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Sylvia hits it and CViv nears it (though DePaul said, “not on our watch.“). From Mechelle: Stringer on verge of 900th win – Rutgers’ women’s coach will become fourth to reach accomplishment

Rutgers got victory No. 899 for Stringer on Saturday against Cincinnati, moving the team to 14-8 overall and 5-4 in the Big East. It has been a frustrating season at times for the Scarlet Knights, who are trying to avoid missing the NCAA tournament for the first time since 2002.

Stringer, in her 42nd year as a head coach, has been through countless highs and lows during successful runs at Cheyney State, Iowa and Rutgers. It’s a career marked by professional triumphs and personal tragedies, plus a few controversies — some of which, such as the 2007 Don Imus mess, were completely out of Stringer’s control.

Others, though, she has contributed to herself. Such as when her frustration boiled over Friday as she was questioned by Newark Star-Ledger columnist Dave D’Alessandro about her team’s difficulties, which follow three consecutive early-round exits from the NCAA tournament.

From Doug Feinberg: 900-win club will welcome a few new members soon

Sylvia Hatchell just got there. It’s only a matter of time before her friend C. Vivian Stringer joins her. But there won’t be many more coaches entering the 900-win club. Women’s basketball is getting more competitive, and the pressure of the job is growing, too.

There was a time when women’s basketball was an afterthought to athletic departments. Head coaches were hired right out of college and success on the court wasn’t necessarily as important as Title IX compliance. Now that’s not the case, and more money is at stake.

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Just sayin’: St. Francis (NY) wins again.
BTW, how did I miss that St. Francis (PA)’s coach had moved to Providence?  ‘Splains stuff.
Nice to see Fordham get a bounce back win.
St. John’s continues to fight to make their case for being inside the tourney bracket bubble.
Ooofta: American goes down hard to unheralded Lehigh. Looks like Navy is sailing away with the Patriot League, though Army is nipping on their heels.
A snow postponement only put off the inevitable: Quinnipiac moves to 11-0 in the NEC.
Speaking of inevitable: Princeton learns from Ivy blowouts
A sweet battle in the A-10 was settled in OT: St. Josephs 69, Duquesne 68. But folks better pay attention to Charlotte who, under second year coach Cara Consuerga, have recovered nicely from Aston departing for North Texas/Texas. They’re now 8-1 in the conference.
They had to come back from a 13-pt deficit, but Western Kentucky is still moving forward. They sit at 10-4 in the Sunbelt.
We’ve seen the pink, so we know what time it is: Play 4Kay: Feb. 17-18

Play 4Kay, formerly known as the WBCA Pink Zone and February Frenzy, will showcase an event-high 24 teams across ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPN3 and WatchESPN, including eight regionalized games in high definition within two telecast windows Sunday and a Big Monday doubleheader. In all, 12 ranked teams and 18 State Farm Wade Trophy hopefuls, including Baylor’s Brittney Griner and Notre Dame’s Skylar Diggins, will take part in Play 4Kay games. Some of the featured contests include No. 4 Stanford at No. 15 UCLA, No. 9 Kentucky at No. 11 Texas A&M and top-ranked Baylor at No. 3 Connecticut.

Throughout the games, ESPN also will encourage fans to contribute to the Kay Yow Cancer Fund at Play4Kay.org.

We don’t want to get all “Steel Magnolias” on you here, but you can probably imagine this. Your best friend has recently found out she has cancer. You’re both reeling. But you’re also the fiercely optimistic “let’s figure out what to do next” kind of people.

Oklahoma women’s basketball assistant coach Jan Ross was diagnosed with breast cancer this past April. After an initial meeting with a surgeon, her boss, best pal and former college teammate — Sooners coach Sherri Coale — came by her house.

“Our conversation for about two-and-a-half hours would shift between going through these pamphlets with diagrams of what’s going on in your body and trying to understand all the medical lingo,” Coale said, “while there was some Tom Hanks movie on in the background.

“And a couple of times, we’d look up and say, ‘That was a great line,’ and she rewound it, and we’d watch a scene and laugh until we were crying. Then go back to this medical jargon. For us, it was just our friendship as usual … with this curveball thrown in.”

Amused that the dateline says “Notre Dame, Indiana”: Former Women’s Basketball Players Reunite At Pink Zone Game

As the clock ticked down on an eventual 64-42 victory for the University of Notre Dame women’s basketball team over Cincinnati, a very special group of onlookers got to soak in the growth of the program that they, themselves, had helped get its roots. All told, 27 former club players, coaches and members of the first women’s basketball varsity basketball team of 1977 made the return trek to campus to take in the festivities.

