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A few years back, former Notre Dame player Danielle Green drew attention not because she was in the service, but because she was injured while serving.

Check out the two part “Catching up with Danille from 2008. Part 1 and Part 2. An article from 2009 caught up with her: Wounded Warrior Diaries: Life Lessons Shape Iraq War Veteran

“I looked over at my left leg and saw my uniform busted open,” she said. “The initial hit, when I first went down, I thought that I was about to die in Iraq, on the rooftop, in the sand, in Iraq. To me, that was the hardest moment — to think that at 27 years old, I was about to die.”

She said that at that moment she was “waiting to die.” As she continued to pray, she remembered, she gained strength and tried to use that energy to leave the rooftop for a safer area to assess her injuries. But she was unable to move, feeling trapped as she continued to hear the small-arms fire in the distance.

Though it seemed what like a lifetime of waiting, she said, comrades were treating her within five minutes of the attack. She later learned that her sergeants had gone up to the rooftop against the company commander’s orders to find her wedding rings.

The sudden rise and tragic death of Maggie Dixon brought attention to the powerful connection between the athletes at West Point. In 2009, Mechelle wrote about Oklahoma’s Caton Hill who followed her father and uncle into the army.

The stories are still there. From Missouri’s News-Leader: Kinga Kiss-Johnson: Getting her life back – Despite wartime injuries, former Lady Bear returns to sports.

Kinga Kiss-Johnson is used to standing above a crowd.

The former Missouri State women’s basketball player stands 6-foot-7, the tallest player in team history. She was the tallest service member in her U.S. Army company when she took the oath of citizenship to the United States in 2007.

And now, three years after suffering devastating neck, back and brain injuries in Afghanistan, she’s one of the tallest on her new basketball team, the Augusta (Ga.) Bulldogs of the National Wheelchair Basketball Association, one of two sports she has picked up since her accident.

“It’s given me back my basketball life, a little piece of my life back,” Kiss-Johnson said.

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