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Looked what happened!

Richmond over George Mason by 3. 

Navy over Bucknell by 2 (2OT).

Sam Houston Over SE Louisiana by 1. 

Fairfield over Siena by 1. 

Presbyterian over Costal Carolina by 3.

Liberty over Winthrop by 7. (You’ll remember their coach, Kevin Cook)

#18 Nebraska over Minnesota by 3.

And that there are no upsets in women’s basketball?

#25 Texas A&M over #8 South Carolina AND it was in OT.

Michigan knocks of confusing #22 Purdue, 65-49.

West Virginia (unranked ’cause???) stomps all over #13 Iowa State, 73-59.

#20 NC State dittos that over #17 Florida State, 80-57.

(5-9) San Diego State over (10-6) Fresno State, 70-69, giving the Bulldogs their first loss in the Mountain West.

From tonight: #19 Arizona State over #15 Cal, 68-59.

In other fun games:

Oh, yeah, the A-10 is gonna be fun: Fordham Rams by 3 over the VCU Rams.

Wondering how the new job is sitting for coach Boyle as #3 Duke dismantles Virginia, 90-55.

#2 Notre Dame dusts fellow gold-wearing Pittsburgh, 109-66.

Hey! Penguins are 3-0 in the Horizon AND they beat Green Bay!

Welcome to the ACC Syracuse (12-5, 1-3).

Yes, this Kulas kid for Missouri is good, but even her 30 couldn’t save the Tigers from the Geaux Tigers.

So, anyone notice that Michigan State is undefeated in the Big 10? They face #16 Penn State on Sunday.

Coach Godsey and the Gaels get some well-deserved press: A new era begins at Iona

So far so very good for the new women’s basketball coach at Iona College, Billi Godsey. A 2003 graduate of Hofstra, Godsey is one of several young female coaches of color recently hired for head coaching jobs in Division I women’s college basketball.

“I knew I was coming into a very talented roster,” said Godsey, who has been acquainted with assistant coach-recruiting coordinator Ashlee Kelly since both coached at Division II schools. “I’m one of the lucky ones. It was easy for me to get them to buy into what we wanted to do a little bit differently from last year and still play in a style they’re successful in, an up-tempo type of style.”

Superb news: Women’s basketball coach Sylvia Hatchell in remission

Well yes, Beth and Debbie, the new rules have increased scoring dramatically. And yes, that is different than improving shooting percentages, though. No rules will replace the skills that need to be learned in high school and AAU ball. What’s the solution, folks?

Speaking of solutions... “Please buy the Sparks!”


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“All the ones have another loss to one of  the other ones.”


Has ESPN’s women’s bball page updated their podcast listing?


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this: Women as sports analysts? Yes, we can

Years ago, when I was a young, single gal in Los Angeles, I was set up on a blind date. I was promised this guy would be perfect for me — an Ivy League graduate, tall, funny, ambitious and into sports. Less than five minutes into the date, upon hearing I was an associate producer for a national nightly highlight show, he blurted out, “You’re probably going to hate me for saying this, but I can’t stand hearing women talk about football.”

I bit my tongue, hoping somehow he’d save himself.

“I mean, even if a woman does know what she’s talking about when it comes to football, which is rare, I still can’t stand hearing a female voice talk about it.”

Needless to say, there was no second date.

And so, I encourage you to make an effort to listen to Michelle & Mechelle and Debbie & Beth (easier when ESPN updates the link to their LATEST blog) or David & Sundry Folks. All have “cred” — even if you don’t like what they say. And they’re talking about our game because, as somebody name Helen wrote in her article: Media Coverage and the Alternatives: Paper, Pods, Streams, and Blogs

Even as we track the steady growth in popularity of women’s basketball, it’s not unusual for coaches, players and fans to feel that media coverage has not kept pace.

“Progress doesn’t necessarily move on a linear line in terms of coverage of sports,” explained Mechelle Voepel, sportswriter for the Kansas City Star and a regular contributor to ESPN.com. “It really depends on the personalities that are involved at a newspaper and the commitment of that newspaper to diversify its coverage. Also, it can follow an economic cycle. And all those things can change over time. For instance, you could have a newspaper that ten years ago might have been doing a much better job of women’s basketball than it is doing now, just because of one of those factors.”


Podcasts – recorded audio that can be accessed on-demand through an online link or downloaded onto a portable media player – have become an increasingly affordable way to offer access to post-game news conferences or one-on-one interviews with players and coaches. “Shootaround with Beth and Debbie,” is a slightly more ambitious project. Developed in collaboration with the WBCA and hosts Beth Mowins and Debbie Antonelli, it’s the first weekly podcast offering in-depth coverage of women’s basketball.

