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Had SUCH a good time speaking with Mimi – what a great friend of the game. Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame Class of 2014: Mimi Senkowski Griffin — A love affair with the game

When Mimi Senkowski Griffin is inducted into the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame next month, it will be for her contributions to the game as a basketball commentator. But one could also see it as the culmination of a three-generation love affair with Pennsylvania women’s basketball.

“I grew up on Big 5 basketball in Philadelphia. It was religion in our family,” explained Griffin. “My grandmother played back in the day when they had cages around the court. They played in bloomers and guys weren’t allowed in the gym.” At six-feet, Griffin’s mother Anne, played for Little Flower High School in the Philadelphia Catholic League, considered the elite of girls’ basketball. “She told us that their coach would call her ‘the point,’ but not in terms that we would recognize it. She said it was because he would tell the rest of the team that ‘the point’ was to ‘Get the ball to Anne!’”


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ever come up with the stoopid idea?”

WNBA rookies lift viewership, sales


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excuse as to why today’s ESPN announcers, Fran and Mark, couldn’t tell the difference between, say, Tina Charles and Sylvia Fowles and Candace Parker and Maya Moore. Help me decide, will ya?

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take heart: you can look for me during the ESPN broadcast.


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John Ourand at Sports Business Journal: Top sport on cable last week: NCAA Women’s Basketball final on ESPN drew 4.24M viewers. Masters on ESPN drew 4.05M on Fri; 2.66M on Thurs.

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is there’s no parity. What kind of excitement can you create when everyone knows who’s going to be in the Final Four or play in the Championship game?

I mean, who’s gonna watch that?


NCAA women’s basketball championship game draws highest television rating since 2004

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Why else would their WOMEN’S HOOPS ON TWITTER feed” be full of NCAA softball and Kayte Christensen’s updates on the Orlando -Phoenix NBA game.

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Seems you should rely on the team information provided by ESPN for the women’s bracket challenge. An intrepid Rebkellian asks, what’s wrong with these stats?

Seed: 1
Conference: Big 12
Conf. Record: 10-5 Shocked
AP Rank: 13 Shocked
PPG: 74.6
Opp. PPG: 63.7
Vs. Top 25: 0-4 Shocked
Last 12 Games: 7-5 Shocked
Notable Results: UConn (W by 5), ND (W by 13), @Tenn (W by 9), Tex A&M (won 3 times)

Seed: 1
Conference: Pac-12
Conf. Record: 8-7 Shocked
AP Rank: NR Shocked
PPG: 70.1
Opp. PPG: 62.7
Vs. Top 25: 0-1 Shocked
Last 12 Games: 6-6 Shocked
Notable Results: @UConn (L by 10), Tenn (W by 17), Gonzaga (W by 15), Cal (won 3 times)

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Here’s what the Committee came up with.

Here’s some of the reaction:

Charlie’s: Chat Wrap

Graham: Baylor faces tough road to Denver – Lady Bears, Brittney Griner could face Delaware, Elena Delle Donne: Five Questions

Charlie: Location, not who got left out, is story – No real snubs this year, but where teams will travel dominates bracket reaction

Mechelle: First impressions of the 2012 bracket

C, G & M plus Michelle, Kate and Melanie: Breaking down the bracket – and Picks

Regional Run Down: Who will test Baylor in Des Moines? Will Notre Dame run through Raleigh? ESPN’s analysts break it down. Des Moines Video Fresno Video Kingston Video Raleigh Video Greg Christopher Video Vote »

The Rebkellians: Track and react.

Rich Elliot, CT News: Handicapping The Race To Denver

Jere’, NYTimes: The Challenge of Stopping Griner and Baylor

MV Tweets: Not having top 16 seeds host, which was system for many years, forces committee into more uncomfortable contortions with bracket. No getting around it. Predetermination has its drawbacks every year and does nothing to increase attendance. But makes it easier for TV.

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you can see it here.

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Chat Alert!

Mechelle at 2pmEST.