For a group that pioneered the game at the University, it was quite a sight to behold being back at the Joyce Center, but one that they knew could be expected once the growth of the sport was fully realized.

“You have to start somewhere,” said former Irish women’s club player Judy King. “When I was in grade school we were told that playing basketball wasn’t lady like. When I started playing in high school we played 6-man basketball. I was the first player at my high school to “rove” a complete game. No one had ever considered that possibility. It took Notre Dame a while to figure out what committing to co-education involved. I figured once they committed to scholarships and top notch coaching the program would excel. The fan base the team enjoys now is topping on the cake!”

About that Big Monday game — here’s a preview: Baylor vs. UConn. And another.

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for the ranked teams:

#1Baylor dismissed #22 Kansas State by 35.

#2 Notre Dame tamed Villanova by 33.

#3 Connecticut schooled DePaul (but got a Doty knee scare) by 44.

#4 Stanford rolled over Washington by 18.

#11 Green Bay conquered Cleveland State by 22.

#13 Texas A&M survived Kansas by 11.

#25 Gonzaga escaped San Diego by 10.

The only team that was unwilling to run with the pack was #8 Rutgers (6 point margin.), who got a tussle from USF, but emerged a victorious.

Florida Gulf defeated Stetson by 4 and now sits at 9-0 in the A-Sun.

Sacred Heart’s win over CCSU puts them at 7-0 in the NEC.

I don’t want to distract from St. Joe’s win, but dang — Xavier’s now at 3-14.

San Diego State moved to 4-0 in the MWC.

Samford’s defeat of Davidson is keeping the Southern interesting. No rest for the weary — the Bulldogs face Appalachian State next — who took down the Mocs, 62-51.

Yup, the Cowgirls of McNeese State are at 5-0 in the Southland.

It was a squeaker, but the Rattlers escaped MD-E Shore and now FAMU is undefeated in the MEAC.

Those Shockers are still loss-less in the MVC.

Pirates over Spartans, Hampton to 7-0 in the MEAC.

The Bobcats roared back in the second half, and now Coach Binford’s got her Montana State team at 5-2 in the Big Sky.

Big win by Oregon State, as they took down USC in OT.

Eastern Illinois (5-0) is perched atop the OVC.

The Bonnies and the Blue Raiders and the Bengals are still undefeated in-conference.

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got upset. And yes, we know that they had the lead 99.999% of the game. And yes we know that it took a last second three to get Gonzaga the win.

But the ‘dogs went on a 22-4 run to end the game. So look at Georgia’s schedule/record. Were they really the #12 in the country?

Ohio State, DePaul and Delaware (ouch, upward curve no longer in play in Providence?) rolled. Louisville snuck by, helped by Daugherty having the misfortune of pulling a Chris Webber.

Paying attention to “bowl eligible” Florida Gulf Coast, now sitting at 7-1. Their only loss: Seton Hall?

I’m not going to get excited about Arkansas’ 9-1 record until they’re midway through their SEC schedule – but I know friends of the blog Teddy and Candy must be thrilled. Ditto with Mississippi State.

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to the previous night’s drama. But yesterday did feature a significant upset as well as a couple other tasty surprises. Says our pal Doug Feinberg of AP: Two rounds done; women’s tourney full of intrigue:

The Stomps:

#1 UConn wasn’t working to earn style points, just survival points. Their defense stymied the #9 Boilermakers and Connecticut notched the win, 64-40. Writes Mechelle:

…next up is fifth-seeded Georgetown in the Philadelphia Regional semifinals. And there’s a possibility that the Huskies could also face a Big East team in the regional final (No. 3 DePaul) and the national semifinals (Dayton No. 2 Notre Dame).

UConn has not lost to a Big East foe since Feb. 5, 2007, when the Huskies fell 73-71 at Rutgers. The Huskies’ record in league play since 2005-06 is 93-3.

#7 Rutgers didn’t have the horses to keep up with Texas A&M’s Danielle Adams, and the Aggies moved on rather effortlessly, 70-48.

#9 West Virginia didn’t have the horses, or the ladders, to keep up with Baylor’s Brittney Griner and the Bears won 82-68. Writes Mechelle:

Players who are disappointed in an aspect of their performance frequently say that it will fuel them to improve. Frankly, it doesn’t always happen. But in the case of Brittney Griner and free-throw shooting, it has.

