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I’m sure she won’t mind this: Baylor coach Mulkey given one-game postseason suspension, reprimand

A public reprimand and penalties, including a one-game tournament suspension, have been issued for Baylor University women’s basketball head coach Kim Mulkey for a violation of tournament policy during the 2013 NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Championship.

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From Jason King at ESPN: Baylor faces possible sanctions

The men’s and women’s basketball programs at Baylor University are facing possible NCAA sanctions following an investigation that uncovered more than 1,200 impermissible phone calls and text messages during a 29-month span.

Men’s coach Scott Drew, women’s coach Kim Mulkey and their assistants, were involved in the impermissible phone calls and texts. ESPN.com obtained a copy of the summary disposition, which was produced by the NCAA enforcement committee and Baylor.


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Baylor’s Athletic Program Hits the Big Time

The faithful descended on Baylor University earlier this month, their cars stalled in traffic on University Parks Drive.

They came for another athletic extravaganza, a smorgasbord of sport that featured three nationally ranked teams (women’s and men’s basketball and equestrian), one that is still undefeated (women’s basketball) and one that is 6-2 (baseball). Here, at the world’s largest Baptist university, they no longer view such dates as unusual. Now, they call them Saturday.

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in the WaPo by Jerry Larson of the AP: “I can block your shot on my tippy toes!”

Article by Joe Frontiera and Dan Leidl is pretty fine, too: How Baylor keeps ballin’

Even at 5’4”, Kim Mulkey stands out at Baylor University. Since 2005, she has led the women’s basketball team to five Sweet Sixteen appearances, three Elite Eights, two Final Fours, and a NCAA championship win. This year the Lady Bears started 23-0 and have been ranked No. 1 in the country. Since taking over as coach of the Baylor program in 2000, Mulkey has built a powerhouse, and credits her success to a few key factors. In a conversation with Mulkey, we learned what those are.

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Yes, they were missing Thomas, but still…Maryland losing to Va Tech? At home? Gotta be the upset of the season. (Hmmm, maybe there’s an anti-WHB curse goin’ on — I poke Kansas, I poke Va Tech… and look what happens!) DC BasketCases keep their reaction short and (not so) sweet.

If you though the Terps’ 19 TOs were bad, look at Auburn: 30 against Kentucky, and the loss.

Vandy regrets dropping out of the polls and took it out on #15 Georgia, 68-48.

No problems for Baylor as they took care of Oklahoma and (oh, oh) Griner hit a… three!?! (That’s just not fair.) Oh, and how cool is this? At the New York Times Krista Pirtle of The Lariat at Baylor University will file reports about the top-ranked Baylor Lady Bears throughout the season for The Quad.

Hofstra put up a great fight in the first half, and was tied with Delaware going into the break. Then EDD took over: 41pts, 15 rebs, 5 assists, and the Pride fell, 84-66.

It took overtime, but the Illini got their first Big 10 win: 71-62 over Michigan State.

The Tribe finally win a close one: William & Mary 83, ODU 80. Oh, and it’s their first win against ODU in 53 tries. (Great photo.)

Whoa! The Penguins (3-5 Horizon) took down Detroit (5-3 Horizon), 80-67.

FGCU beat up on the Mercer Bears, 92-55.

Bookends in the C-USA: UTEP goes to 7-0 in conference play (and coach Adams gets her 300th win) and sends Southern Miss to 0-7.

Looks like this isn’t the Vikings’ year — perhaps it’s the Bobcats’? Montana State 70, Portland State 50.

Six of Arizona’s seven losses are in the PAC-12.

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On Vandy’s kids: Sophomore guards lead Vanderbilt – Christina Foggie, Jasmine Lister help injury-depleted Commodores to 12-1 start

Vanderbilt’s only loss came Dec. 18 to NC State in Raleigh, N.C. While full credit goes to the Wolfpack for that 66-59 win, there were some extenuating circumstances for the Commodores. The day before in practice, they lost promising freshman guard Maggie Morrison to an ACL injury.

That combined with the lingering effects of a concussion that has sidelined junior guard Gabby Smith — she was hurt before the season began and played in just one game before symptoms returned — left Vanderbilt with just nine in uniform. If Foggie has to miss some time, an eight-is-enough strategy will have to do for the Commodores.

From her Chat:

bb1985 (ny) Although there are many positive reasons for the top-tier teams to play much lesser teams, such as helping seed WCBB interest in new locales, or to help out a former player/ assistant now coaching at lesser program, or a historical relationship/ intra-state situation — how much is too much “cupcakes” on a top-tier schedule? It seems that the average of 12-15 cupcakes a year is typical for all the top programs. Yes, there are Conference considerations on the schedules. But should the cupcakes be pared back by 33% or cut back by 50%? Too many 40-50-60 point wins do not seem to bolster WCBB…

Mechelle Voepel: I’m thinking about this question in particular knowing that Baylor is playing Mississippi Valley State on Friday, a game that should NEVER take place. I agree with your latter point in particular, that some of these scores are just gross and make women’s basketball look bad. Which is not to say there are not blowouts in men’s hoops; I’m not comparing the two. But scores in the 20s make me gag. As I mentioned in the last chat, I don’t know what good teams get out of playing opponents that they know, year in and year out, are total doormats.

