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Some coaching gigs filled:

Hartford’s Jen Rizzotti moves up into the George Washington job. She did a fine job at Hartford, but it seems that she’s hit some recent roadblocks. Clearly the Colonials have returned to paying attention to women’s basketball, and previous coach Tsipsis had everything to do with that. Time will tell if Rizzotti can keep the momentum going.

Hello, Ravens coaching tree! Heather Jacobs Named Wagner Women’s Basketball Coach

Jacobs is a 2006 graduate of Franklin Pierce University in Rindge, NH, where she earned magna cum laude honors with a Sports and Recreation Management major, and a minor in Marketing. 

Interesting side note. Is Adelphi the new Maine?  Jacobs is leaving Division II Adelphi…which is the same institution Kim Barnes-Arico left to move to St. John’s…

Great Dane! UAlbany hires Joanna Bernabei-McNamee as women’s basketball coach

McNamee, from Weirton, W.Va., led Pikeville to the NAIA Final Four in what was her third season. It was the team’s second consecutive National Tournament berth. She also has Division I experience as an assistant at Maryland and West Virginia.

Santa Clara hires Bill Carr as new women’s basketball coach…and he has no women’s basketball experience. Cool.

More on UMass’ Tory Verdi

“The culture that surrounds this program will change. Expectations will be on the rise. Accountability will be apparent and a winning attitude will be instilled,” he added. “Our team’s image will be unselfish, tough, hard-nosed, disciplined, prepared, composed and lastly, relentless. It’s time to gain respect from the Atlantic 10 Conference and the rest of the country. It’s time to win and win big.”

Ouch: Luke Decock @ the News Observer: Women’s basketball in the Triangle bottoms out

From the trendsetting tenure of Kay Yow at N.C. State to North Carolina’s three Final Fours and national title under Sylvia Hatchell to Duke’s late-’90s ascendance under Gail Goestenkors, these three programs sat at or near the epicenter of the sport for a long, long time. Decades.

And now? Women’s basketball in the Triangle has reached maximum irrelevancy.

Opposite: Women’s basketball back on the rise in the Northwest

Mark it down. The months of March and April of 2016 are when the sport of women’s basketball regained a position of prominence in the Puget Sound Region.

When, at 4:11 p.m. PDT Thursday afternoon, WNBA president Lisa Borders announced Breanna Stewart as the Seattle Storm’s selection with the first-overall pick of the WNBA draft, it was the final incantation in the resurrection of a sport that not so long ago found itself forgotten on a dusty shelf in the back of the local sports closet.

But like a family heirloom that was rediscovered while packing up for a move, women’s hoops will once again find its place on the living room mantle.


From Ann Killion: USF’s Azzi, basketball’s lone out LGBT head coach, draws support

Blair Hardiek was taking a picture. Through the camera lens, she saw University of San Francisco women’s basketball coach Jennifer Azzi standing on stage and taking a deep breath. Hardiek sensed something big was coming. 

She was right. As she watched, Azzi told a crowded ballroom at the Fairmont Hotel that she and Hardiek — her associate head coach — are married. With that statement on March 31, Azzi became the only publicly out LBGT head coach working in Division I college basketball.

The moment wasn’t planned. It wasn’t intended to make history.

“You just get to the point where it’s so stupid to not be honest,” Azzi said recently at the Mill Valley home she and Hardiek share with their bulldogs, Izzy and Ella. “When you’re with someone who gives you so much courage there’s no reason to be afraid.”


MavsMoneyball: The new Dallas Wings should get you excited about the WNBA

So I know we’re all focused on the NBA Playoffs, but before long the Warriors will be back-to-back champs and the NBA season will be finished. And at that point, we’ll all need something fun to do. Luckily, there’s a new basketball team in town: the WNBA’s Dallas Wings.

Thursday night was the WNBA draft, and I went to the draft party at UT Arlington’s College Park Center, which is the new home of the Wings. First confession: I do not love having to drive out to Arlington, even though the arena is plenty nice. I would’ve much preferred SMU’s Moody Arena as the home of the Wings, but I guess not everything can be perfect. Speaking of which, everything else about the Wings is perfect.

The first event on the schedule tonight was the unveiling of the new team’s new uniforms. Check out this majesty:

NBPA: Q&A with Top Pick Breanna Stewart: ‘It’s a New Challenge and New Chapter’

It will likely be a while until we see another women’s player like Breanna Stewart. Standing at 6’4″, the Syracuse native is coming off six straight championships—two in high school and four at the University of Connecticut—and on Thursday, the Seattle Storm selected her with the No. 1 overall pick.

