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Will Indiana side with Putin?

Committee approves HJR-3 with 8-4 vote, sending resolution to Indiana Senate

Former Indiana Fever player Tully Bevilaqua attended the hearing with her wife and two small children.

“We’re hoping that (they’re) going to stand on the right side of history and vote no on HJR-3,” said an emotional Bevilaqua. “We are a family. Same love. We just want to protect our family.”

Monday, supporters of the controversial resolution told committee members they’d rather have HJR3 defeated than have it put on the ballot without the second sentence.

“We would rather see the single sentence defeated than placed on the ballot,” said Curt Smith of the Indiana Family Institute.

But Tully Bevilaqua’s wife Lindsay said, if it were to pass, they might decide to leave Indiana.

“We’d hate to go,” she said. “But it’s something families like ours will have to consider if this does go through.”

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From Jim Buzinski at OutSports: Gay couple defend Iowa St. women’s basketball

Matt Schuler and Robert Alden, legally married in Iowa, live in Ames, Iowa, and have been longtime Outsports readers. Both are also frequent posters on our Discussion Board, Matt as “Cyclone Matt” and Robert as “tbbucsalstott.” They have attended Iowa State women’s games for years, are close with many in the program, and Coach Bill Fennelly attended their wedding reception. I found their perspective on the Iowa State program and homophobia to be worthwhile to share.

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and this time it’s a “real” reporter, not an AP report. Lesbian Coach’s Exit From Belmont U. Has Nashville Talking

Still, some see a continuing identity crisis — on the one hand, the university has long had a reputation as conservative and Christian, a reputation safeguarded by the board of trustees, which includes several Baptist ministers; on the other hand, Belmont has aggressively earned a reputation as a progressive, artsy place to study the music business.

“What are we trying to do?” asked Cassidy Hodges, a senior. “It’s kind of back and forth, push and pull, between what we want at the university.”

That identity crisis is now in full public view.

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comments: The Rebkellians have been all over this.

From Queerty – Free of an agenda, except that gay one: Why Did 28 Players + Coaches Quit Indiana University’s Women’s Basketball Team? Its Anti-Lez Coach, Perhaps

For those who are hearing echos, consider downloading Training Rules on iTunes – 14.99 to buy, 3.99 to rent. Even if you think you “know” the story, please consider taking the time to watch. As some of the Rebkellians write:

I just got done watching Training Rules, and about my only comment is: Shocked

How the hell did that get allowed to happen for so long? I am well past stunned on the surprise scale.

I clearly give the 21st century waaay too much credit.


The attitude and behaviors the film typified certainly have not magically just disappeared, but seem to have just become more veiled and discrete.
And, perhaps, coded.

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