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The crew covering the Finals is announced:

“The ESPN family of networks has locked in plans to cover the WNBA Finals, which will feature the Atlanta Dream and Minnesota Lynx in a best-of-five series. Games begin on Sunday, Oct. 2, at 8:30p on ESPN and ESPN3 before shifting to ESPN2 and ESPN3 for the remainder of the series. Pam Ward will call Game 1 with analyst Rebecca Lobo and reporter Heather Cox. Terry Gannon will take over the remainder of the play-by-play duties in the five-game series with Lobo and Cox. Programming will feature coaches and officials wearing live microphones, an EStrator telestrator system and a new open for the WNBA Finals on ESPN/ESPN2 that will feature moments from the first 15 years of the WNBA Finals.”

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No really…

what the hell is up with the “Rate This” ass ads on ESPN?

When should I expect crotch shots of men with the invite, “Measure This!”

Maybe we should “Ask Kelly,” the ESPN ombudsman.

By the way, have you heard about this: ESPN partners with Poynter – Journalism institute expands the traditional role of network’s ombudsman

ESPN and The Poynter Institute have partnered for a new step in media transparency — The Poynter Review Project — in which a panel of Poynter faculty will review ESPN content across all platforms and publicly comment on ESPN’s efforts. This will include monthly essays and additional timely responses as issues arise. The group also will address fan concerns during its 18-month tenure.

“The Poynter Institute’s reputation in the field of journalism is unmatched, and we welcome the panel’s scrutiny in this new format,” said John A. Walsh, ESPN executive vice president and executive editor. “Our goal is to improve our content through increased accountability, transparency and timeliness. We believe The Review will take the traditional ombudsman role and advance it for the 21st-century media world.”

So, if you want a voice in what, who and how ESPN covers, speak up!

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Grading America’s sports departments

This week, the Associated Press Sports Editors (APSE) released its third Racial and Gender Report Card on newspaper and online newsrooms. APSE partners with The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport to conduct the survey every two years.

The 2010 survey shows women and journalists of color increased as members of the total staffs of all APSE member papers and websites in 2010. However, the number of African-American sports editors has dropped since the last survey in 2008.

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Others weigh in…

Jayda has a look at the 2011 Draft but admits:

Who are we kidding? This is going to be all about Gonzaga PG Courtney Vandersloot and Georgia Tech wing Alex Montgomery with a little Storm news mixed in. The pair of Washingtonians represented the state well, getting selected third and 10th overall in the WNBA draft on Monday.

Mel checks in with his musings on the WNBA’s Draft Day

Watching two major entities working side-by-side Monday afternoon with the WNBA draft being held at the worldwide television headquarters of ESPN was tantamount to witnessing two major banking firms going through a major.

Hartford Courant sports columnist Jeff Jacobs focusing on Maya Moore noted as an aside, “It was hard to know exactly where the WNBA stopped and ESPN started.”

Considering how downsized draft day had been the last two seasons when the event returned to NBA Entertainment studios in Secaucus, N.J., just across the Hudson River from New York, the arrangement worked out better for the most part for all parties concerned.

Where did I see someone comment, “ESPN cares more about the WNBA than the WNBA does.”

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today at 3pm. Check out ESPN  and ESPN.com for coverage. (There’s lots of Liz)

Mechelle has: Prospects put a lot of effort into prep – Players must move forward from the NCAA tourney and focus on draft-day mindset

Jantel Lavender was patient, looking around with her sister to get just want she wanted. There was a time when a 6-foot-4 woman usually despaired of finding dress clothes she liked that would fit — unless she had them personally made.

But Lavender, the Ohio State senior post player who was searching for just the right thing to wear to Monday’s WNBA draft (ESPN, 3 p.m. ET), says things have gotten much better for tall women when it comes to fashion.

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Chat Review! From Mechelle:

Bob (College Station): Mechelle, how about that atmosphere for the A&M-Baylor game in Dallas…they say regional finals are always some of the most tense games because it’s win and you’re into the Final Four…You agree?

