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Patriot: Army did what it had to against American, and, Inspired by Maggie’s spirit, Knights refused to lose

Sometimes things just happen the way they are supposed to in sports. There is not always an easy explanation for why, or how, but rather some other phenomenon — happenstance, fate, whatever.

So it was early in the week that Holy Cross women’s basketball coach Bill Gibbons texted his Army counterpart Dave Magarity. The words floated off Gibbons’ phone, like a butterfly. “Maggie will be smiling if we both get to West Point,” it said.

Holy Cross then did what it had to do to join Army, keeping their program record of  conference tourneys by stopping (and stomping) Navy. Pretty impressive of the Crusaders and coach Gibson, considering the upheaval that launched their season.

Summit: Nothing like an in-state rivalry to stir things up. The Jackrabbits got stunned by South Dakota ( first tournament loss after 15 consecutive victories.). The Coyotes then built on their success by defeating Denver (who’d ended IUPUI’s season of resurgence — in OT, of course.), earning their first NCAA bid.

America East: Albany’s Great Danes made quick work of the Sea Wolves – getting revenge for that blemish on their conference record, and earning a trip to the Dance.

MAAC: The first half, Quinnipiac had the Red Foxes on the ropes. Second half, Marist recovered to win their 9th straight conference tourney championship:

“The thing is that they persevered,” Marist coach Brian Giorgis said. “We broke the game down into where we wanted to be. We didn’t panic. We took it at them and made big shots down the stretch, made great decisions down the stretch.”

WCC: Saint Mary’s fought in the semis, but there was no doubt as Gonzaga roared over BYU to another WCC title – their sixth in seven years.

During that 20-minute shooting slump, the Cougars were unable to get the ball inside to Hamson, the WCC Player of the Year.

“We couldn’t get the ball to her because of (Gonzaga’s) pressure,” Judkins said. “Jen had a great tournament. I wish we could have gotten her the ball more. I think we would have been a lot better off. … We kind of got on our heels and we didn’t attack like we should have.”

It’s streaky!! Sims got a little banged up, and the Mountaineers got a little stubborn, but Baylor managed to snag their fourth consecutive Big 12 title.

Next! Chattanooga wiped out Davidson to earn the Southern crown. Said coach Foster: “We’re a good team,” Foster said. “It’s about time we start showing folks just how good.”

Huge win for the Penn State Quakers. They handily defeated the Princeton Tigers to earn a seat in the NCAA tournament. The Ivy League is the only conference in the country that doesn’t have a postseason tournament to decide its champion.

“I’m not a fan of an Ivy tournament. The reason is we need to send our best teams,” Princeton coach Courtney Banghart said. “Imagine if Penn had lost to Dartmouth and we had lost to Brown and we’re not sending our best team. I feel confident Penn has earned it. They beat us on our home floor later in the season.”

Oh, and UConn won the inaugural American Conference title.

So, what about those pesky seedings?

From John Altavilla: Favorites Falling Adds Some Mystery To Seeding

However, ESPN‘s bracketologist, Charlie Creme, has been sticking by his guns, continuing to place UConn as the No. 1 to Louisville’s No. 2 in Kentucky.

For that to happen, however, the committee would essentially need to rank the Cardinals last among the No. 2 seeds, setting up a 1-8 scenario with UConn.

“How do I answer that question [about seeding] without being reprimanded,” Louisville coach Jeff Walz said. “I’d lose my shirt, my per diem, everything.”

From Kevin Duffy: Fair or not, UConn may have to play regional at Louisville

The UConn women gashed their seventh top 10 opponent Monday night at The Sun, and in a week they very well could be named the No. 1 seed in the Louisville regional. As in, at the Yum! Center. As in, the reward for the group that just completed perhaps the best regular season ever could be a straight-up away game versus second-seeded Louisville in a hostile environment in the Elite Eight.

Tell me how that’s fair.

From Charlie: Louisville isn’t for UConn after all – Lincoln Regional makes much more sense for top-seeded Huskies

Connecticut has been an obvious No. 1 seed for some time. So the biggest question concerning the Huskies has been at which regional they will play their games.

Louisville or Lincoln? In the same region with rival Louisville, or farther away in Nebraska? Louisville has been my answer all season.

Until now.

What has prompted me to change my mind?

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Baylor will feed off Mulkey’s actions – On-court chemistry and leadership from players more important than ever

Mulkey is getting great care, and she will do everything she can to be on the sidelines against Stanford on Sunday in Denver and keep this from being any distraction for the Lady Bears. But the players are human, and one of them is Mulkey’s own daughter, Makenzie. Still, you can bet Mulkey will tell them very convincingly not to worry about her.

All teams tend to get their emotional compasses from their coaches. And in Baylor’s case, Mulkey provides a great deal of confidence. It radiates off her.

Plus, she’s the one who makes the strategic decisions. Some head coaches hand off elements of offense or defense to assistants, to the point of relying on them to be basically in charge of that. There’s nothing wrong with that system; for some programs, it works very well. But at Baylor, while Mulkey listens to her staff, she is always the one who makes the call.

If you missed Mechelle’s chat, check here for the transcript.

Graham Hays on Dailey and Geno: an incredible team – ‘Longest running odd couple in basketball’ has won seven NCAA titles

University of Connecticut associate coach Chris Dailey is either one of the longest-tenured assistant coaches in women’s college basketball or its most frequently rehired.

It kind of depends on how seriously you choose to take head coach Geno Auriemma when he talks about the person who, among many duties, works with the Huskies’ post players.

“With this group that we have right now, and our post players and who they are right now, she’s gotten fired at least once every practice, maybe twice every game and she won’t leave,” Auriemma quipped a day after he and Dailey advanced to their 13th Final Four together. “So I’m kind of thinking that she really likes these kids. I was trying like hell to get rid of her because I didn’t think our post players would ever amount to anything this year.”

