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That sound you heard was the transmission joining the wheels that fell off earlier: Northwestern knocked off Ohio State, 64-53.  That’s the Wildcats first win over the Buckeyes in 19 tries.

Either Georgia is giving notice, or Arkansas record was a paper tiger. The Bulldogs took down the Razorbacks, 59-56.

#10 Michigan State survived #25 Iowa, 63-60 and #9 UCLA managed Oregon State, 58-46.

It was close early on, but eventually Kentucky tamed South Carolina, 66-48.

#13 Maryland is now 0-2 in the ACC, because Boston College took’em down 78-69.

Tennessee continues their destruction of their SEC competition. This time it was Florida, losers by 43.

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a beautiful Saturday with a head cold.

Just as WHB gave a shout out to Georgetown, the work of Nikki Caldwell at UCLA and Sylvia Crawley at BC is making us stand up and cheer.

On the East Coast, there’s the Eagles. With the (odd) departure of Kathy I, the knock on’em was that the team has flourished only because of her drive, not because the Athletic Department had any real interest in anything that didn’t involve football and money (hence the awkward shift to the ACC). But, after some readjustment time, their with a win over Hartford, may mean Dunkin’ Syl is finding her groove. That being said, the schedule is pretty sugar-laden (Vermont isn’t what it was last year). But, I’ll admit, I’d like to see a player like (and named) Swords advance in the Tourney.

Out on the West Coast, the knock on UCLA was that they had some great talent, but coach Kathy O couldn’t coach’em up. The fabulous battle between the Bruins and the Irish showed the impact of Caldwell’s work. Young players making key shots (and yes, of course, omigodwhattheheckwereyouthinking choices), but they pulled out a double OT win against the perennially strong Irish. At South Bend. In front of 6000 screaming fans.

Watch out Tara. You might not be feelin’ so giddy in a couple of years.

Speaking of the Cardinal, there was no N.O., but Stanford still managed to quiet the Utes (hi, coach Elliot! Enjoy the season off!). Tara is five wins away from 800.

Andy Landers coached his 1000th… 1000th!!!! game, and the Bulldogs made it a victory.

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