Mechelle Voepel: I was trying to think if I’ve ever been at a regional final that was quite like that one in Dallas – where you had a big crowd with a lot of fans from *both* schools from the same state and the regional itself was in the very heart of that state. And considering how fun and passionate the rivalries are between all the Texas schools. And how many of the Baylor and TAMU players are from Texas. AND … that Gary Blair is from Dallas. There was so much about that regional final that was hard to duplicate anywhere else. I feel lucky that I was there. And it was pretty emotional, actually watching the Baylor and TAMU players in the post-game handshake, because they respect each other. Particularly the way the TAMU players all hugged Baylor senior Melissa Jones … that was a pretty moving scene. And yes, regional finals can be among the most pressure-packed and emotional games you’ll ever witness.

Also at ESPN (Which is doing a *sarcasm on* GREAT job of burying their writers’ work *sarcasm off*):

Did you catch Sport Science and Maya?

There’s other video (it’s great to have Nikki on the team, no?):

Mechelle writes: Final Four isn’t what most predicted – But there will be a key rematch, a team chasing a three-peat and a first-timer

Graham writes: Final Four features different makeups

Charlie asks: Is Stanford favorite in wide-open Indy?(And I say, “Umm, yaaaaah!”) – Guard play between Cardinal’s Pohlen and Texas A&M Sydneys tandem is key matchup

He also says, UConn favored, but little margin for error

The crew tries to pick who’s gonna win now that the teams are set. There’s also these picks: Cardinal (not UConn) a unanimous pick.

W0ndering who DID get the picks right? Andrew Feldman has the Final Four brackets by the numbers

With two No. 1 seeds and a pair of 2-seeds in the women’s Final Four, 3,751 brackets (0.01 percent) in the Women’s Tournament Challenge had the correct four teams.

Upsets by No. 2 seeds Notre Dame (beating top-seeded Tennessee in the Dayton Regional final) and Texas A&M (knocking off Baylor and Brittney Griner in the Dallas Regional final) might have accounted for most brackets — 119,976 — getting just two of the Final Four teams.

Michelle Smith is working hard over at espnW: Five storylines to watch in Final Four

Jere’ at the New York Times writes of Notre Dame/UConn: For Winning Team, the Fourth Time Will Be the Charm

Notre Dame will have the Texas A&M upset to draw upon. It also carries momentum from its first victory against Tennessee in the Dayton Regional final, which came after 20 consecutive defeats to the Lady Vols. And the Irish will not be awed by UConn after losing twice this season by fewer than 10 points.

“We will definitely reference Texas A&M, the fourth time’s a charm,” Notre Dame Coach Muffet McGraw said on a conference call. “I think it’s going to be a mental hurdle to get over. It’s difficult, I hope, to beat a team four times.”

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and when on ESPN.

Programing of interest:

Final Four Specials
NCAA Women’s Final Four Special Presented by Capital One: The 30-minute Women’s Final Four preview show hosted by Wingo, Lawson and Peck from Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis will precede the national semifinals Sunday, April 3, at 6:30 p.m.

The Experts: NCAA Women’s Championship Special: The hour-long round-table studio show Tuesday, April 5, at 1 p.m. on ESPNU will field Wingo, Lawson, Peck, Lobo, Burke and a guest coach to be announced at a later date.

Crunch Time: Women’s Tournament: The two-hour show will air Tuesday, April 5, at 2 p.m. on ESPNU and will revisit the last few minutes of the best and most exciting games of the NCAA Championship.

College Basketball Live: Women’s National Championship Special: The 90-minute special hosted by Cara Capuano, Abby Waner and LaChina Robinson on Tuesday, April 5, at 6 p.m. on ESPNU will highlight and preview the Women’s National Championship game.

NCAA Women’s Championship Special Presented by Capital One: ESPN will begin its National Championship game coverage with an hour-long preview special, also hosted by Wingo, Lawson and Peck, from Conseco Fieldhouse Tuesday, April 6, at 7:30 p.m.

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on Kim’s Daily News site.

Also, at ESPN, Graham writes “Lady Vols look to make statement”

The more things change, the more we wait to see whether they stay the same for Tennessee.

