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Veteran girls basketball coach Charles Knott shot to death

As a native Detroiter, Charles Knott was proud and compassionate about his city and its people.

And, he dedicated his life to the betterment of the young people of Detroit he came in contact with each day, especially as a basketball coach.

But late Tuesday night, the city Knott loved so much fought back.

More: Cody High, fellow coaches shocked at death of basketball coach Charles Knott

We don’t know any details about the situation,” Cody principal Johnathon Matthews said. “Right now we’re just trying to get the students situated. We have grief counselors for the students and staff, and we’re just working with the community and the family. Our students are going through a lot, and our parents have asked us to keep as much of the press away as possible. I can make a simple statement in this respect: He has been within the Cody community for over 20 years. He has impacted several people in this community. He’s not only been involved inside the community at the school level, but also in terms of mentoring in the community and programs in the community.”


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The Season Ends, and the Scoreboard Doesn’t Tell the Story

On the first day of practice in October, Lutz asked her players some basic questions. Where is the free-throw line? What is traveling? How many players are on the court at a time?

Most of the girls replied with blank stares.

“Until Christmas, I was teaching them offense versus defense,” Lutz said. “We have a crash course in peewee basketball — dribbling, passing, shooting, defense.”

She knows that her record with a team that always loses may preclude her from coaching elsewhere someday. It gnaws at her. But she musters enthusiasm for the job — doggedly challenging referees, for example, or diving for loose balls in practice to set an example.

“I’m going to coach like we’re going to win a state championship,” Lutz said. “They deserve that.”

Players see her as a stable, trustworthy role model, unlike anyone they know. She is fiery, sassy and confident. She gives them pointers on everything from manners to hairstyles.

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Congrats to 2012 RUSSELL ATHLETIC/WBCA National High School Coach of the Year Marcia Pinder of Dillard High School (Fort Lauderdale):

Florida’s all-time winningest high school basketball coach, Pinder recorded her 800th career victory on Feb. 9 and currently leads all Florida high school girls’ and boys’ basketball coaches with an 804-175 win-loss record. She won her third consecutive –– and seventh overall — state championship as coach of the Panthers this past Saturday.

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Lindsay Schnell writes: Teams honor Jackson with great play

On April 12, DFW and all of high school girls basketball lost a giant in the game when Jackson, the founder of DFW, died suddenly of a heart attack at age 46. Heartbroken, his top teams pulled out of the Boo Williams Invitational in Virginia to mourn the loss of the man everyone called “Coach Mud.”

Three months later, riding on emotion and memories of Jackson’s famous pregame talks, DFW TJack went back and forth for 32 minutes with Midwest Elite in the final of the Nike Summer Showcase, clawing to a 61-53 win. It was a gritty, gutsy win for TJack, which advanced to the championship after a double overtime win over their sister program, DFW Elite Washington. In true dominant DFW fashion, they also had DFW Gold, a 2012-heavy bunch, playing in the other semifinal.

From Glenn Nelson at HoopGurlz

If Samantha Logic had her own team, its logo would be a bruise.

It would be deep, too, like some of her shots. The ones she takes. And the ones she delivers.

“They’ll know it later that they played against Samantha,” her Midwest Elite coach, Ralph Gesualdo, said of the bruising point guard from Racine, Wis.

They know it already, even before the onset of the contusions.

Anyone else have a flashback to the Miami Sol fan’s “Black and Blue” stat keeper of Debbie Black?

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Brentwood, Missouri High School Basketball Team

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From “They’re Playing Basketball”

The biggest club ball tournament west of the Mississippi had its exhibition games today.

The schedule for tomorrow is set. Makes me drool. I’ve seen a lot of those teams and players.

Not tryin’ to start a fight here, but would like to prompt some pondering. If you clicked on a basketball site and saw the following:

Allah is the greatest, there is no other allah (god) than Allah and Mohamed is his prophet


I am neither tempted by the fiction of heaven or any other form of eternal life nor fearful of the fiction of hell.

…how would you react?

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