The NBPA’s Michael Goldsholl caught up with the UConn legend at the WNBA draft as she prepared for the next step in her already storied career. Their conversation touched on draft week highlights, memories with the Huskies, preparation for the WNBA, how the ladies’ game is changing, Kobe’s Bryant legacy and her off-the-court interests.

Tuck Realizes Her WNBA Dream, Drafted By The Sun At No. 3

“This day means so much,’’ Tuck said. “The first time I thought about it I was in fourth grade. I loved Lisa Leslie. She was my favorite. I did a project on her in school. And since then I knew that I wanted to play in the WNBA. And then to now to get drafted into it it’s kind of surreal that it’s actually happened just because at such a young age of wanting to do it and now I’m able to. So it’s great.’’

Thank you: Saxony Lutheran girls basketball coach Sam Sides reflects on 38-year Hall of Fame career

It was March 8, 2014, and the Saxony Lutheran girls basketball team had just walked off the floor following a Class 3 quarterfinal victory over Lutheran St. Charles. The result sealed a first trip to state for the program, which had only been in existence since 2006. It was a good feeling; the Crusaders were feeling good. Into the locker room they headed.

“So we were going to state and making history,” recalls Brianna Mueller, now a senior, “and we go down into the locker room and Coach Sides starts to dance. He did the worm. He got down on the ground and did the worm, and we’re all like, ‘What is happening right now?'”

On Saturday, Saxony girls basketball coach Sam Sides will be one of an 11-coach class inducted into the Missouri Basketball Coaches Association Hall of Fame following the 38th year of his coaching career. His basketball coaching resume has earned respect and accolades. His dancing?

“I’m not a very good dancer, but I get emotional,” Sides says. “I get a lot more emotional as I get older. I get fired up on occasion, but I try not to do that in public.

Thank you, Pt. 2: Burleigh retires after 42 years

Girls basketball has certainly gone through changes over the last four decades.  However, at South Burlington High school, one thing has remained constant, head coach Sheila Burleigh.

“The girls are great athletes,” Burleigh said.  “They’re bigger, faster, stronger, because they’re understanding that you really need to lift. You need to train year round. You don’t just pick it up in November and expect you’re going to do well.”

After 42 seasons, nearly 600 wins and five state titles, Burleigh announced her retirement on Thursday.


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Just got this info from the fabulous Sue Donohoe, Executive Director of Kay Yow Cancer Fund.
#GivingTuesday is a nationally celebrated holiday that encourages charitable giving following the Thanksgiving Holiday. It also happens to be the Kay Yow Cancer Fund’s 7th anniversary! Help us celebrate this milestone on social media through a great application called Thunderclap. Thunderclap is a website that allows people to pledge to Tweet or Facebook a message all on the same day – and at the exact same time – in order to achieve the maximum effect. Think of this action as an online flash mob helping to encourage donations to the Kay Yow Cancer Fund on #GivingTuesday.Step #1: Click on this link – https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/19474-giving-4kay-on-givingtuesday?locale=en

Step #2: Scroll down and click on “Support with Facebook” and/or “Support with Twitter”
Step #3: Click on “Add My Support”
We are thankful to you for your support of the Kay Yow Cancer Fund.
So glad she’s working with KYCF, but women’s NCAA basketball sure does miss her.

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For the past few days, dozens of women’s basketball coaches across the country have willingly let their players, fellow coaches, or administrators dump buckets of ice cold water over the heads.

Friday, Miami coach Katie Meier became one of the latest to let herself get soaked as part of the #Chillin4Charity campaign that is raising money for the Kay Yow Fund

Here’s how it works: 

After being called out be a fellow coach, a coach has 48 hours to complete the Cold Water Challenge by allowing a bucket of ice water to be dumped over their head. Once the challenge is completed, the challenging coach donates $50 to the Kay Yow Fund. If a challenged coach fails to complete the challenge within 48 hours, he or she must donate $250 to the charitable fund, named in honor of former N.C. State women’s basketball coach Kay Yow who died in 2009 after a third bout with breast cancer.

You can follow the Icey Cold Water Dumpings on twitter at #Chillin4Charity. (Hmmmm…. I’m surprised there is the @Chillin4Charity… hint, hint)


Red Raiders:


Seattle Storm:

Will The Bun chicken out??

And speaking of the Land of the Bun, the Land of the Sun and fundraising opportunities: What are folks doing during the WNBA All Star Game in Phoenix? They SHOULD be CHILLIN4CHARITY!

Oh, and speakin’ folks who could be chillin’ – Where’re my Division II, Division III and NJCAA champeens at?

FDU-Florham: You were the first women’s team from New Jersey ever to win a national collegiate basketball championship AND you were perfect in your run to the top. How else would a New Jersey team celebrate a championship but make coach Marc Mitchell “swim with the ice fishes”?