The locker room top-seeded Tennessee occupies for Saturday’s Sweet 16 game against No. 4 seed Ohio State (ESPN, noon ET) is the same one it occupied four years ago at University of Dayton Arena, an instance of history repeating itself that allowed longtime team trainer Jenny Moshak to sit in the same spot along one wall Friday morning while the Lady Vols waited for their turn to practice, as she had while players endured similar waits four years ago in the Sweet 16. Pat Summitt is most definitely the same, save for a couple of additional championship rings now in her possession. Even the infamous ramp that leads to and from the locker room is familiarly steep.

Check out the Ohio State v Tennessee and and the Notre Dame v. Oklahoma previews.

Did you catch Graham and Mechelle’s piece Breaking down the Sweet 16.

Mechelle also has Versatility is Pedersen’s calling card

Did you ever face one of those miserable-weather days in the winter when you were chilled to the bone? And maybe you thought to yourself, “Why do I live here? I’m moving somewhere warm.”

Of course, many people think that … but don’t actually do it, right? But Gary and Kelli Pedersen, then living in Flint, Mich., felt that way once and decided to do something about it.

“We had an ice storm, and I couldn’t get either car out of the garage,” Gary remembered. “And I said to my wife, ‘Remember that place we went on vacation? Let’s just pack up and move.'”

At espnW Michelle Smith has Gonzaga’s fairy-tale tournament

At the beginning of the season, Gonzaga coach Kelly Graves told his team a fairy tale. We’re not saying it started with “Once upon a time.” But we’re not saying it didn’t, either.

“I told them the story about how, 10 years ago in Spokane, a little blond-haired girl — the kind of girl who was something special, the kind that people don’t see all the time — led her team to the Final Four.”

That little blond girl was Jackie Stiles, the former Southwest Missouri State star, whose transcendent performance in Spokane a decade ago helped her team become the last non-BCS conference team to reach a women’s Final Four.

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From C&R:

March 18th- Are you Smarter than C and R? (Year 2)

Okay, we said that last year and most of you WERE smarter than C and R when it came to picking the top women’s basketball teams in the country. Well, smarter than C, she bombed the bracket, but R did well.

Let’s just find out how much you know about women’s basketball and the their NCAA tournament. Women Talk Sports is sponsoring a group bracket on ESPN’s website.

Last year Women Talk Sports offered prizes, so not sure if they will this year. But ESPN is offering $2,000 and $1,000 gift cards. Test yourself against C and R (and other Women Talk Sports members).

Join and complete the bracket by SATURDAY, MARCH 19TH. Tell your family and friends to join!

I am listed as “Stanford.C” and R is “Stanford.R” Unoriginal I know, but this way you will know who is crushing you!

Sign up Today!

Important Women’s Basketball Links

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the Terps tar the Heels.

At one point late in the second half, ESPN Announcer Rebecca Lobo commented about Maryland’s 27 turnovers, saying “that’s pretty horrible.” But she immediately followed up her remark by observing that the Terps “made up [for the TOs] with effort.”

Did they ever! What a great effort. And what a great show Maryland put on today for the national TV audience, and a great crowd at Comcast, in beating the #10/11 ranked Tarheels, 88-65.

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Delaware Moves On Still Hopeful of Delle Donne’s Return

From Lady Swish: Longwood looks to cool off Liberty

From Pat: LZ Granderson on Gay Pro Male Athletes Coming Out and More

Check out this podcast with ESPN columnists Bill Simmons and LZ Granderson. They talk about gay male pro athletes coming out, out gay actors and lesbians in the WNBA (just a little). It’s a thoughtful conversation about coming out and beyond. LZ teaches Bill what it is. It is worth a listen to hear the wisdom of LZ Granderson on a range of gay sport-related topics. Soooooo glad LZ plays for my team!