“You can hear ten different opinions from ten different guys on the national scene with radio shows and T.V. shows,” observed Mowins, “and we thought there was a need for discussion around the country [about women’s basketball] and nobody’s doing it. Debbie [Antonelli] and I like talking about basketball and so we said, let’s try this.”

Self-admitted technical neophytes, the pair first sought advice from the television and radio people they’d worked with concerning the necessary software and hardware. Now, months later, they’re negotiating the logistics of mixers, time zones and conference calls to produce a half-hour show that features interviews, opinions, and the occasional dose of intriguing stats. “It’s all fallen into place and now it’s a matter of being as creative as we can,” said Mowins. “We’re starting to get more emails from people – folks who know a good story in college basketball or are making suggestions. We’re getting some reaction emails, too: ‘Hey, you said this and I agree or I disagree.’ Now the challenge is trying to build this is — how do you market this, who’s our audience.”

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’cause it’s fun, since we know how much Mechelle hates making predicitions.  In anticipation of the Kentucky/South Carolina and UNC/Maryland game, Mechelle Voepel said this:

jbb1985 (ny): Which of the two games tonight between ranked, Conference rivals are you the most interested in: MD vs. UNC or UK vs. S. Carolina?

Mechelle Voepel: Interested in both, but if I have to pick I’ll say Maryland vs North Carolina because it’s a rematch and may indicate how the Tar Heels will go through this tough four-game stretch vs. Terps, Miami, Florida State and Duke. Sylvia Hatchell is 3 wins from 900 in her career, and it could come as early as Jan. 31, I believe. But it could also be delayed awhile, as these are tough games. The interesting thing with Kentucky-South Carolina, of course, is which team sets the pace in that game, since they are so opposite.

MV got it right. Cats’ streak stopped by South Carolina, 55-50

Every shot, every cut, every pass.

Every minute of the game, South Carolina wanted to make Kentucky as uncomfortable as possible.

The No. 18 Gamecocks succeeded and upended the fifth-ranked Cats 55-50 Thursday night, ending UK’s 17-game win streak.

“They played much harder than we did,” Cats Coach Matthew Mitchell explained. “They played much more physical. Their desire was much stronger to win tonight. When that happens, then we get beat.”

Check out what else MV has to say, when she teams up with Michelle as they talk Mechelle & Michelle: Coast to Coast

On their podcast, Beth Mowins and Debbie Antonelli talk to a pair of head coaches, Baylor’s Kim Mulkey and UNC’s Sylvia Hatchell.

Out west, Oregon breaks into Pac-12 women’s basketball win column at the expense of the Washington State Cougars. 

The Buffaloes got so much deserved attention, and then got close to a huge win, but couldn’t put Cal away. Stanford handled the Utes.

Some good news for Ohio State, Stokes’ knee injury is healing quickly.

Nebraska welcomed Michigan State to the polls by beating them.

The Shockers continued their winning ways in the MVC, and now sit at 6-0 in the conference. The Blue Jays are keeping pace, now at 5-1.

In the Horizon League, Algoma’s Zastrow emerges for UWGB

Speaking of emerging stars, Graham offers up this: Rodriguez emerges as FSU star: Senior guard from Canary Islands has tripled her scoring average from a year ago

It might seem at first glance as if one of the season’s biggest surprises came out of nowhere to emerge as one of the best players in the ACC. But for someone who crossed an ocean just to get to Florida State four years ago, a senior season to remember turns out to be one more leg of a long journey.

Rodriguez comes from a place people dream of visiting for a few days’ respite from the real world. Where she grew up, others hope they might someday soak up the sun in retirement. So frankly, it’s a little surprising to sit across from her in a hotel lobby on a wet winter night near Boston and find that there is nowhere she would rather be than where she is, with three years worth of waiting and working behind her to prove her point.

Clearly, Graham has no jinx-ability, as Chelsea Davis helped No. 22 Florida State rally past Georgia Tech.

It’s around the corner: UConn v. Notre Dame. Jim Fuller writes: Huskies need their bench to be the best. Curt Rallo writes: Irish need to keep foot on the gas

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Antonelli has never shied away from pushing the envelope with her opinion. (Did you hear what she had to say about St. Bonaventure last podcast? I’d link you directly to the podcast, but the ESPN site doesn’t allow that. Brilliant!)

Anyhoo, next podcast ought to be up soon, and the twosome breakdown the first and second round.

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wouldn’t you say?

Here’s what Debbie Antonelli, Kara Lawson, Rebecca Lobo and Stephanie White, Beth Mowins and Brenda VanLengen have to say about a season “that featured non-traditional teams and players emerging, new teams jumping into the top 25 and exciting games being played across the board.” (WHB note: Except for most every Big Monday game…)

Memorable moment from a particular venue or fan base of a game you covered?