I, too, understand the reasons for scheduling cupcakes — particularly the economic ones, and recognize that there are negative consequences, too. I think you  also have to take in to account the logistical challenges of scheduling. From Sherri Coale:

You can ask a coach and [they] would not like to be on the road three times in a row. And a coach would like to have at least two games televised on their home court on Saturdays, etc. etc. You come up with 15 criteria [and] at the end of those criteria you can’t build a schedule. It is physically and humanly impossible to satisfy all of those criteria and come up with a schedule.

But, I’ve heard over and over coaches saying, “some teams won’t play us.” This in not just top-10 teams (“they don’t want the loss) but mid-majors (“they don’t want to risk the loss”). Here’s my solution: If one program won’t play the other, let the public know why. Name names.

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USA Women’s National Team Fights Past Ros Casares Valencia 78-68

Swin Cash (Seattle Storm) scored a team-high 17 points to lead the  2011 USA Basketball Women’s National Team (2-0) to a hard-fought 78-68 victory over Ros Casares Valencia (1-1) in Monte di Procida, Italy. In the earlier game, Famila Schio (1-1) utilized a 21-8 third-quarter to bypass host Pallacanestro Pozzuoli (0-2) 69-52.

Cash, who averaged 14.5 ppg. and 7.5 rpg. in the two-night, four-team tournament, was named MVP and Brittney Griner (Baylor University) listed as the best post player after averaging 12.5 ppg. and 7.5 rpg. off the bench.

Additional quotes:

Auriemma: This was a completely different game than last night in the sense that this is one of the top teams in Europe. They’re well-drilled. Their coach is excellent. They shot the ball incredibly well in that whole first half. We had some foul problems, but I thought our guys did a great job of attacking them and getting them into foul trouble. We had a stretch there in the second half, where I thought the game was decided. We got five or six shots in a row and converted on three or four of them. I thought that was the deciding factor in the game.

Check the box for a Brussels Sprout/Belgian Waffle spotting.

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(which makes me kinda cranky ’cause I enjoy their coach and team.)

From the New York Times article: Even on Religious Campuses, Students Fight for Gay Identity

“Baylor expects students not to participate in advocacy groups promoting an understanding of sexuality that is contrary to biblical teaching,” said Lori Fogleman, a university spokeswoman.

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Mechelle wonders why the 20-0 Duke Blue Devils can’t get no respect: Underestimated Duke heads to UConn

It’s kind of strange. There’s a team from a major conference in women’s basketball that is undefeated at the end of January, and yet … it’s not ranked No. 1. Or even No. 2.

Instead, 20-0 Duke is third in the polls behind Baylor and Connecticut, which each have one loss. The Blue Devils are getting two first-place votes in the coaches’ poll, one in the media rankings. But at least as far as voters are concerned, Baylor and UConn are clearly in front.

All this just might get shaken up by the time the coaches’ poll is released again Tuesday.

Duke’s freshmen, adds Mechelle, are off to a fine start

It wasn’t that Chelsea Gray didn’t look around at schools closer to home in California. She did. But when she traveled across the country to visit Duke, everything just felt right. She walked around the campus and thought, “This is the place. I fit here.”

Still, the Blue Devils freshman knew it was a huge step to take.

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“Ah’m readdyyy” -Can Baylor’s Brittney Griner possibly get more intense?

Those words wander through the well-lit hallway in the catacombs of Baylor University’s basketball arena, carried on a Texas drawl. A few seconds later, in strides Baylor sophomore center Brittney Griner, a.k.a. BG, a.k.a. Big Girl. At first, all you see is a long, narrow expanse of dark sweat clothes topped by a mischievous smile framed by dreadlocks, and shod with, well, nothing. “Bet you never seen a 6’8″ girl barefoot before.”

She extends her arm for a handshake, and it keeps extending, ending in long, strong fingers that can easily palm a basketball. It’s a hand made for dunking, which she did twice in a game last season, tying an unofficial NCAA women’s record. It’s a hand made for blocking shots, which she did 223 times, shattering the previous official NCAA women’s record of 164. And it’s a hand that became infamous in a game against Texas Tech last March, when ­Griner used it to punch Tech’s Jordan Barncastle, setting off a noisy debate about gender roles, sports violence, athletes’ looks — even Big 12 basketball.

Don’t have is handy now, but would love for someone to do a compare and contrast of this article to the Candace Parker article a while back….

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