From the Title IX blog: OCR Investigates Anti-Gay Abuse that Lead to Suicide

The Office for Civil Rights will reportedly investigate claims that the Tehachapi Unified School District in California failed to protect a student from anti-gay bullying and harassment that resulted in the student’s suicide in September. This appears to be the first investigation of its kind, coming on the heels of OCR’s guidance letter to schools that delineates schools’ responsibilities under Title IX to address sexual orientation discrimination that overlaps with sex discrimination, like where the student is targeted for failing to conform with stereotypes about sex and gender.

From Ken: ESPN fires reporter

A more thoughtful piece of writing came from Lori Heine at News Real Blog. Given that Ms. Heine describes herself as a recovering leftist, I knew what was coming. And, not surprisingly, I heartily disagree. But at least she doesn’t think Ms. Edwards needs bigger breasts to get over this whole thing. She does think that she–and by extension, all women–should just stop caring about these things men say. We’re not sweet babies, but cry babies, according to Heine.
I don’t know why others might care about this; but I care, because it matters. And if we don’t care about what matters…well then, what are we here for? Not to get all existentialist or anything but, seriously. What I am supposed to care about? What do people who aren’t feminists or concerned with social justice and equality care about? A lot of them seem to care about what the feminists and liberals are crying about, I’ve found.

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When you get a chance, make sure you scan Kim’s TV Schedule page. You never know what’s going to sneak on in your area. For instance, on the bill for this weekend (all in Central Time):

Iowa State at Baylor……….11:00am……….Fox Sports Net
Ohio at Akron……….11:00am……….SportsTime Ohio/Comcast/Comcast SportsNet
Tampa at Lynn……….11:00am……….CBS College Sports
UConn at Notre Dame……….1:00……….CBS
Wyoming at New Mexico……….1:00……….CBS College Sports
Albany at Hartford……….2:00……….CTSN
Ohio State at Iowa……….3:00……….CBS
DePaul at St. John’s……….3:00……….Big East Network
Southern California at UCLA……….3:30……….Fox Sports Net
Southern Utah at UMKC……….4:00……….KSMO
Utah at San Diego State……….4:30……….The Mtn.
Texas Tech at Kansas……….7:00……….Metro Sports
Missouri State at Bradley……….7:05……….Ozarks CW
LA Tech at Hawaii……….9:00……….KFVE
Minnesota at Wisconsin……….TBA……….Big Ten Network
Pitt at Louisville……….11:00am……….ESPNU
Ole Miss at Tennessee……….11:00am……….CSS
North Carolina at Boston College……….12:00……….Comcast SportsNet/Fox Sports Net/NESN
James Madison at Old Dominion……….1:00……..CSN+ (Check out Dawn Evans)
Georgia at Kentucky……….1:00……….ESPNU
Oklahoma State at Kansas State……….2:30……….Fox Sports Net
Arkansas at Mississippi State……….3:30……….Fox Sports Net
Tulane at UAB……….4:00……….ESPN2
UTEP at Marshall……….4:00……….CSS/CBS College Sports
James Madison at Old Dominion (tape delay)……….5:00……….Comcast Sports Net/The Comcast Channel PA
Dayton at Xavier……….6:00……….ESPNU
UAB at Central Florida……….6:00……….Bright House Sports Network

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Oh, gosh, it sure is. I mean, just check out the ratings for the Stanford-UConn game: Streak Ending UConn-Stanford Nets Highest-Rated Regular-Season Women’s Basketball Rating Ever

Next time someone mouths that silly comment, I’m just going to tell’em to stuff it.

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when you read an opinion piece like Johnette Howard’s at ESPN.

I could start in on her misrepresenting the facts that “inspired” her piece. She writes:

Using your team’s big moment to suggest that people who don’t like women’s basketball must be sexist jerks rather than just benignly indifferent to the game, as he did Sunday, wasn’t artful.

What Aureimma actually said was:

“I just know there wouldn’t be this many people in the room if we were chasing a woman’s record. The reason everybody is having a heart attack the last four or five days is a bunch of women are threatening to break a men’s record, and everybody is all up in arms about it. All the women are happy as hell and they can’t wait to come in here and ask questions. All the guys that loved women’s basketball are all excited, and all the miserable bastards that follow men’s basketball and don’t want us to break the record are all here because they’re pissed. That’s just the way it is.”

