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and not so….

Hmmm, Minny’s looking good. *thunderous knocking of wood by Lynx fans*

Tina “It’s fun to score” Charles had a good time with the Mystics.

No, I’m not thinking you called Prince as the scoring leader (so far) or Prahalis as the assist leader (so far). I do call, “WTF with the hair” in that picture of rebounding leader (so far) Big Syl, though.

Is there something about Stanford players and last second baskets? And, no, L.A., you can’t play Seattle for the rest of the season and geez, Roman, sensitive much? :-)  wnba.com showing West Coast bias by hyperventilating over L.A. Sparks

CP3 confusion ends, though there is a need for a copy editor: Dream Waives Courtney Parris (sic) To Make Room For Jessica Moore

40. It’s the new XI: Sky, WNBA to honor Title IX on uniforms


Thank you, Sherri: The Write Space and Time: June 3 – Leave your story better than you found it.

As coaching careers go, mine was born lucky. My grand introduction to women’s college basketball coincided with the collision between the old Big Eight and the Southwest Conference. Football power conference plus women’s basketball hotbed equals the Big 12 Conference, a new concept and a fertile breeding ground for explosive growth. Nationally speaking, women’s basketball was poised for a coming out party. New programs and personalities were on the scene, attendance was rising, television was flirting…lightning was begging to get captured in a bottle. I was new to the collegiate scene, barely cognizant of the perfect storm I had landed in the middle of, and yet there I sat at the table with the giants of our game.

I was young and dumb in 1996 and yet smart enough to be quiet (read: keep opinionated mouth shut) and pay attention. Pioneers in their prime were running the room. Marsha Sharp was the captain of this juggernaut known as Lady Raider Nation. She coached Sheryl Swoopes (who scored 47 points in the National Championship game and would become an Olympic Gold Medal winner) and together with their throng of faithful followers they won a National Championship and took west Texas and the country by storm. Jody Conradt sat at the table–a national title, an undefeated season, the architect of Texas Women’s Basketball and a figure so respected, and at times so imposing, that she could have run for governor in that enormous state. And she would have won. Across from her sat Ceal Barry, the Colorado coach whose teams won four Big Eight titles and whose tenacious man-to-man defense and post player development had been building blocks of my high school teams for years. I loved watching her win and I so admired how her team did it. Talk about being in the right place at the right time! At those early Big 12 spring meetings held in the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, it was often hard to tell if my shortness of breath came from the altitude or the luck of my draw for getting to be a mouse in that room.

I’m not sure what’s going on with the Tennessee athletic department, but it sounds unpleasant and hurtful.

Oh, Canada! Natalie Achonwa Named To Canadian Women’s Basketball Olympic Qualifying Team

Cheerio, mate! Harvard’s Fagbenle on Verge of Making British Olympic Team

There’s a new boss in Sioux Falls: Amy Williams named USD’s women’s basketball coach

Ditto in Charleston, IL (EIU Introduces Lee Buchanan As Women’s Basketball Head Coach) and almost in Edwardsville (Buscher or Brown will be new SIUE women’s basketball coach)

Tambien in the land of the Thundering Herd: Daniel named Marshall women’s basketball coach

Aussi in New York City: After helping build SHU women, NYU a natural for Hall-Gregory

Central Arkansas taps Delta State for their new boss: Cent. Arkansas announces Sandra Rushing as women’s basketball coach

Delaware (no, not the Blue Hens) State picks Tamika Louis As New DSU Women’s Basketball Head Coach

Still waiting at Tennessee Tech: Coaches chime in on TTU search

Need one in Buffalo: Buffalo women’s basketball coach Hill-MacDonald’s contract will not be renewed

The former coach with a towel has a new gig: Associate Commissioner of the A-10

Interesting. As the WBHOF welcomes its newest inductees, (Go, Red Heads!) it also has an expanded board that’s rather… orange. :-)


Leveling the playing field even more

Girls-only sleep-away camps and suburban athletic clinics have been around for decades, of course. DePaul University women’s basketball coach Doug Bruno has run a basketball camp for girls at North Central College in Naperville since 1980, for example. What’s different is that these businesses are run by women who personally benefited from the changes wrought by Title IX and see their for-profit businesses as having an overt social mission.