The Trip Ups:

# 6 Oklahoma raced out to a lead, then resisted the urge to fold in the face of a Hurricane comeback, surviving to knock off #3 Miami 88-83.

#3 Florida had the lead at the half, but #6 Georgia clawed their way to escape with the 61-50 upset.

Graham gets to keep on following them ’cause #5 Green Bay won their 25th straight. They also earned their first trip to the Sweet 16 by taking down #4 Michigan State, 65-56. Writes Graham:

The slippers fit for Green Bay, but they aren’t made of glass. And there is no midnight curfew on this party.

As Green Bay prepared last week to leave for Wichita, Kan., and the first two rounds of the NCAA tournament, senior Kayla Tetschlag and junior Hannah Quilling distributed some unconventional wardrobe accessories to teammates who otherwise spend a lot of time clothed in the not-quite-emerald hue that makes their city famous. For the trip to Kansas, players donned ruby slippers like those worn in “The Wizard of Oz” by Dorothy, perhaps that state’s most famous fictional resident. Only it turns out there is a slightly different takeaway to this telling of the classic adventure.

Home is nice, but it will be there in another week or two. For this team, there’s no place like the Sweet 16.

The Stomp Trip Ups:

#5 Georgetown was all over #4 Maryland from all over. The Terps didn’t hear Kara’s advice (Umm, maybe guard #14?) and Sugar Rodgers’ 34pts powered the Hoyas to a 79-57 rout. A little ESPN Quick Dish:

When Georgetown’s Sugar Rodgers, already 5-of-6 from the 3-point line at the time, saw the shot clock about to expire late in the first half of Tuesday’s game against Maryland and tossed up a one-handed push shot that arced high in the air and banked in off the glass, she just shrugged her shoulders, put her hands out wide and retreated to the defensive end. Sometimes it’s just your night.

And the Hoyas couldn’t have picked a better one on which to live up to their coach’s inner shooter.

It was worse than the final score suggests. #2 Xavier had the lead and then went ice-cold as #7 Louisville got red hot (As did Schimmel) and took down the Musketeers, 85-75. Says Graham:

As good as Xavier was throughout the careers of Amber Harris and Ta’Shia Phillips (not to mention oft-overlooked point guard Special Jennings), it had a way of courting disaster in the postseason.

And considering what Louisville freshman Shoni Schimmel can do with even a sliver of daylight, you can’t open the door of opportunity when she’s wearing the other uniform.

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of basketball. Tonight’s crew is going to have to pull out the stop to match’em. Mechelle sizes up the games.

Every team except Green Bay that will be playing in the second round of the women’s NCAA tournament Tuesday night has previously been to the Sweet 16. Even though for some of them, it has been a long time.

That includes No. 3 seed Miami, which faces sixth-seeded Oklahoma on Tuesday for a trip to the Dayton Regional semifinals.

About last night:

The Stomp:

#1 Stanford was pushed in the first, but pulled away in the second behind their sister act to take down the #9 Red Storm, 75-49. Writes Michelle Smith:

Connecticut. Tennessee. Duke. Texas. DePaul. Gonzaga. UCLA. Xavier. Rutgers.

All have been to Maples Pavilion in the last four years. None of them have won.

Now add St. John’s to that list.

The Stanford seniors bade farewell to their beloved home court Monday night in impressive style, as the top-seeded Cardinal overcame an early eight-point deficit to blow past ninth-seeded Red Storm, 75-49.

So it’s time for the final tally: 63-0. Kayla Pedersen and Jeanette Pohlen walked off the floor for the last time in their careers never having experienced the disappointment of a home-court loss.

The Semi-Stomp:

#2 Notre Dame took a lead into the half and maintained it through the second half to defeat the #10 Owls, 77-64.

Notre Dame had the impressive NCAA tourney resume.With a dominating inside game Monday night, the Fighting Irish just padded it some more.Their 77-64 victory over Temple advanced the Irish to the regional semifinals for the ninth time, and second in a row.It wasn’t exactly easy as Temple refused to quit, pulling within five points early in the second half and within nine late thanks to a defense that forced 19 turnovers. But when they needed a play, the Irish got it.

Almost a stumble:

It’s not as if #1 Tennessee was totally out of sorts as much as it was that #8 Marquette simply would not stop. Writes Mechelle:

…for a while, it looked like the Golden Eagles just might be able to pull what would have been one of the bigger upsets ever in the women’s NCAA tournament. Not because Marquette isn’t a strong team; the Golden Eagles proved they were. But because Tennessee has been impossible to beat at home in Thompson-Boling Arena in NCAA tournament games.