What isn’t “artful” is Howard being deliberately and conveniently obtuse.

The article that follows is an odd little trip down memory lane and personality analysis that makes you think she’s been wanting to scold Auriemma for a loooong time.

And I really want to know what media rooms and sports desks she’s been hanging out that makes her think sport writers and editors are “benignly indifferent.” Oh, there are many reasons for their indifference — informed and uninformed — but it’s rarely benign.

Finally, let’s talk about the title of her piece: “Still need more, Geno? Go coach men.”

I think you could be more disrespectful of every single woman and man who has coached women’s basketball, but I’m not sure how.

Basically, she’s saying, shut up and be grateful you’ve got what you got. Don’t expect more, ’cause you’re not going to get it. ’cause you don’t deserve it. ’cause your players don’t deserve it. ”cause you chose the wrong profession to fall in love with.

Walk up to Alberta Cox and say that. Walk up to Cathy Rush and say that. Walk up to Margaret Wade, Harry Redin, Leon Barmore, Leta Andrews, Lin Laursen, Barb Stevens, Chris Kielsmeier… and the list goes on.

The women’ s game has grown not simply because people have worked quietly and politely and waited for the world to shift a little. It has also grown because, as Laurel Thatcher Ulrich wrote: “Well-behaved women (and men) seldom make history.”

Hey, it takes all sorts. And you can like or dislike’em, as the mood strikes you.

But if you’re going to write about’em, get your facts in order.

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UConn coach Geno Auriemma diatribe is on target

Many were troubled by his comments.

Um, why? The man has spent 25-plus years coaching a sport that is treated with a shameful amount of contempt. Don’t like it? Fine, but why is the disdain often riddled with pejoratives?

Speaking of Arizona, look who upset DePaul!

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and no, I’m not talking about the huge Duke/Xavier match up. But I am giving HuskyNan a shout out for her news gathering.

Record-breaking 89th straight awaits UConn, Post
It’s record time for UConn, Post
UConn women’s game day: UConn vs Florida State, Post
Auriemma honored by USA Basketball, Post

Geno Auriemma expects – and gets – perfection, Courant
Governor’s office orders blue and white, Courant
Geno’s former players follow the streak closely, Courant
Florida State at UConn, Courant

Seminoles in line to be victim 89, Register
It’s record time for UConn, Day
88 down, one to go for UConn, Day
Geno’s comments were apparently controversial, Day

Tough rivals await Huskies, Bulletin
Huskies can take winning to new heights tonight, Bulletin
Moore at heart of Huskies’ winning streak, Bulletin
Huskies victims of sexism, Bulletin

As Huskies shoot for record, gender debate stirs, Republican
UConn women go for all-time win record tonight, Mansfield-Storrs Patch

FSU women eager for historic battle, Tallahassee Democrat
FSU focused on stopping history, making a little of their own, WCTV

UConn ‘presence’ plays its part, Mechelle Voepel, ESPN
Auriemma speaks the truth about lack of respect, ESPN
In ignorance and basketball, SLAM Online
Geno Auriemma: Leader of UConn, defender of women, Larry Brown Sports
UConn Huskies shined while on Broadway, Swish Appeal
UConn streak is telling, and not in a good way, CBSSports

Lives in Vermont, works in NY, roots for UConn, Burlington Free Press
UConn women prepared to take their shot at history, Boston Globe
A magical team and its win streak, Wall Street Journal, Jason Gay

This is the stealth sports accomplishment of a young century. The UConn women’s program has been so good for so long, its dominance is more expected than celebrated. Wins accumulate and challengers are vanquished with such regularity that the public reacts with little more than a passive nod. The UConn women are amazing. Tell us something we don’t know.

Tuesday is a night for the sports world to snap out of that casual respect and pay tribute. If you’ve ever complained about the decline of modern athletics and yearned for teams that played like teams, here you go, crankypants. The UConn women are an indivisible team that plays like a clenched fist—whether running away or narrowly escaping, like in that 65-64 win over Baylor not long ago.

