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Oh, oh…

*steps up on soapbox*

So, if you’re a regular reader of this blog (and it would appear that 600-800 of you are daily) you know how often I bang the “If you want coverage you have to advocate for coverage” drum.

My understanding from “those in the know” is that it’s no longer just about clicking on a link. It’s also about leaving comments.

Yah, while it’s annoying to register (use a yahoo-ish addy, kids, for that stuff) and the whole “Be the first to LIKE this” forced Facebook thing is even more annoying, it really needs to be done. ’cause if it’s not, then the coverage is going to continue to shrink.

SO — this is not really a test… think of it more as a challenge. Go to the Michelle Agins LENS link on the NY Times that features her slides from the 1998 NY Times Sunday Magazine. Leave a comment.

Right now there are 5. If 10% of the daily readers will step up, that would be and additional 60-80 people saying to Sports Editor Tom Jolly – “Hey, we want coverage and we’re willing to prove it.” Come on. I dare ya.

*steps off soap box*

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Check. It. Out. Ms. Agins! From the NY Times’ LENS section: Michelle Agins on Women’s Basketball

The simple way to tell the story is that Michelle Agins of the New York Times been shooting the Women’s National Basketball Association since its creation in 1997. Accurate enough, but the story goes deeper. You could trace it to the fact that Ms. Agins herself played hoops as a girl growing up in Chicago. It began in earnest when she started covering the women’s basketball team of the University of Connecticut, at Storrs. “I was watching them, year after year, growing into great players who had no place to go after college other than Europe,” Ms. Agins recalled. That was one reason she so enthusiastically welcomed the W.N.B.A.

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