That record remained intact, but not until after the Orange Nation probably needed to munch on a Tums or two.

It was a tale of halves: the first one went to #6 Penn State, the second to #3 DePaul, as the Blue Demons survived, 75-73. PA native Keisha Hampton’s free throws were the difference. Writes Graham:

The NCAA tournament isn’t sentimental. It’s thrilling precisely because it’s ruthless, an unfeeling entity that exists not to reward the valiant or the deserving but simply the team that scores more points.

If you want a happy ending, you have to go out and write it yourself. And DePaul junior Keisha Hampton wrote one for her seniors Monday night.

#2 Duke was down, then up, then survived as Marist gave’em all they could handle, even after losing their best player to an ankle injury. From DWHoops.com:

Incredibly, Marist’s resolve hardened even further when their star guard Erica Allenspach when down with an injury and did not return. The Red Foxes pushed the lead to 11 on a couple of occasions and still led by 6 late in the game, but Chelsea “The Closer” Gray led the late charge, along with key baskets from Jasmine & Krystal Thomas. The mantra from the players after the game was simply “Survive and advance”. Duke played poorly for much of the game but their experience, toughness and resolve allowed them to ultimately prevail.

#5 Georgia Tech had a slim halftime lead over #4 Ohio State, but Lavender said, “Nope.” (Um, AP editor? How do you let someone get away with a sentence like this: “MaChelle Joseph said when Lavender got untracked, the game shifted.”

“She is the best post player in the country, and one of the top three players,” Joseph said. “She was aggressive in the second half. In the first half, she was a little passive, setting picks outside away from the basket. But then they started getting the ball to her on the block.”

The Trip Ups

#5 North Carolina was up on #4 Kentucky by 10 at the half and won by 12. I don’t know that I’m surprise the Wildcats fell, but I’m slightly surprised it was the Tar Heels who took’em down.

“We just haven’t had a game like that that our team just wouldn’t go to the boards,” Mitchell said. “We just got caught standing in the middle. So we wouldn’t go rebound, jogging back, it was a real uncharacteristic game for us. That’s why I’m so disappointed I could not get the team motivated to play North Carolina.”I thought it was a very pathetic performance in transition. When you let North Carolina get out and go 3-on-1 and you’re just jogging back; lights out, you’re done. It was one of the most disappointing performances I’ve ever seen from our team here at Kentucky.”

The Bruins were up by three over the Bulldogs, but Standish and Vandersloot put down the hammer and pushed #11 Gonzaga to a 89-75 win over #3 UCLA. (Vandersloot became the first player in Division I history — men or women — to record 2,000 points and 1,000 assists in her career.) Write Mechelle:

…no one can argue that Gonzaga coach Kelly Graves has built a terrific program in Spokane, and Vandersloot has been the centerpiece. The senior guard was sensational Monday: 29 points, 17 assists, 7 rebounds, 5 steals. During the game, she scored the 2,000th point of her career. Are you watching, WNBA scouts?

And it’s not too often that a player could score 30 points and be overshadowed by her teammate, but Gonzaga’s Kayla Standish was. Not that she minded.

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From Patricia Babcock McGraw: DePaul set to make the state proud

The prospects for the state of Illinois in the NCAA Tournament are slim.

Illinois will likely be the only representative on the men’s side. And DePaul will likely be flying solo on the women’s side.

It’s a sad commentary, no doubt, but here’s a silver lining: For women’s basketball fans in this state, the only game in town is a really, really good one.

From Gene Wang: Navy, American meet for Patriot League women’s title

For the first time, either Navy or American will be playing in the NCAA women’s basketball tournament. That much is certain when Saturday’s Patriot League tournament title game concludes at Alumni Hall, where the Midshipmen earned the right to host as the No. 1 seed.

What’s less clear is how players from the winning side will react considering the unprecedented reward at stake for both programs. It’s not as if either side has experience handling the leap from the local to national stage. Will there be simply jubilation? Validation? Relief?

From Cheryl Coward: Baylor’s point guard phenom Odyssey Sims impressed all year, has no first-time Big 12 tournament jitters

While college coaches and fans in Texas knew about the phenom from suburban Dallas, the rest of the nation began to take notice of the freshman’s ferocious defense and prolific offense all the while running the floor like someone older than her years.

