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You asked for it, you got it

Diana Taurasi denies allegations

“I have the most respect for the testing process. When it’s not done the right way, when protocol isn’t followed, I do have some problems with it,” Taurasi said. “I’ve never needed anything to help me. Only thing that I’m guilty of is taking too many jump shots.”

Read the comments and see how helpful the denial was.

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From Mechelle: For now, Taurasi must endure wait – Will suspension come down, and if so, will it take WNBA star out of 2012 Games?

From the time an athlete is informed of a positive “B” sample, the process all the way through a CAS decision — if it goes that far — could take about eight months. That’s according to a standard USADA estimate, although there is no hard and fast timeline.

During such a process, there will be speculation and attempts to figure out what happened and why. Ultimately, explanations or proposed justifications won’t matter if an athlete is given a suspension.

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