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Really? Jimmy Dykes?

The WBCA offered up a “Slap and see” response.

“Arkansas’s decision to hire someone who has not coached basketball in 23 years is disappointing to the multitude of more-than-qualified coaches who are members of our association. 


If the Arkansas administration believes Jimmy Dykes, because of his celebrity, his ties to the university, and to the Fayetteville community, is the best person to reinvigorate support for and fan interest in Razorback women’s basketball, then we will not second guess them from afar.

Queenie’s having fun on twitter: 

As the other ESPNW folks make nice to their friend and former colleague,  Mechelle tweets:

Been thinking what to say about Jimmy Dykes’ hiring for Arkansas WBB. I’ll go with this: stunning. So I guess that was Arkansas’ goal?

The Rebkellians, some very much in the know, react.

Perhaps he’ll prove me wrong — I can only hope, for the sake of the players – but I instantly flashed back to the hiring of Wendell Hudson by Alabama. There are choices that make you say, “Hey, that’s thinking outside of the box!” (think Sherri Coale, Rick Insell, Kim Barnes Arico) and then there’s  choices that have you thinking, “We’re a football program, let’s keep women’s basketball in a box.”

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And we got’im!

Bill Laimbeer named New York Liberty general manager and head coach

Suddenly, I’m interested in the Lib again.

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Assistant coach of Creighton women’s basketball team arrested on suspicion of drunken driving

Yah, I know I’m jumping to guilty before proven, but read the text.

What actions Creighton takes is of no real concern to me. That’s an internal and, if there are abuse concerns, a very personal decision. But honestly, I have no sympathy for folks who get into their car when they’re drunk.That’s why taxis, couches and true friends were invented.

If I ruled the legal world, the first offense drunk driving would mean having your license suspended for a year. So you say you need to drive to get to work? You’re the sole provider? Well, then, don’t friggin’ get into your car when you’re drunk! Do it again and you’re never allowed to drive again. The fact that this is not the law of the land shows people, and the legislators, are willing to tolerate — even condone — drunk driving.

And yah, I know those who say, “But they’ll drive anyway.” So what? (Or, ask the NYC police department to keep track of them.) The solution is simple: If they get caught, they go to jail. Talk to someone who’s lost a brother or a parent or a dear friend to a drunk driver. Talk to the Angels pitching staffOh, wait, how quickly baseball forgets.

JGuthrie46 Jeremy Guthrie
Tweeting about umps during game=$20,000 fine & 2-game suspension. Driving Under the Influence=$0.00 MLB fine. @MADDonline @ozzieguillen

Deliberate, willful carelessness of others tends to tick me off.

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Coaching Elon.

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Speaking of new heads…

will UCLA have one at 1:30pm PST?

(And will their initials be C.C.)

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