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It’s interesting to see how often that phrase comes up in the searches that find this blog.

Inquiring minds now have a new article on the topic from Jim Fuller at the New Haven Register: A few good men helping Huskies refine their game

“You can simulate certain things,” Auriemma said of the practice players. “You don’t care how tired they are. You can run them into the ground, send them home and then tell them to be back here the next day and do it again. If Maya Moore wants to work on some stuff and all she wants to do is be on offense for an hour, somebody has to be the guinea pig, and it is going to be one of those guys. They are great about doing whatever you ask them to do.

“They are not on scholarship, they are not getting anything. They are doing it because they love the game, they love being around our players. They enjoy the camaraderie. They all paid their own way to the Final Four last year. They get as much satisfaction if we do something well as we do. There will be times are practice when they will be (annoyed) when our guys get it wrong because they feel ‘hey, we are here to help you get it right so get it right.’ It is funny to see them when they get upset. They are competitive and they have fun. I don’t know if we’d be able to do what we do and be where we are and done what we’ve done without those guys.”

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