“She doesn’t play like a freshman to me,” said teammate Destiny Williams about Sims after the team’s semifinal defeat of Kansas State in the Big 12 tournament. “She plays like an upperclassman.”

Mel writes: Delle Donne And Delaware Derail ODU in CAAs

The pieces all came together for seventh-seeded Delaware Friday night in posting an historical 72-55 upset of second-seeded Old Dominion in a Colonial Athletic Association women’s basketball game at the Show Place Arena.

The victory by the Blue Hens (19-12) means Old Dominion (20-10) will miss the semifinals for the first time in a 20-year run and the triumph also snapped a 10-game losing streak to the Lady Monarchs, who beat Delaware twice this season.

A little something from Michael Stainbrook on Semeka Randall: Ohio coach adopts famous mentor’s strategies

The WNIT bracket will be announced Monday, and FGSU is getting ready.

Likely FGCU first- or second-round foes are the only other Sunshine State possibilities: Florida (18-14), which was ousted from the Southeastern Conference tournament,with a 92-75 loss against fourth-ranked Tennessee last Friday, and Central Florida (21-10) if the Knights don’t win their second Conference USA tourney in the last three years. UCF will play Tulane on Saturday in the C-USA finals. Thus far, Smesko and his staff have about a dozen tapes on teams, including the Gators and Knights. By Monday, they’ll have “50 or 60.”

Oh, and ESPN is set to air the entire women’s tourney.

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as a friend says, a hot mess.

South Florida stunned #19 Georgetown, 60-55.

Cinncinati REALLY stunned #22 Marquette.

#7 Notre Dame and #11 DePaul played a great game that went down to the wire, with the Blue Demons coming out on top.

#18 West Virginia looked to rescue themselves with a 20-point win over St. John’s.

Whoopsy! FGSU ended regular season conference play with a 1-pt loss to Upstate.

Maybe they were resting? Liberty (12-2/Big South) got down early and couldn’t come back for a win against Charleston Southern (7-7).

It’s my fault. I know. LaTech lost their first in-conference game, 71-66, and Nevada won their 20th game.

Houston avoided the WHB curse, but it was close: down 27-41 in the first half, they came back to win 74-70.

Looking at some of Sunday’s games:

Loyola (MD) got taken down by the Peacocks (who are only 5-13 in the MAAC).

It’s was the #17 Terps over the Eagles.

#8 Michigan State roared back to take down the Gophers, 65-51.

#6 Xavier escaped Temple, 73-66.

#3 Baylor followed Freshman of the Year Odyssey Sims’ 37pts (and last second lay up) to take down #15 Oklahoma.

Hofstra (9-8, CAA) said, just a second there you JMU (15-2) you and came back from 23 down to grab a 75-73 win.

Pseudonimity has the SEC highlights:

LSU makes it interesting, but Tennessee wins, going 16-0 in SEC play.

Kentucky defeats Auburn for the #2 seed in the SEC tournament.

Vanderbilt gets a bye and the #3 seed in the SEC tournament with 18-4 run in OT against
South Carolina.

Florida upsets Georgia, rides a three-game mini-streak into the SEC tournament (GA is the #4 seed, on a three game losing streak).

Alabama scores 92 in defeating Arkansas on the road.

Mississippi State beats Ole Miss in season finale.

The SEC tournament starts in Nashville on Thursday in the Bridgestone Arena, site of the 2014 Women’s Final Four.

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#3 Baylor, #6 Xavier and #19 Georgetown got wins (though the Hoyas struggled a tad). But the Blue Demons got eaten up at the YUM Center by Louisville. The Cardinals have knocked off five ranked teams this season.

DePaul had company in the upset department: Colorado used 24 points from Brittany Spears to snap an 8-game losing streak against #15 Oklahoma, 73-68.

Over at Fanhouse, Milton Kent looks ahead to the tourney No. 1s.

With roughly three weeks remaining before the field for this year’s NCAA tournament is unveiled, it’s a pretty safe bet that, barring some catastrophe, one part of the women’s basketball committee’s work is largely done, even before the nine members get to Indianapolis.

That is to say, that we pretty much already know who the four No.1 seeds are, and can pretty safely assign them to their regions.

As for the other teams still in the “discussion:”

Toledo escaped with a one-point win over Eastern Michigan to go to 13-1 in the MAC West. Central Michigan (West) and Kent State (East) both got wins to take them to 10-4 in the conference.

It’s interesting at the top in the America East, especially since Binghamton beat BU. Now both teams sit at 11-4 in the conference. UMBC rules the roost, though, at 13-3. Oh, and don’t look now, but Hartford’s lurking at 10-4.

