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In the New York Times, KW revisits Christ the King: For an Elite Girls’ Basketball Team, the Same High Standards Amid New Challenges

After the cruelty of a 5:30 a.m. wake-up, a ride to the St. George Terminal with her father, a 6:20 Staten Island Ferry, the J train to the M train, Dominique Toussaint finally arrives at Christ the King High School in Middle Village, Queens. From her home on Staten Island, the trip can take two hours.

So is it worth it?

“This is my future,” said Toussaint, all of 16.

On the flip side, Jonathan Czupryn’s lazy story on parity – or the lack thereof – in the women’s game just makes me cranky. I mean, really, you want to compare the men’s and women’s games with numbers and you don’t mention Title IX and the ridiculously uneven funding of the two sports? Or the fact that the men have a 50-year head start on the women because folks BANNED girls high school state tournaments? Or the fact that the low scoring/slow play of the men increases the chances of upsets… or the fact that… I mean, the list goes on, but only if you are serious about your subject.

How about we celebrate the upsets that DID happen on the women’s side? How about we celebrate the growth/rebirth of programs these last five years? How about you convince your NY Times brethren to write about the game NOT because the Knicks are losing, but because it deserves some thoughtful coverage…

Grrrrr… off to stare at my crushed bracket….

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Assuming a Heavy Mantle in a Season of Sorrow

“I’m a pretty laid-back coach,” said Best, 29. “I’m more interested in changing the lives of some of these young women than changing the calls of referees, and through basketball, I think I have been able to do that.”

Best stepped into the coaching spotlight in January after the death of Apache Paschall, who led Nazareth to the Brooklyn/Queens, state and federation championships in 2011. Paschall, who died at 38, apparently of a heart attack, was replaced by Best and another assistant, Ron Kelley.

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For Nazareth, a Loss Not Reflected in the Score

They lost their coach in January and will lose their school in June.

And Thursday night in Brooklyn, the Lady Kingsmen of Nazareth lost their city basketball crown.

“There are a lot of hard tears falling in our locker room right now,” Lauren Best, a Nazareth assistant, said after her team was stunned by Christ the King, 54-53, at Bishop Ford High School. The loss came in the semifinals of the Catholic High School Athletic Association Brooklyn/Queens Division I girls tournament.

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some heartbreaking news: Former Eagle, and Christ the King graduate, Clare Droesch is battling stage four breast cancer.

From the New York Post: NYC girls hoops legend Droesch battles cancer, treatment costs

The 29-year-old Rockaway native was diagnosed with cancer in November and it has spread to her spine, hips and lymph nodes. The reality still hasn’t quite sunk in yet. To her, it’s all a bad dream right now.

“It’s like, ‘Come on.’ Here is a good kid who’s working hard to coach, wants to play,” said Christ the King head coach Bob Mackey, who used to live blocks away from Droesch in Rockaway. “It’s just not fair. It never is.”

Droesch, who has limited Empire Blue medical insurance, has already gone through multiple of tests. She’s been denied coverage for her cancer treatments at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and could see costs sky rocket, but is trying to work with the hospital’s finance office.

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Naz coach gives first comments on recruiting investigation in Post Q&A

Apache Paschall has been mostly quiet on the topic of the league investigation looming over his head. The Nazareth coach has been under a strict gag order from his principal to not address the pending decision by the CHSAA Brooklyn/Queens Eligibility and Infractions Committee.

But Tuesday night, on the eve of what is expected to be his judgment day, Paschall sat down for an exclusive interview with The Post. In this Q&A, the head man of the nationally ranked Lady Kingsmen addresses everything from the investigation to his health to how this season has been the hardest of his decade-long career.

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