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with Mechelle.

Sandra Robinson (Bethesda, MD)

I heard that Mary Jo Kane has been asked to serve on an advisory group to advise ESPN regarding their coverage of women’s sports. I hope this is true and what improvements would like to see, if you can comment? Thank you.

Mechelle Voepel: Several questions on espnW, and its potential impact on coverage of women’s sports. I want to stress this very much: please, please, please let ESPN.com know – through the ombudsman or a giant billboard or using a plane with the message trailing it, whatever – that you are a consumer who values the coverage of women’s sports and you want to see more of it. That you really want professional, nuanced, in-depth coverage of women’s and girls sports. The reason I say this is I feel there is still that hesitance and lack of belief that the market is out there and that you really exist in significant numbers. I definitely believe you do, and that you should be better-served. But the “powers that be” need to hear it from you, too. Please. :)

*And Durham-Sue – Don’t worry. While the Women’s Basketball Intelligentsia is a benevolent dictatorship, MV is a fully tenured member with full benefit privileges. So she can (almost) safely mention the Buckeyes and the Final Four any time she wants.

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