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In the Sun Belt, for instance, the Owls got plucked by the Jaguars, 66-57.

Those Philly Owls pulled away in the second half for a 10-point win over the Hawks.

The Terriers topped the Catamounts, and moved to 9-0 in the America East.

Squeak! That was the Danes escaping the Retrievers by 2pts.

The Wildcats and the Hawks are now both 5-5 in conference play.

Bowlin’ is rollin’: 9-0 in the MAC.

Keeping pace, it’s EIU at 9-0 in the OVC and San Diego State at 7-0 in the MWC.

It was tight in the A-10 match-up between the Dukes and Bonnies, but St. Bonanventure prevailed and moved to 8-0 in the conference. (Worthy of a mention in Mechelle’s chat, today)

With their loss to Kansas State, Texas in now 13-8 (3-6). (Also earned them a mention in MV’s chat.)

Ooooo, a game Beth and Debbie would have enjoyed: SF Austin fell to Texas State, 95-87.

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On Friday, Oct. 29th, Ashland Health Center in Ashland, KS will be teaming up with Comanche County Hospital in Coldwater, KS for the second year to host a charity women’s basketball game.

Celebrity players/coaches/refs include WNBA players and previous college players from:
Jackie Stiles and Tahnee Balerio – Missouri State University;
Shalee Lehning, Marlies Gipson, and Kayla Herd – Kansas State University;
Theresa Becker and Ivana Catic – The University of Kansas;
Jelena Spiric and Brooke Schwartz – University of Nebraska;
Jamey Cavey – University of Iowa;
Anna Florzak – Iowa State University
Kristi Meis – Fort Hays State University
Wichita State Cheerleaders
University of Kansas Cheerleaders

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