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How about reading up on the #1 seeds?

Baylor: Won’t Back Down: Teams, Dreams, and Family

Notre Dame: Nice Girls Finish First: The Remarkable Story of Notre Dame’s Rise to the Top of Women’s College Basketball

Stanford:S hooting from the Outside: How a Coach and Her Team Transformed Women’s Basketball

UConn: The Same River Twice: A Season with Geno Auriemma and the Connecticut Huskies

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It’s interesting to see how often that phrase comes up in the searches that find this blog.

Inquiring minds now have a new article on the topic from Jim Fuller at the New Haven Register: A few good men helping Huskies refine their game

“You can simulate certain things,” Auriemma said of the practice players. “You don’t care how tired they are. You can run them into the ground, send them home and then tell them to be back here the next day and do it again. If Maya Moore wants to work on some stuff and all she wants to do is be on offense for an hour, somebody has to be the guinea pig, and it is going to be one of those guys. They are great about doing whatever you ask them to do.

“They are not on scholarship, they are not getting anything. They are doing it because they love the game, they love being around our players. They enjoy the camaraderie. They all paid their own way to the Final Four last year. They get as much satisfaction if we do something well as we do. There will be times are practice when they will be (annoyed) when our guys get it wrong because they feel ‘hey, we are here to help you get it right so get it right.’ It is funny to see them when they get upset. They are competitive and they have fun. I don’t know if we’d be able to do what we do and be where we are and done what we’ve done without those guys.”

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Season four of Beth and Debbie’s Shootaround podcast has begun. If you haven’t made it a habit to listen in to these two opinionated women talk about the game they love, DO!

It goes up at WBCA.org every Wednesday.

New format, says Beth, “agile, mobile, and maybe hostile?”

Topics: Connecticut’s accomplishments, Baylor’s rise, Stanford & the better Pac-10, Ohio States toughness & the Mitten teams, and “are they legit?”

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continues it’s blanket-like coverage of women’s basketball.

From Harvey Araton: Auriemma Brash From the Beginning

Yes, she testified, young Geno was every bit as brash, driven and demanding as the 56-year-old version already enshrined in the Naismith Hall of Fame in Springfield, Mass.

“But to me, he was a breath of fresh air,” Polinsky said. “He had us riled up to the point where it was crazy. We had a practice once where I went after the ball and wound up jumping over the benches and falling over on my back.”

Now, according to my plan, if you are, for example, a St. John’s fan, you’ll drop Harvey a thank you note (araton@nytimes.com) and mention you’ve got this great coach rebuilding a program that he can get to via subway! (Well, he’ll have to transfer to a bus, but he can get there for $2.25.)

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Oh, gosh, it sure is. I mean, just check out the ratings for the Stanford-UConn game: Streak Ending UConn-Stanford Nets Highest-Rated Regular-Season Women’s Basketball Rating Ever

Next time someone mouths that silly comment, I’m just going to tell’em to stuff it.

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found this blog:

what was the betting line on december 30, 2010 between uconn and stanford ncaa womens basketball?


lady huskies loose string

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Jim Massie at the Columbus Dispatch writes: Buckeyes look to change their ways – UConn loss put OSU’s effort in bad light

The unraveling started early in the game and didn’t stop until the Huskies had run the Buckeyes’ string around the court 81 times.

“I never thought we would lose by 30,” Lavender said. “But we just weren’t at their level. I really don’t think it takes losses for people to learn lessons, but I think our losses have taught us we need to raise our level.”

Practices, she said, have been better.

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Letters: Women’s Basketball And Roberta Flack

Host Liane Hansen reads listeners’ letters about her conversation with USA Today columnist Christine Brennan on the UConn women’s basketball team, and last week’s story about the busiest delivery day of the year at UPS headquarters.

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Mykael Wright: UConn’s Record vs. UCLA’s Record: It’s About Much More Than Just Gender

Sexism? Homophobia? Chauvinism?  These are a few taboo subjects that are at play when comparing Auriemma’s UConn teams and Wooden’s UCLA teams.  Soon the storm will blow over and we’ll be back arguing over more manly things like why TCU’s undefeated season isn’t good enough to play for the national championship.

For the sake of women’s sports we need to keep talking about it.  For the sake of society as a whole we need to keep talking about it.

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UConn coach Geno Auriemma diatribe is on target

Many were troubled by his comments.

Um, why? The man has spent 25-plus years coaching a sport that is treated with a shameful amount of contempt. Don’t like it? Fine, but why is the disdain often riddled with pejoratives?

Speaking of Arizona, look who upset DePaul!

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Mike Pesca at NPR.

“There was a subtle but telling choice made after the game as the team posed at center court.

“A fan tossed the players a UCLA jersey. The name on the back (was) Wooden (and)  the number 88 was crossed out. The jersey wasn’t held up to the cameras. In fact, it was quickly tucked away by an assistant coach so no one could see it.

“UConn didn’t beat UCLA and they didn’t win a title.

“As the team posed for the horde of cameras, they weren’t holding on to a trophy, they were holding on to each other.”

Mechelle and some mouthy broad on WNYC’s The Takeaway.

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(as opposed to those who are writing about it) UCLA players prepare for UConn’s 89th

“I don’t know if I’ll be watching the [Connecticut] game because of the emotions involved in it,” said Marques Johnson, who was a freshman when the streak ended in 1974. “But on a certain level, if they do happen to win it and break the record or tie the record or whatever they end up doing, I have a lot of respect for the accomplishment. I’m really impressed with the job Coach Auriemma has done and how his players have responded to the challenges placed before them.

“There are some differences, but the fact they’ve won as many games as they’ve won, to win 88 games in a row at any level is a remarkable achievement. To be able to fight off fatigue and general malaise and things that can happen to a basketball team, to be able to win night in and night out, that’s a testament to just how good of a team they are and I’m happy for them.”

