in this postseason.

I guess they answered their (first) challenge.


Check out the East Preview and the West Preview. (Steve at SlamOnline has his own West Preview.)

Then Graham weighs in on Ms. Price

Price played sparingly after arriving via trade from Chicago in 2009 and didn’t start a game last season until the playoffs, but this season she grew into starter’s minutes and a captain’s role. A season ago, she was a nice player. Now Price is invaluable. Dream assistant Carol Ross has seen a lot change in the player she recruited at Ole Miss nearly a decade ago.

“She’s now like a player-coach because she coaches in the offseason at Ole Miss,” said Ross, who left the school in 2007. “She has a great basketball IQ. Now, I can ask her [about defensive options]. I might not always agree with her, but I’m always interested in her opinion because she sees the game very well from the defensive end.

“I can assure you, I didn’t ask her that when she was a college player, but I’m asking her now.”

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I just love young writers (Women’s sports deserve recognition, too) ’cause they give you gems like this:

Women weren’t even able to participate in sports until Title IX was enacted in 1972, which prohibits sex discrimination.

Talk about women’s sports needing recognition!

Over at Slam, Jake McKim has: Follow the Leader – Sheryl Swoopes paved the way, so an induction into the KICKS Hall of Fame was only right.

Sheryl Swoopes’s game is solid, stimulating and sexy. The WNBA’s equivalent to Kobe Bryant, Swoopes scorches opponents in so many ways it’s ridiculous: She’ll stop and pop in your face, then coyly smile about it as if to acknowledge the embarrassment just handed out. If she feels like exerting more energy, she’ll burn by you making you look like Forrest Gump before the leg braces came off.

Mechelle writes about the UConn Sun: Huskies help Sun reach playoffs – Connecticut will return to postseason after two-year absence

OK … we know what some of you are thinking, “Oh, great. Another Huskies commercial from ESPN, the worldwide leader in UConn.”

Seems like a good time to reiterate that I didn’t go to UConn, and I’ve never lived in Connecticut. In fact, I’m still eminently capable of getting lost on my visits to the state, no matter how many times I’ve been there.

(And not that it has anything to do with this story, but I will note one thing most Midwesterners can never get used to about New England are “intersections” that have like nine streets feeding into them at bizarre angles. We’re almost always on a grid out in Flyover Country.)

The Washington Post picks up the AP article: A Dream turnaround: After disappointing 3-9 start, Atlanta emerges as WNBA title contenders

To help jump start Atlanta, Meadors also made a lineup change — inserting Armintie Price into the starting lineup 19 games ago. The coach said Price’s intensity on defense has been a major factor in the Dream’s turnaround, calling the guard a “floor general” who uses her experience as an assistant women’s coach for Ole Miss.

Since Price became a starter, the Dream posted a 14-5 record.

Over at espnWhatchamacallit, Michelle Smith notes: Fever has lost momentum down the stretch

What the Fever lack at this moment is momentum. Sunday’s win over Chicago snapped a three-game losing streak, and Connecticut is lurking, hoping to steal first place in the final week of the season. Only a half-game separates the two teams with three games to go.

“We have been a first-place team, but Connecticut is on a run here,” Dunn, the Fever’s head coach, told the Indianapolis Star following Sunday’s game. “We have a lot of teams playing really well, so we really needed to win this game tonight, plus we were coming off some tough losses.”

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Alana Beard’s Road to Recovery and Alana Beard: The Intern? – WNBA superstar heads west to take on new opportunity.

The busy life of Armintie Price – Recently back from playing in the WNBA Finals with the Eastern Conference Champions, the Atlanta Dream, Lady Rebels assistant coach Armintie Price discussed being a professional basketball player, being a newlywed and a coach.

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