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The Liberty lost to the Mystics 46-79. 46 points. In an entire game. Ugh.

Chiney-less (tooth issue) Sun put up a fight, but MIP candiate Allie Quigley did her part (17pts) to help the Sky stay within reach — and then EP came alive to lift the Sky to a 16pt.

The teams shot 39.7% and 36.9%, so of course it would be a layup that would decide the game. Minny’s just lucky that hand belonged to Augustus and not Indy’s Larkins.

Soooo… a friend tried to say that Phoenix “spanked” the Dream. I countered, saying that an 8-point comeback win over de Souza-less Dream was no “spanking.” Now, surely, BG smacked’em around a bit (9 blocks), but DT had to lead the Merc on a comeback to get the win over Atlanta.

30 from Sims (a clear ROY candidate) helped Tulsa get a nice win over Los Angeles.

If you’re looking for some basketball tonight, check out the live feed from Colorado  – US U18 v Mexico.

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how important you are to your team.

Sucks, though, for your team., whe you can’t play. The Prince-less Sky fall to the Taurasi-Taylor-and-Dupree-less but Bonner-rooful Merc.

That’s four losses in a row for Chicago – luckily they play in the East, which hosts the ever loss-reliable Mystics. (A flagrant AND a tech? Sounds like folks are cranky.) Off to see if the Lib can hold up their end of the bargain as they face Sue’s Storm.

The Shock like to score. The Dream like to score more.

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“Yes, I did, Ethel, but alas, I read it too late. I was not in attendance at the Lib game against the Mystics as it was my bowling night. Knocking down pins caused me to miss out on commiserating with a visiting Mystics fan.”

“I don’t see the need to commiserate. The Lib won, Fred.”

“Yes, Ethel, but don’t lose sight of the big picture…”


“The book. The Libs playbook!”

“Oooooh. I get it. The Mystics HAVE stolen a page out of the Dive playbook.”

“Because, as that dear Washington fan said, ‘ I will be rooting for the Liberty, because the only way the Mystics have a chance to get a new coach is if they lose!”

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