It’weren’t easy, but the Owls beat the Hawks to stay perfect in the A-10. On the horizon looms the clash with the Musketeers. (Feb. 27th, ESPNU, 4pm EST)

Navy’s defeat of American runs the Midshipmen’s record to 9-4 in the Patriot League. They’ve got a shot at the regular season conference title on Saturday.

With their 81-57 win over Air Force, Wyoming looks to run up on TCU and BYUs heels in the Mountain West. By the way, congrats to Dale Ann Meeker, who’s having her Powell High School jersey retired:

The first female athlete to receive a basketball scholarship at the University of Wyoming, Meeker played for the Pokes from 1975-1979. During her senior season, her team earned the Intermountain Conference championship, finishing with a school-record 25 wins and seven losses. That season would stand as the best in school history until surpassed by the 2006-2007 NIT team.

In high school, Meeker was part of the first-ever girls’ basketball team at Powell High School as a freshman. As a junior, she brought home a mythical state title — mythical because Wyoming did not hold an official state championship tournament for girls — while serving as the team captain. One year later, she repeated the feat, again as team captain.


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Whoa, Ohio State.

I remember sitting next to  a coach during Duke’s furious comeback against UConn in 2004 — the one where Foley nailed a three for the win. As the meltdown was happening, I asked him, “As a coach, how do you feel watching this huge lead disappear?” “Awful,” he responded, “because I’ve been there and sometimes there’s just nothing you can do to stop it.”

I’m thinking Buckeyes’ coach Jim Foster is feeling like that after Ohio State lost to Northwestern (spoiling Prahalis’ triple-double).

Haven’t checked the polls yet but if Penn State doesn’t get some love after their defeat of #22 Iowa, the fix is in.

Rutgers welcomed Syracuse to the ranks of the top 25 by giving them a defeat.

Maryland stormed, Baylor blew, Michigan State whipped and UCLA handled.

DOH! The WHB curse zapped UNC-Wilmington as they got surprised by Georgia State (3-8 in the CAA).

Speaking of the CAA, Delaware is enjoying the return of Delle Donne. Drexel? Not so much.

Sticking with our theme, with their win over ODU, JMU moves into sole possession of the CAA’s top spot.

You know, the Badgers are 8-3 in Big 10 play. Just sayin’…

The WHB didn’t manage to jinx Houston, who are now 9-0 in C-USA. Mechelle? Graham? Get on this!

On Saturday, Toledo moved to 9-1 in the MAC.

Oklahoma took that old saw (Free throws are just that: FREE!) to heart and escaped Iowa State with a win.

UConn had a little romp over DePaul.

It took overtime, but Xavier is now 10-0 in the A-1o.

Yup, that’s Temple taking down Duquesne and staying undefeated in the A-10.

Danielle Adams helped A&M escape the battle in Texas.

Those poor Penguins. The #17 Phoenix jumped out to a 26-0 lead and never looked back.

Oral Roberts is 12-0 in the Summit.

Oakland (9-3/Summit) squeaked by IUPUI (1-10/Summit).

Stanford stomped Arizona by 30.

UCLA took down USC.

Oregon and Washington didn’t need OT to score a total of  186 pts, but the Ducks came out on the short end.

Calling them paper-Mountaineers is a little like chanting “Over-rated” — it disrespects your teams’ effort (in this case, Pittsburgh) in taking down the #15 team in the country. In front of West Virgina’s third largest crowd in program history.

Portland State came up with a big with over Northern Colorado (8-2/Big Sky).

Penn lost another heart breaker, this time to Harvard in double overtime.

Notre Dame did not have an easy time with South Florida, but they emerged victorious.

South Dakota got revenge over rival North Dakota, 69-53.

Liberty is now 8-1 in the Big South, but it was a close one against High Point (4-5/B. South).

Marquette’s play has improved, and a buzzer-beating three helped them take down St. John’s, 55-52.

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Yes, the SASS coach loves his rock ‘n roll: Dan Hughes: An Unforgettable Musical Journey

Did you catch Mercury Managing Partner Robert Sarver’s statement on Diana Taurasi?

Speakin’ of Coach Dan, some interesting observations from Mechelle during her chat.

From the NAIA world: Next step for Bethel remains: Beat Union (You and every other NAIA team <g>)

Dan Fleser reports Tennessee is getting a much needed breather before facing Kentucky: Lady Vols get chance to recuperate

Lynn Jacobson writes about the Big 12 Frosh living up to the hype.