Bentley: YOU were perfect in your run to the top. Doesn’t your coach, Barbara Stevens, deserve to “chill” after you had to come back from a 9-pt deficit to win?

Trinity Valley: You had one blemish on your run to the top, but have won back-to-back-to-BACK titles. Take a load off and chill with your championships, coach Elena Lovato.

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#Chillin4Charity and Anchoring Down at Vandy

Horned Frogs chill out (but might want to check their spelling)

Oh, dear – Brooklyn in the House! LIU Blackbirds get “Not nice!”

Look out, Secret Service: Texas State Challenges FLOTUS!

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They dumped some ice on me…..

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What if?

We said yes: WEPAC Hoops for Hope Story 2

WEPAC Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing resources and education to encourage women in five rural, southwest Kansas communities to take an active role in their healthcare. WEPAC pays for preventative cancer screenings for any women living in Wilmore, Englewood, Protection, Ashland and Coldwater, Kansas.

The WEPAC Hoops for Hope weekend is a collaborative effort between five southwest Kansas communities to increase awareness about women’s health while raising money for preventive cancer screenings. The WEPAC game is broadcasted live on Fox Sports Network and brings together high school players, high school alumni and former Division 1 college players and retired and current WNBA players from accross America.

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Sharp returns to Texas Tech

Sharp steps down as Kay Yow Cancer Fund Executive Director


Sharp takes on new role at Texas Tech

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Shootaround is up and they’ve got a Kay Yow update, their all-time Starting Five, and talk about who gets in from the Big East.

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I am very, very proud of a special roundtable, TRIBUTE TO KAY YOW that we have done with four amazing guests. WBHOF coach Marsha Sharp is the Executive Director of the Kay Yow Cancer Fund, a former colleague and rival. We also have three former North Carolina State players under Coach Yow, Debbie Antonelli, 1983-1986, current women’s basketball analyst, Krista Kilburn-Steveskey, 1987-1990, currently head coach at Hofstra University, and Kristen Gillespie,1996-1999, currently assistant coach at UIC. The love these four women have for the late great Coach Yow is clear in their memories, and it made for one of the most enjoyable hours I’ve had since I started doing the show.

A true legend of the game I always wanted to interview, TERESA EDWARDS, is the new Director of Player Personnel for the Tulsa Shock. I talked to her about her role in the Shock organization, building the franchise, the WNBA Draft and players, the Naismith Hall of Fame, USA Basketball and more.

Division II women’s basketball has a new number one, and it’s Clayton State University, after an epic two point victory over previous #1 and conference foe Lander. Head Coach DENNIS COX has his team rolling, and has built a team that has been the Final Four and Elite Eight in recent years.

Finally, this we combine our Senior Class interviews and our Big Game previews! I am joined by the Captain of the Army Black Knights, Lowe’s Senior Class Award finalist ERIN ANTHONY to discuss her career and being a Cadet at West Point and her future after graduation. Then, Erin helps break down the all important “Star Game” between Army and Navy this weekend. A great listen, to a great kid. It may just change your mind on who to vote for that Lowe’s Award!

Today, Dishin & Swishin on www.wstrradio.com, after 1 pm ET

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From the Title IX blog: Title IX and bullying

We have been fairly silent on the recent spate of anti-gay bullying. It is not from indifference–rather we have been very concerned and somewhat at a loss as to what to say. We have commented previously on bullying both anti-gay bullying and bullying that can be construed as sexual harassment. For some reason, I had thought the publicity around previous cases signaled a greater awareness and might possibly lead to a reduction in these incidents. And perhaps it has. Perhaps we have just experienced an unfortunate, concentrated period of anti-gay violence, and the programs and awareness that have been created will move us out of this violence. But I also know that as much publicity as these cases have received, there are less extreme cases (or outcomes) happening daily in American schools.

I was glad to finally see some commentary on the role of Title IX in preventing bullying. And John Merrow, at the Huffington Post, went directly to the source: Dr. Bernice Sandler.

From AfterAtalanta: Student-athletes and anti-bullying efforts

Given the homophobia that has–historically–swirled around sport, as well as the recent spate of high-profile anti-gay bullying incidents around the country, this article was very welcome.

At University of Michigan student-athletes have stepped up to support their student body president, Chris Armstrong.

Armstrong has been targeted by Andrew Shirvell, an assistant district attorney in Michigan, for his allegedly radical homosexual agenda. Shirvell has followed Armstrong around protesting his politics and–seemingly–his sexual identity. Armstrong is currently seeking a restraining order against Shirvell. Shirvell has been making his feelings about Armstrong’s politics known since Armstrong, the first openly gay SBP at Michigan, ran for the position last spring. Shirvell has also used his blog, Chris Armstrong Watch, to attack Armstrong. One post contained a swastika. I won’t get into a discussion of free speech versus threatening speech, but I will note that it’s kind of curious that a state official is taking such an interest in the politics of a student body president.