LOBO: My moment happened after the UConn at Baylor game ended when fans were allowed to come onto the court. A bunch of elementary and middle-school-aged kids began playing basketball and the Baylor men’s team joined them for an impromptu pickup game. I’ve never seen anything like it, and it was awesome.

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Big Monday triple header preview. Hoopfeed’s Cheryl Coward and David Siegel and Ohio State/Penn State co-game-caller Stephanie White. Lots of talk about the tourney brackets/hosts/seeding.

Debbie says ‘ware the Terps, was somewhat physic re: St. John’s, and sets up how Texas might make the Tourney

Cheryl warns Green Bay and Delaware may hit a wall.

Beth wonders about the wonders of the RPI and its impact.

Steph talks Big 10 conundrums.

My input: Thanks to Cheryl for mentioning the “other” conference undefeateds.

Love the idea of having the regular season conference winners to get the automatic bid, and then have the conference tourney winners be “dancer-wannabes under Committee consideration.”

About “protecting” the top seeds and rewarding them… Not sure what they’re imagining the answer to be: For instance, Kingston is a host site because they are willing (and able) to take the financial risk and the other “deserving” sites don’t have the cojones, or practical requirements, to host. If you want to remove all restrictions on who can host what (and are willing to handle the howls), then legislation needs to be offered by colleges and universities to support that.

Logistics says you have to give a site at least a year to prep (’cause it’s a complicated process). But perhaps you say, for instance, the top 16 of the 2012 end of the year polls get first dibs to host the 2014 tourney. Then, the NCAA needs to do everything they can to pressure the ADs of those schools into accepting the hosting challenge.

But, don’t get stuck on Kingston. Look at next year’s hosts and respond to THEM: Baylor, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Duke, Gonzaga, Iowa, Louisville, LSU, Maryland, Ohio State, Stanford, St. John’s, Tennessee, Texas A&M and Texas Tech.

Kinda looks like the NCAA has already made the neccesary moves.

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It only took far too much work to find it (thank you Kate): LINK

Beth Mowins and Debbie Antonelli preview Kentucky-Tennessee and Connecticut-Oklahoma. They speak with Ann Meyers Drysdale and Tennessee associate head coach Holly Warlick.

Now, if only we can get the folks at ESPN to put a link on the women’s bball page that stays up for longer than a sneeze. (Notice I don’t say lung shaking, hacking cough since, unfortunately, I know from current experience that they can last for.ev.er.)

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When espnW gets the new edition of the podcast up, Beth tweets that she and Debbie will preview the Duke-UNC game tonight, 7pmEST ESPN2. (Followed by Baylor-Oklahoma at 9pmEST.)

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Beth and Debbie speak with Kentucky coach Matthew Mitchell. Plus, they discuss Philadelphia’s best players. (OR, if espnW doesn’t manage to update the blurb, they might be joined by Maryland coach Brenda Frese and Ohio State’s Taylor Hill.)

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did a better job getting the word out about the Shootaround podcast than ESPN does.

STILL not listed under basketball in their “pod platform.”

Still hard (if not impossible?) to find any archives.

Do they want to kill it?

Graham? Michelle? Mechelle? Help!

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join Debbie and Beth for a women’s basketball roundtable.

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over at espnW. Beth Mowins and Debbie Antonelli recap Baylor’s win over UConn and speak with Kentucky coach Matthew Mitchell.

Still wondering why it’s so hard to find on the general ESPN site. Still not listed under the basketball podcast menu.

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Pick up Debbie’s Full Court Pressure, a trivia game courtesy of the WHOF.

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ACC Partners with ‘Shootaround with Beth and Debbie’ in ACC Style: Two of the most talented broadcasters in the business preview ACC women’s basketball games weekly on XM & SIRIUS Radio.

The Atlantic Coast Conference has partnered with Beth Mowins and Debbie Antonelli to bring ACC women’s basketball fans an exclusive and unique, inside look at league contests throughout the regular season.

“Shootaround with Beth and Debbie – ACC Style” offers insights to upcoming games and discusses ACC teams, highlighting student-athletes and coaches. The 10-15 minute segments, which air on XM and SIRIUS radio, are designed like a sports talk-radio show, featuring insightful commentary, news and on occasion interviews from the league’s head coaches.

ACC Women’s Basketball fans can listen to each week’s show on XM and SIRIUS radio or at theACC.com on the “Shootaround” channel: http://www.theacc.com/allaccess/?channel_id=366.

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Season four of Beth and Debbie’s Shootaround podcast has begun. If you haven’t made it a habit to listen in to these two opinionated women talk about the game they love, DO!

It goes up at WBCA.org every Wednesday.

New format, says Beth, “agile, mobile, and maybe hostile?”

Topics: Connecticut’s accomplishments, Baylor’s rise, Stanford & the better Pac-10, Ohio States toughness & the Mitten teams, and “are they legit?”

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