Debbie and Beth have their Final Four Preview Podcast. They talk about the year in review, COY, and All-Americans.

Charlie has his UConn-Notre Dame breakdown and his Stanford-Baylor breakdown.

From Hoopfeed: Final Four coaches preview Denver – Coaches of the Final Four teams talked with the media yesterday about the upcoming weekend giving their opinions on everything from their expectations to how to handle the high altitude of Denver.

Connecticut’s Geno Auriemma

On the altitude
I don’t know what you can do about it. It’s not like there’s one team out there that’s waiting for us, and we’re visiting, and they have a huge advantage. I think all four teams are having to go through similar scenarios. But we’ve talked to our team doctor and he’s let us know how to best prepare for it. I suggested turning the oxygen off in the plane on the way over there for about an hour and get them used to sucking for breath, but he advised us not to do that. So I guess we’ll have to deal with it when we get there.

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Here’s what the Committee came up with.

Here’s some of the reaction:

Charlie’s: Chat Wrap

Graham: Baylor faces tough road to Denver – Lady Bears, Brittney Griner could face Delaware, Elena Delle Donne: Five Questions

Charlie: Location, not who got left out, is story – No real snubs this year, but where teams will travel dominates bracket reaction

Mechelle: First impressions of the 2012 bracket

C, G & M plus Michelle, Kate and Melanie: Breaking down the bracket – and Picks

Regional Run Down: Who will test Baylor in Des Moines? Will Notre Dame run through Raleigh? ESPN’s analysts break it down. Des Moines Video Fresno Video Kingston Video Raleigh Video Greg Christopher Video Vote »

The Rebkellians: Track and react.

Rich Elliot, CT News: Handicapping The Race To Denver

Jere’, NYTimes: The Challenge of Stopping Griner and Baylor

MV Tweets: Not having top 16 seeds host, which was system for many years, forces committee into more uncomfortable contortions with bracket. No getting around it. Predetermination has its drawbacks every year and does nothing to increase attendance. But makes it easier for TV.

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…for being named NCAA women’s basketball 2012 Academic All-America of the Year.

BTW, EDD, if that pro-basketball thing doesn’t work out, feel free to bring your early childhood to NY and apply to work for me. :-)

BTW pt 2: in the, “it’s a small world” category: the other day I gave a couple from Denver directions. Mentioned I’d be in their city for the Final Four (and kind of expected a blank look). Mrs. Denver says to Mr. “Ask her about that player you know…” and I’m thinking “Not a chance, but hey…” Turns out Mr. Denver grew up with EDD’s grandfather and knows all about her. What I said: if you reach out it can be a really, really small world.

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BG, dat who!

Um, but don’t let the folks at the Sports Economist get a hand on the article. Consider their reaction to the Super Bowl: Revealing Economic Impact Numbers

According to Bloomberg/Businessweek, in preparation for the Super Bowl, Rick’s Cabaret International, a national chain of strip clubs, flew in more than 100 dancers to its Indianapolis club for a week of “nonstop party action”. According to Rick’s spokesperson Allan Priaulx, strippers from the company’s Miami, New York, Minneapolis and Texas venues converged on Indy to take advantage of the money-making potential of the Super Bowl crowds.

The presence of imported exotic dancers actually illustrates one of the primary economic factors that reduces the economic impact of mega-events on host cities. The money earned by these out-of-town performers during Super Bowl week would be counted by consultants attempting identify economic impact since any spending at Rick’s Cabaret by Super Bowl visitors would be figured into direct economic impact calculations. However, the money wouldn’t be earned by Indianapolis residents but instead would immediately head out of town in the pockets (well, maybe the g-strings) of the dancers when they head home. Furthermore, the earnings would not stick in the city to be spent and respent, lowering the multiplier and any potential indirect economic impact. Yet, it is the residents of Indianapolis who are on the hook for over $600 million in public funds that spent building Lucas Oil Stadium.

I asked TSE founder and Clemson professor Skip for his take on the article. His response:

My google news feed picks up several of these stories a day.  This story fits the type.  I really don’t understand why reporters keep producing them!  My take (and that of the other TSE folks):  the true net impact figure would be a fraction – somewhere between 1/10 and 1/2 of what is reported in the article.

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at the YUM! Center (or was that a drumstick fight?) between UConn and Louisville. 16,000 plus saw some ugly offense, serious defense, and evidence that you can play well on the remnants of a knee.

Debbie is calling for a second monitor so she can watch tonight’s game between Miami and UNC. (Really?) (Oh, UNC-Duke men’s….)

I’m interested in…whoa. That’s what happens when work is busy and you can’t talk about upcoming games before they’re done. I am thinking that Gail really needs to pull out a win, though. Also guessing that American should survive Lehigh, but ya never know! And no, I’m not making a choice between Denver v. Florida Atlantic.

Go north, east, west, south…west Big East! Memphis is in.

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Unranked Denver took down #23 Vanderbilt, 70-65.

Equally unranked Louisville took down #9 Kentucky, 78-52.

Being unranked didn’t stop Indiana from defeating#19 Nebraska, 67-61.

Georgia Tech earned state bragging rights by crushing #22 Georgia, 69-53.

#25 Michigan State ran all over Texas, 71-57.

Finally, while Florida’s not ranked, it’s hard not to call their 56-50 defeat by Brown — yes, BROWN UNIVERSITY– an upset.

And that’s a nice win for Co and Penn State over Texas Tech.

Meanwhile Connecticut (with Moore becoming their all-time scoring leader), Baylor, Tennessee, Notre Dame and Xavier (who got all they could handle from the Bearcats), UCLA, Ohio State, Iowa State and Iowa took care of business.

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