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Seimone doesn’t pull that… but there is a question to be answered. And she says it has been: Augustus: Car air freshener incident resolved

From Michelle Smith: Jessica Adair keeps dream alive

Jessica Adair is on the court in Los Angeles, working with a Minnesota Lynx assistant coach on her post moves about 90 minutes before tipoff against the Los Angeles Sparks.

She is wearing full sweats, a long-sleeved Lynx T-shirt and making her way deftly around the floor. Through layups, short jumpers and mid-range shots, she moves with ease and grace — even lightness.

That is not something she could always claim.

From Nate: How Minnesota escaped the Western Conference playoffs and returned to the WNBA Finals and The top five WNBA rookies: Who was snubbed from the 2012 All-Rookie Team. I guess Coach K doesn’t count, huh?

On the game tomorrow:

From the Courant: Katie Douglas Stands In Sun’s Path

From the Indy Star: Win or go home: Fever will put it all on the line in Game 3

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Lynx to Host Block Party Prior to Game 1 of 2011 WNBA Finals

From Crossover Chronicles:

This is going to be a competitive series with the players going at each other at the highest level.

But the point is these WNBA Finals are everything the NBA is not.

We see incredibly balanced scoring and deft passing and fewer one-on-one isolations that many criticize the NBA for. These are not players playing for greed or just showing up for a paycheck. Many of them play year-round in Europe during the WNBA’s offseason and many get paid more for those efforts than they do in the WNBA. Playing in the WNBA is purely for the competition of playing in the best overall league in the world.

What everyone complains about players in the NBA, these players seem to defy.

Michelle and Mechelle lay out The best of the WNBA’s best

As the WNBA celebrates its 15th anniversary and closes in on crowning its 15th champion, we debate how the 14 former champions stack up. And of course, SportsNation wants you to rank the teams, too.

Pat Borzi writes: Jessica Adair, Candice Wiggins bring punch

One dances after Minnesota Lynx home victories, the other walks to the locker room. One is a former Wade Trophy winner and first-round pick, the other a third-rounder from a small school in Washington, D.C., who was cut at her first two WNBA training camps.

Guard Candice Wiggins brings flash and a Stanford pedigree to the Minnesota Lynx, while center/forward Jessica Adair showed up at training camp as an unknown just hoping to earn a uniform. Both have turned into productive bench players for the Lynx and are possible X factors in the WNBA Finals (versus the Atlanta Dream) that begin Sunday at the Target Center.

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Connecticut after-Shock?

San Antonio said, “We ain’t gonna lose seven in a row,” and the Sun said “Oh, man, we’re on the road again?” End result: SASS 78, Connecticut 66 and the playoffs are still in sight for San Antone and, oddly enough, clinched for the Sun. (Congrats on your 5000th pt., Becky!)

The Merc had no desire to be streaked or shocked or surprised, so they stomped a pooped Tulsa.

The Shock was playing its 11th game in 26 days and a sixth game in the last 10 days.

“I think we’re really tired,” coach Teresa Edwards said. “I think, in our minds, we wanted to play hard. We wanted to go out and do well again. But we just couldn’t do it. I kind of recognized that early in the game.”

Chicago practiced a little self-inflicted wounding. They were cruising in the fourth with a nice, comfortable lead, then Cappie decided to pull her “It’s time for my late game heroics.” The Sky then fumbled the ball over and over and New York walked in for the touchdown. From Queenie:

I have no idea what part of their ass they pulled this out of, and I neither care or regret my use of such language. I think “pulled it out of our ass” is the most accurate possible assessment of this game, and in the interest of journalistic integrity, I have to use the most accurate assessment.

And yes, that was Sue doing color. No, she’s not got a vocal style “made” for commentary, but hell, she’s so much better than Kym, who sounds about as professional as two teenagers texting at the mall….

Speaking of fumbling, when was the last time you saw Catch do that? Last night. Ouch. (And I’m not talking about the high school football that kept on jumping into my Live Mixed Access.) Indy and the Dream put on a (a second) rip roarin’ show for the Atlanta fans and Sancho put the cherry on top (to mix my metaphors or something). The clock winding down, game tied, Tamika with the ball in her hands, but she gets trapped. Panicked pass, turnover, Lyttle and swoops in for a lay-up. Dream win, Sancho breathes a sigh of relief,  and Indy is in the playoffs.

Side note: I’m sure Reeves will get it, but anyone think what MM has done to keep this Atlanta team together through the horrible opening of the season to this return to last year’s form is worth a vote or two in the COY race? (And why is the AJC using the AP report?)

Minnesota fiddled around for a bit in the first half, but then they got on track (not UNtracked) and put the pedal to the metal (not the petal to the medal) and took care of business. And the ‘stics.

Yup, looks like that wagon is gettin’ mighty big… Lynx winning hearts as victories pile up

We watch sports for the spectacle and the spectacular, and the Lynx provide enough of both, with fast-break baskets and reverse layups. We also watch sports to see cohesion and competitiveness, to see people who grew up in different climes and circumstances bonding together under pressure, and the Lynx are the best example of that on the local landscape.

“One thing I love is that before the game, Lindsay will come over and give me a high-five,” Leone said. “You can’t get that anywhere else. I’m a sucker for stuff like that. To have a professional team be so accessible … I’m a sucker for that. If you tell me you like me, you’ve got me.”

…and Adair’s 10pts points gives Tim Leighton a reason to write about her: Reserve center Jessica Adair blossoming into key contributor for Minnesota Lynx

Jessica Adair was heavy, out of shape and nearly out of hope when she was cut from the Minnesota Lynx’s training camp before the 2010 season. Deep within a 6-foot-4 frame that once carried 268 pounds, she found the courage to fight off the demons that threatened to end her dream of playing professional basketball.

Her transformation leaves her with a smile nowadays.

“It feels pretty good, but I have to stay humble about it,” Adair said Tuesday night.

No last second heroics this time. Parker (27pts) and the Sparks got some measure of revenge, taking down the Storm, 68-62.

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