Congrats to coach Boyle on win #200. (What’s happened to those Arizona programs?)

Left Coast Hoops has highlights from the first Pac-10 teleconference in a month.

Welcome news from Kevin Tersolini: Elena Delle Donne is right at home – UD dominates; star reaches 1,000 points

Mel strikes a similar theme:Delle Donne’s Time, Overtime, And Nick of Time

Lady Swish writes: ODU, JMU, UNCW still tied atop CAA

Full Court Press has This Week in the Big Ten: Battle Royale for Top Spot on Tap

Graham talks about the Blue Demon’s as they prepare to face UConn: Passing fancy leads DePaul into UConn Only unbeaten teams in Big East clash Saturday, when Huskies host Blue Demons

More well-deserved press for coach Cook and and the Bisons: Gallaudet women’s basketball enjoys perfect season

Oh, this is a good basketball rebounder name: Plucker Taking Summit League By Storm – Parker Native, NDSU Junior Leads League In Rebounding

A little somethin’ somethin’ for Robin fans: Robin Roberts Returning to Roots for Jersey Retirement

I offer you two groan inducing headlines: Pacific women can beat flu but not Gauchos and (the really awful) Georgetown’s press creases Louisville women 76-52

That “squeak” you heard was Maryland escaping with a win on a three with 1.2 seconds left as the DCBC listened in. That other squeak came from Michigan State’s win over Wisconsin. Coach Stone will have to wait another day for win #500.

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West Virginia’s gentle out of conference schedule is showing, as is DePaul’s quiet strength. The Blue Demons took the Mountaineers down. With authority, 78-55.

Marist is still unbeaten in the MAAC.

In spite of a key injury, the Princeton Tigers are still rolling. And, their coach is feeling honored to be in charge.

Maybe flashbacks are good? Texas has won three in a row, and the WATN? for the 1985 undefeated team continues.

The Terriers, with their 9th straight win, are getting more local coverage.

Note to Wolverines: Do not overlook a Gopher.

Th sweet shooting Nittany Lion Lucas helped send Ohio State to another loss.

More press for Suzie: Duquesne’s McConnell-Serio has success at many levels

Oooo, this is a pretty tortured trying-to-be-cute headline: Broncos weathered by Techster storm: Former WNBA star coaches La Tech to victory against BSU

UCLA is off to its best start in 30 years.

Tennessee continues to be the class of the SEC, but you have to wonder how hard Georgia is going to have to work to earn a NCAA bid, as they go down to LSU.

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From Graham on Heather Golden, who’s been forced to finish her career on the bench because of injury: The best 3 minutes of Green Bay’s season

If it wasn’t the kind of effort the coaching staff wanted to see out of its nationally ranked team in January, it certainly wasn’t the vantage point Golden wanted to have for her final season.

But when it would be easy to be bitter about so many lost minutes, Golden instead cherishes the three she found earlier this season — minutes that proved no less meaningful as a farewell than as the beginning of a comeback. And as her hair-tussling on an otherwise forgettable night seemed to suggest, there are worse places to be, even in the most frustrating of moments, than around Dr. James Naismith’s creation.

Also from Graham, his mid-major poll: Top two teams remain the same, which you can compare with the CollegeInsider Mid-Major Top 25 ranking.

Lady Swish says:

We bow our heads to Hampton, shake our heads about Norfolk State and offer this heads up about Radford: These guys are pretty good!

From the NCAA blog, John Infante asks: What Would Paying Student-Athletes Look Like?

Holy three-ball! FGCU took 55… yes FIFTY FIVE of them. Oh, yah. They also won.

Word has it that over 8000 tickets sold for Sunday’s Civil War and women’s MKA opener.

Q has: How Washington’s Defense Frustrated A ‘Lackadaisical & Unfocused’ Cal Team

Mark your calendar for the post-season WNIT.

There’s a job opening at Stonybrook.

Charlie’s got his latest Bracketology and says an Emphasis on road wins is the key

In a season in which winning away from home has proved to be especially difficult — Stanford lost by 22 at DePaul and then the Blue Demons, just five days later, lost by 13 at Arizona State, a team that the Cardinal would then beat by 47 at home — scoring some occasional success on the road will prove to be a difference maker in seeding or even inclusion in the NCAA tournament. This isn’t groundbreaking news, for sure. The tournament committee has used road/neutral records as one of its chief criterion for years. And why not? There is no better measuring stick for a team’s abilities come March because, at least after the first two rounds, that’s exactly what the tournament is. And for most, the opening rounds are, at best, neutral site games.