The student body, including student-athletes, have rallied around Armstrong. At the above link you can see photos of student-athletes sporting tee shirts that read:

Elected by us. Respected by us. I expect respect for myself and my community. When one member of our community is targeted, we are all attacked.

Good work, Wolverines!

From the (retiring!) Women’s Sports Blog: A link to a Graham article I missed. (Ahem, Graham? A little heads up, please!) Stereotypes haunt softball

Lauren Lappin reached the pinnacle of the sport that is her lifelong passion in part by adapting herself to any role required of her on the softball field. She found the peace that fueled that success only after accepting the one role she struggled to embrace away from the diamond.

Her own.

“I’m living my life on a daily basis being me,” Lappin said.

Lappin lives a lot of lives in softball. She’s a member of the U.S. national team, winning a world championship in 2010 and a silver medal in the 2008 Olympics. She’s a professional, playing for the USSSA Pride of National Pro Fastpitch, a league that recently completed its seventh season of continuous operation, with Lappin’s Pride winning the title. She’s also an aspiring college coach who just completed a two-year stint as an assistant at Northwestern.

From Pat Griffin: Yankees Promise to Stop Fan Anti-Gay Singing

Yankees management promised GLAAD that they will not tolerate anti-gay chants or singing and fans who are identified engaging in these activities at Yankee games will be ejected.

Well, that was fast action after several bloggers called attention to this ugly tradition. Thank you, GLAAD and thank you, Yankees, for taking such swift action. I might even root for the Yankees for one game in the post season as a thank you…but that’s all. For a Red Sox fan, that’s the best I can do.

If I may be so bold to continue my cribbing: I have a dream that all my students will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the person they fall in love with, but by the content of their character.

Now that the WBCA has handed off the Kay Yow management, I wonder if they could get behind a “Boxing out Bullies” campaign. Don’t wait for the tipping point. BE the tipping point.

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WBCA Celebrates Kay Yow Cancer Fund Name Change and Move to Cary, NC

The Women’s Basketball Coaches Association (WBCA), which has proudly served as the launching pad for the Kay Yow/WBCA Cancer Fund®, celebrates the change in the name of the Fund and new location of the Fund’s day-to-day operations. The Fund will now be the “Kay Yow Cancer FundTM” and has moved its headquarters to Cary, North Carolina. The WBCA believes the transition will further enable the Kay Yow Cancer Fund to continue its explosive growth. As part of the transition, the WBCA has transferred the full-time management of the wildly successful WBCA Pink Zone® to Executive Director Marsha Sharp and her staff at the Kay Yow Cancer Fund.

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Real Men Wear Pink page and help support the Kay Yow Cancer Fund.

Guess this means Rush ain’t a real man.

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From A.J. Carr at Fox Sports South: Melvin Enjoys Sweet Basketball Ride

She recalls how Yow preached about maintaining ‘a positive attitude, respecting the coach, respecting the system’ and saying ‘be ready when your opportunity comes.’

“I still prepare as if I’m a starter,” Melvin said. “I’m still capable, a leader, bring a lot to the team.”

That includes nurturing younger teammates, much the way NC State’s seniors embraced her when she arrived as a ‘naive’ freshman from Roseboro, a small town in Eastern North Carolina. For the record, that ‘naive’ freshman quickly turned into a noble freshman who led the Pack in scoring and to an NCAA Tournament berth.

What, .com, you don’t have a photo of her in her Mystics uniform?

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Those with long memories will remember Linda Page, who scored 100 points in a Public League high school game for Dobbins Tech, also Staley’s alma mater, in 1981 against Mastbaum to break Wilt Chamberlain’s record in Philadelphia, which was the 90 he set at Overbrook High.

She went on to play for the late Kay Yow at North Carolina State.

Page, the native of Yeadon in the suburbs whose nickname is “Hawkeye”, recently reached out to the Guru through his facebook page and informed of a book she has written — Love, Pain & Passion: The Heart of a Champion.

She has worked as a probation officer asd well as social worker and information about her life and shooting clinics, as well as more about her book, can be found at her website http://lindapage100points.com.

On Saturday, July 17, Page will host a book signing and dinner party at Cafe Harlem, 717 Church Lane in Yeadon.

Tickets are $45, the deadline is Saturday, and you can mail payment to her at Linda Page, P.O. Box 5260 Yeadon, Pa., 190501. Page will mail the official invitation upon receipt.

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