UConn women’s basketball on verge of making history, WNYC
Geno Auriemma fires back at critics, NY Post
ESPN, marketers eye UConn win, NYSportsJournalism

Jim Boeheim says UConn women’s team is great basketball story, Syracuse.com
Philly women coaches laud UConn’s achievement, Philly Daily News (Tonya quoted)
UConn women close in on history, Philly Inquirer
UConn women aim for record, Northern Virginia Daily
UConn streak is simply remarkable, News & Observer (NC)
Holiday Invitational players weigh in on UConn women’s feat, Myrtle Beach Sun

UCLA, UConn streaks are equally impressive, Dayton Daily News
Connecticut women on a run for the ages, Detroit Free Press
UConn streak on par with Wooden’s Bruins, Norman (OK) Transcript
UConn streak opens debate, Tulsa World
UConn’s winning streak: Gant, Romar agree, 88 wins is 88 wins, SB Nation Seattle
Just enjoy UConn’s streak, Spokesman Review (WA)

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From Rich Elliot’s blog: ESPN Providing Plenty of Coverage This Week

ESPNU from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. that has been dubbed “UConn’s Record Run’’ …

1 p.m. – “The Climb – UConn’s Quest for Perfection.’’ The four-part series was a behind-the-scenes look at the 2009-10 season.

3 p.m. – Baylor vs. UConn – Breakdown with Geno Auriemma. Auriemma sat down with Doris Burke to analyze the 65-64 win over the Lady Bears Nov. 16.

5 p.m. – UConn Legends Roundtable. Burke hosts a forum with former UConn All-Americans Rebecca Lobo, Jen Rizzotti and Sue Bird and current All-American Maya Moore. They will discuss UConn’s Record Run, Auriemma’s coaching style and more.

5:30 – Debating the Streak. Hosted by Trey Wingo, the show will contain segments from some of ESPN’s shows such as PTI, First Take, SportsNation, Mike & Mike and Jim Rome is Burning.

Wingo, Kara Lawson and Carolyn Peck will host a 60-minute pregame show from the XL Center starting at 6 p.m. There will be also several postgame segments, including:

Former Division I head coach Bob Knight’s analysis of Moore’s signature moves; A feature comparing Auriemma and legendary UCLA coach John Wooden using Coach Wooden’s “Pyramid of Succes’’; A SportsScience piece dealing with the numbers of the streak; An abbreviated version of the Outside the Lines episode that aired last season focusing Auriemma and his background; Sound bytes featuring coaches and former athletes that have been involved in monumental streaks, including Penn State volleyball coach Russ Rose and former UCLA players Jamaal Wilkes and Marques Johnson; Sound bytes from UConn men’s coach Jim Calhoun, Notre Dame men’s coach Mike Brey and Notre Dame women’s coach Muffet McGraw; Clips from Auriemma’s SportsCenter appearance last Thursday and Ohio State coach Jim Foster’s segment on First Take last Friday; And several SportsCenter hits will air Monday and Tuesday that will include spots from the UConn campus.

ESPN.com’s coverage will be highlighted by in-game blogging, chats and tweeting leading up to and during Tuesday’s game.

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via Helen Carroll of NCLR: Lisa Howe ex of Belmont U will be the subject of ESPN’s Outside the Lines, Sunday, 9amEST.

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ESPNW sets us back

Until women’s sports becomes part of mainstream America and water cooler discussion, progress is going to be limited. How do you make people like it? For starters you don’t segregate it. It’s not the media’s job to spotlight women’s sports in hopes of building an audience, but if you’re going to take that role, as ESPN has, why not cover women’s sports the same way you cover men’s sports? There are stories and features and games that deserve attention even if they don’t involve Brittney Griner dunking or UConn losing. Yet everything else in women’s basketball is lumped together. Georgetown beating Tennessee might as well be Delaware State losing to Syracuse. It’s all in the same pile. Put it on the crawl, that is if one of the team is part of the ESPN Top 25.

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