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Lauren Hill dies at 19 after battle with brain cancer

Lauren Hill touched a nation with her desire to play for Mount St. Joseph’s women’s basketball team, even as she battled an inoperable brain tumor.

Her resolve, spirit and courage were celebrated Nov. 2 when she realized her dream at Xavier University’s Cintas Center. Cheered on by a sold-out crowd of 10,250 and a television audience, Hill scored the first and last basket of the Mount’s 66-55 victory over Hiram College.

She passed away Friday at the age of 19.

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Well, carp!!!

Michael Cooper has tongue cancer

I’m fortunate that my condition was diagnosed early, and this episode illustrates the importance of screening and early detection,” Cooper said. “I know the team will be in good hands with Coach Thompson at the helm during my absence, and I look forward to returning to the court soon.”

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Hatchell will tackle cancer head-on

There are people who, if you gave them a free pass from work for the rest of their lives, simply wouldn’t take it. Having expectations to face, goals to meet, production to accomplish — it’s just how they are wired.

North Carolina women’s basketball coach Sylvia Hatchell is that kind of person. Let’s put it this way: Earlier this year, during the build-up to her 900th career victory, she was asked what she might do someday after basketball. And in true Hatchell form, she immediately spoke of the job she’d want after she retired: mowing the giant lawn at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, N.C. (she figured it would be a relaxing chore).

That’s Hatchell: She’s thinking ahead to work after work. It’s the way she was raised in the textile-mill town of Gastonia, N.C., outside of Charlotte. It’s how she has operated for the past 40 years as a coach.

And, as everyone who knows her would tell you, it’s how she’ll deal with cancer. She’ll tackle it head-on, with a commitment to a game plan and her trademark relentless optimism.

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some heartbreaking news: Former Eagle, and Christ the King graduate, Clare Droesch is battling stage four breast cancer.

From the New York Post: NYC girls hoops legend Droesch battles cancer, treatment costs

The 29-year-old Rockaway native was diagnosed with cancer in November and it has spread to her spine, hips and lymph nodes. The reality still hasn’t quite sunk in yet. To her, it’s all a bad dream right now.

“It’s like, ‘Come on.’ Here is a good kid who’s working hard to coach, wants to play,” said Christ the King head coach Bob Mackey, who used to live blocks away from Droesch in Rockaway. “It’s just not fair. It never is.”

Droesch, who has limited Empire Blue medical insurance, has already gone through multiple of tests. She’s been denied coverage for her cancer treatments at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and could see costs sky rocket, but is trying to work with the hospital’s finance office.

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Damn, damn, damn.

RuthAnn Lobo, 67, Loses Battle With Cancer

Cursed by an unexpected fate yet blessed with the platform it provided her, RuthAnn Lobo lived the last 17 years of her life determined to make her journey a symbol of discovery and inspiration to others.

“My first experience being with cancer survivors was six weeks after my last chemotherapy treatment in 1994, at the Race for the Cure in New Britain,” Lobo said in 2008. “One of the volunteers asked me if I wanted to wear a survivor’s hat and I wondered if I qualified. But when 600 women in little pink hats come forward, you feel a burden lightened because you see you are not alone.”

If you are so moved, please consider honoring Ruth Ann by making a contribution to the Kay Yow Cancer Fund.

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from Milton Kent at Fanhouse: Maryland’s Brenda Frese, Family Tackle Son’s Leukemia Head-On

Brown, one of the team of physicians attending to Tyler, said the toddler is off to a good start in defeating his illness. He successfully navigated the phase of treatment called induction, where the body is bombarded with chemo and other drugs to get rid of leukemia cells.

Tyler has moved into what is known as consolidation, a phase, where new drugs are introduced to clear out cells that might have been resistant to the original drugs.

That treatment will go on for a few months, before Tyler moves into the maintenance phase, where his visits to the clinic become less frequent and he’ll take lower intensity oral medicine at home, Brown said. His hair will grow back and he’ll be able to go back to school.

Maintenance is the longest phase, lasting about 2-2 ½ years, but at the end, Tyler could become a part of the 80 percent cure rate for childhood ALL patients.

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WBCA Celebrates Kay Yow Cancer Fund Name Change and Move to Cary, NC

The Women’s Basketball Coaches Association (WBCA), which has proudly served as the launching pad for the Kay Yow/WBCA Cancer Fund®, celebrates the change in the name of the Fund and new location of the Fund’s day-to-day operations. The Fund will now be the “Kay Yow Cancer FundTM” and has moved its headquarters to Cary, North Carolina. The WBCA believes the transition will further enable the Kay Yow Cancer Fund to continue its explosive growth. As part of the transition, the WBCA has transferred the full-time management of the wildly successful WBCA Pink Zone® to Executive Director Marsha Sharp and her staff at the Kay Yow Cancer Fund.

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