From Steve Litel at SlamOnline: UConn’s Winning Streak: Another Perspective – It’s not a men’s record. It’s not a women’s record. It’s a NCAA Division I record.

From my perspective: Of COURSE it’s a Division I record. But, when they talk about the men’s records, they never seem to say, “He holds the record for most points scored in Division I basketball, both men AND women’s.” While, they *almost* always say, “Pat Summitt is the winningest coach in both men’s and women’s basketball.”

Heck, remember when … Pitino? took his third team to the Final Four? So many reporters called him the first to do so, when we all know it was CViv.

If we can get reporters and fans to stop presuming, I’ll be happy. Hell, if we can get reporters to use MEN’S basketball as often as they use WOMEN’S basketball, I’ll be happy. Ish.

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aka Nate Parham in Seattle: UConn’s Winning Streak: Gant, Romar Agree 88 Wins Is 88 Wins

You can count Los Angeles native, former UCLA men’s basketball assistant coach, and current Washington Huskies coach Lorenzo Romar among those who once considered UCLA’s streak of 88 consecutive wins from 1971-1974 unbreakable.

“I never thought anyone, men or women, would come close to tying that record,” said Romar, when asked about the #1 Connecticut Huskies women’s basketball team beating the #10 Ohio State Buckeyes 80-51 yesterday in the Maggie Dixon Classic at Madison Square Garden to tie UCLA’s record at 88 games. “So it’s pretty phenomenal that something like that happens.”

And it seems everyone has some kind of opinion about what UConn has accomplished, though not everyone has responded quite as positively as Romar.

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Q&A: UConn Women’s Basketball Coach Geno Auriemma

What are some of the biggest challenges that come with coaching women’s basketball?

One of the hardest things is that they have no frame of reference. They don’t play enough. I challenge you to find 8, 9, 10 girls in a playground, just playing basketball. That stuff doesn’t exist. You have to teach them everything.

I’d say 99.9% of the women’s game is played below the rim. Footwork and positioning and all that stuff is so crucial, because you can’t just throw the ball up on the rim. It makes coaching a little more challenging, but in a sense more rewarding, because they have they sort of learned everything from you and your staff. That’s a good feeling.

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you missed Kara’s tweet and you wouldn’t have known she wrote this: (WHICH IS A BIG PROBLEM espnW FOLKS!!)

Five big reasons to watch women’s college basketball

The UConn women’s basketball team and its consecutive wins streak has dominated the headlines so far this year. But here are five more BIG reasons the Lady Huskies won’t be the only ones worth watching in women’s college hoops this season:

Ummm… An editor who knew anything about sports would have saved Kara from the skewering she’s about to get from UConn fans….

Meanwhile, Rebkellians discuss espnW

Looks like half of the content is about male sports. But hey, look! They’re written by female writers! So it’s empowering! Or something.

Forgive my cynicism, but espnW is looking more and more like a platform to try to gather more female fans for traditionally male sports. Hell, if I wanted more articles about LeBron James and the BCS bowls I could read all of the other crap that Sports Media throws at me 24-7.


and engage in a loooong conversation with the espnW in an attempt to get clarity.

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“Lynx Will Still Need To Learn How To Win Together After Winning ‘Maya Moore Sweepstakes'”

In other words, the lofty expectations for the Lynx were established on the assumption that the players they had were extremely complementary, but not necessarily individually dominant. That alone should have been enough reason to temper the expectations of optimists wearing rose-colored lenses, such as myself – as talented as they were, it was probably more important for them to have time to come together as a unit, figure out leadership, and collectively learn how to maximize the potential of the unit.

For whatever reason, it didn’t happen in a way that produced wins. And even talented teams that match up with anyone on paper have to learn how to win.

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New Role Added to UConn Star’s Résumé: Leader

The other day at basketball practice, Maya Moore cut one way, then changed her mind and reversed herself, leading to a turnover. Moore has done a lot of remarkable things in her career at Connecticut, but her coach, Geno Auriemma, was impressed with what she did next.

Although the turnover would not have been credited to her on a scoresheet, Moore made a point of taking the blame. If the best player in women’s college basketball can acknowledge her mistakes, Auriemma said, her teammates can do the same.

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I’ll try to not be TOTALLY USA-centric, but there are only so many hours in the day…. sigh.

There have already been a couple of upsets. Yesterday, it was South Korea taking down Brazil. (Check the Rebkell thread if you want some assessment of the game).

Today, after being run over by the Australians yesterday, the Canadians stunned China.

“We’re more than a little bit excited about this,” McNeill said. “It’s a great win. We know when we looked at the draw and saw 2, 4, and 6 from the Olympics, and we weren’t in the Olympics, that we would have to play well.”

Mechelle liked what she saw: U.S. women jell quickly for win

It’s pretty funny to think of Auriemma, with all the games and titles he has won, feeling sweaty-palmed before Thursday’s contest. But it’s also understandable, as proper preparation is so big a part of what has always made his UConn teams great. And there’s no way, with the limited amount of time the Americans have had together before this competition began, that he could ever have felt properly prepared.

Even so, for the most part, they looked pretty good.

Doug checks in before today’s US v Senegal game: USA women’s basketball sees depth as key at worlds

“The fact the we can go 12 deep. Not a lot of teams can do that,” said point guard Sue Bird, one of only three players on the roster with world championship experience. “And with nine games in 11 days, that is going to be huge. Come that seventh, eighth and ninth game, it really starts to wear on you. So, I think that will be our greatest strength.”

Thank you, AP, for sending Doug.

Don’t forget to check out today’s game online or at NBAtv: 12:00 EST.

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