Barb Lazarus was cheering her son’s baseball game several years ago when she noticed girls on the adjoining field didn’t really know how to play. Their lack of skills spurred Ms. Lazarus, 52, to make a business of multisport instruction for girls. Her Game On Sports Camp 4 Girls, in Lake Forest and Chicago and a sleep-away camp in Michigan, is in its sixth year.

Yes, I’m worried that Taurasi might not be able to play in London (I think we’ll be okay if she doesn’t, but it would stink for her), but I have no concerns about the future of USA Basketball:
Speaking of USA Basketball: Women’s basketball: Geno lifts Meier higher
Despite the 28-year age difference, their relationship has leveled. The mental pummeling Taurasi endured as an 18-year-old at Connecticut is over.
“When we’re together, something’s got to give,” Auriemma said. “When she was 18, I win, you lose. Now? She wins, and I lose.”
Auriemma’s ease of concession is surprising. It’s not a duo known for capitulation.
“I got to say that because I need her for the next month,” Auriemma said with a laugh. “Check with me after August.
* * *
Taurasi’s chance for her third gold medal almost didn’t reach this point of give-and-take. A false-positive test for a banned substance while playing in Turkey in 2010 nearly derailed everything. Taurasi says she’s never taken anything illegal, and the lab admitted it screwed up, then was stripped of its accreditation. She almost lost basketball.
“I don’t know how that makes a person feel,” Kathy Auriemma said. “It’s devastating. She’s not a casual person, she feels things very deeply. She cares and she loves strongly, and I think she was very lost [afterward].”

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Sharp returns to Texas Tech

Sharp steps down as Kay Yow Cancer Fund Executive Director


Sharp takes on new role at Texas Tech

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I am very, very proud of a special roundtable, TRIBUTE TO KAY YOW that we have done with four amazing guests. WBHOF coach Marsha Sharp is the Executive Director of the Kay Yow Cancer Fund, a former colleague and rival. We also have three former North Carolina State players under Coach Yow, Debbie Antonelli, 1983-1986, current women’s basketball analyst, Krista Kilburn-Steveskey, 1987-1990, currently head coach at Hofstra University, and Kristen Gillespie,1996-1999, currently assistant coach at UIC. The love these four women have for the late great Coach Yow is clear in their memories, and it made for one of the most enjoyable hours I’ve had since I started doing the show.

A true legend of the game I always wanted to interview, TERESA EDWARDS, is the new Director of Player Personnel for the Tulsa Shock. I talked to her about her role in the Shock organization, building the franchise, the WNBA Draft and players, the Naismith Hall of Fame, USA Basketball and more.

Division II women’s basketball has a new number one, and it’s Clayton State University, after an epic two point victory over previous #1 and conference foe Lander. Head Coach DENNIS COX has his team rolling, and has built a team that has been the Final Four and Elite Eight in recent years.

Finally, this we combine our Senior Class interviews and our Big Game previews! I am joined by the Captain of the Army Black Knights, Lowe’s Senior Class Award finalist ERIN ANTHONY to discuss her career and being a Cadet at West Point and her future after graduation. Then, Erin helps break down the all important “Star Game” between Army and Navy this weekend. A great listen, to a great kid. It may just change your mind on who to vote for that Lowe’s Award!

Today, Dishin & Swishin on www.wstrradio.com, after 1 pm ET

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WBCA Celebrates Kay Yow Cancer Fund Name Change and Move to Cary, NC

The Women’s Basketball Coaches Association (WBCA), which has proudly served as the launching pad for the Kay Yow/WBCA Cancer Fund®, celebrates the change in the name of the Fund and new location of the Fund’s day-to-day operations. The Fund will now be the “Kay Yow Cancer FundTM” and has moved its headquarters to Cary, North Carolina. The WBCA believes the transition will further enable the Kay Yow Cancer Fund to continue its explosive growth. As part of the transition, the WBCA has transferred the full-time management of the wildly successful WBCA Pink Zone® to Executive Director Marsha Sharp and her staff at the Kay Yow Cancer Fund.

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