The AP says, Meighan Simmons key for Lady Vols

Tennessee point guard Meighan Simmons likes to play fast. Even coach Pat Summitt, who loves to push tempo, has had to warn “Speedy” to slow down.

“There will be times where I can’t even slow myself down,” Simmons said. “There will be times, I admit, where I do jack up shots. I’m rushing into it because I just want to get a feel of the ball and where the basket is. I know after a while, once I get into the flow of the game, I just let the game come to me.”

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From DePaul: Byears was the Total Entertainment Package – Hall of Fame Inductee a Must-See On and Off the Court

It’s hard to imagine that anyone with the nickname “Tot” could average 24.5 points and 11 rebounds over a basketball career.

But during her two-year stint at DePaul, Latasha Byears was anything but a small amount.

Byears’ grandmother initially gave her the nickname “Tot” when she was a child. But “Tot” took on another meaning while playing for the Blue Demons: Tough Ole’ Tasha.

“Tasha had a real tough exterior,” said women’s basketball coach Doug Bruno. “But what a great young woman she is—like a daddy’s little girl. She never played dirty, but also didn’t take anything [from opponents].”

This might be a good time to mention that the WNBA.com page seems to have rediscovered its history — just in time for the 15th anniversary! Now, will the have the courage to publicly acknowledge and honor the teams that have come and gone?

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Don’t tell that to #2 UConn and #13 Notre Dame, who put on a helluva a show yesterday. In a back and forth and back and forth game in a packed Joyce Center, it was Indiana native Kelly Faris who gave UConn the 79-76 victory, with Husky freshman Dolson sealing the victory with free throws.

“I just think sometimes it gets lost that this isn’t the team that won 78 in a row,” Connecticut coach Geno Auriemma said. “This is a team that’s won 14 games. So they took a big step forward today by winning a game on the road where I think Notre Dame, I would bet you, outplayed us in just about every category — more points in the paint, more points in transition, more bench points, more offensive rebounds. Notre Dame outplayed us in every area today, and the last four minutes of the game, we won the game. That’s kind of how basketball goes sometimes.”

It took double overtime, but unranked Marquette took down #15 Georgetown, 75-73.

Missouri came back from 12 down in the final minutes of regulation to send it into OT and then upset No. 22 Texas 85-80.

#16 DePaul defeated #18 St. John’s handily, 69-54. (If Queenie was there she’ll write about it here.)

#21 Iowa sent #20 Ohio St. to their fourth loss in six game, 89-76.

Led by a very strong backcourt performance, Iowa prevailed 89-76 in front of 9,865 fans at Carver-Hawkeye Arena. Not all of them spent the entire game booing Ohio State’s Samantha Prahalis — she’s not very popular in these parts after last season’s Big Ten tournament title game — but the junior guard certainly got an earful all afternoon.

#1 Baylor handled their new ranking, earning a 70-58 win over #17 Iowa State (even with BG had a little foul trouble).

Green Bay was in a tussle with Cleveland St., but emerged victorious, 64-55.

Of course, there was some stomping going on.

#4 Stanford by…holy kamole…47 over a team that shall remain nameless.

#12 UCLA by 19 over USC.

#19 Oklahoma by 20 over Nebraska.

#6 West Virginia by 28 over Cincinnati.

#7 Texas A&M by 29 over Colorado.

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Maybe, JUST maybe, you called the Georgetown over TN game. But the Hoyas were pretty highly ranked.

But there is no way, NO WAY you called this one: DePaul over Stanford. By 20.

I wonder if Doug read the RU board and said, “Not THIS time, you don’t!”

And honestly, I think the Blue Demons ran out of real Quigleys several years ago and just throw a jersey on some kid to continue the legacy.

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tomorrow: WNIT Championship
Sunday, Nov. 21, 2010
DePaul at Purdue, 2 p.m. ET

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Behind the Bricks at DePaul

5. What was your funniest memory at DePaul?

Any interaction between Latasha Byears and Coach Bruno imitating her slang. Pure comedy!

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*we knew this, but now it’s happening*

Naming court for Bruno puts DePaul ahead of game

“That name out there is for all the players that have put their blood and guts on that floor from the time we started women’s basketball in the Seventies.”

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From Depaul’s Sports Blog: Jennifer Juergens Checks in with Women’s Basketball Fans Before Departing for France

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