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FGCU will become full-fledged member of NCAA Divison I today


It was a peculiar sight for then-Florida Gulf Coast University junior third baseman Cheyenne Jenks when she first saw how ESPN labeled her school as the men’s basketball team made its first appearance on ESPN’s ticker the night of Nov. 12, 2007.

Then-men’s hoops coachDave Balza was hot. So was then-athletic director Carl McAloose, who had his sports information director clear things up with ESPN.

Sort of.

ESPN’s solution? “FL GLF CST.”

“That was infuriating,” McAloose said. “You finally get on the ticker and nobody knows what the heck they’re talking about.”

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in the WNIT Round One Pt. 1.

Check out Lady Swish for the Liberty and ODU breakdown.

Here’s what’s on tap for tonight:

Thursday, March 17
Lehigh at St. Bonaventure, 7 p.m. EST

Monmouth at Syracuse, 7 p.m. EST
Michigan at Eastern Michigan, 7 p.m. EST
UNC Wilmington at Richmond, 7 p.m. EST
Boston College at Yale, 7 p.m. EST
VCU at St. Joseph’s, 7 p.m. EST
Morgan State at Virginia, 7 p.m. EST
Kent State at Duquesne, 7 p.m. EST
Arizona at Utah State, 7:30 p.m. EST
Oral Roberts at TCU, 7:30 p.m. EST
Lamar at Arkansas, 8 p.m. EST
Southern at Tulane, 8 p.m. EST
Creighton at Northwestern, 8 p.m. EST
Auburn at Tennessee Tech, 8 p.m. EST
Central Michigan at Illinois State, 8:05 p.m. EST
Rice at Missouri State, 8:05 p.m. EST
Alabama at Memphis, 8:05 p.m. EST
UC Riverside at Colorado, 9 p.m. EST
Denver at BYU, 9:30 p.m. EST
UC Santa Barbara at Southern Cal, 10 p.m. EST
Nevada at St. Mary’s CA, 10 p.m. EST
California at Cal Poly, 10:05 p.m. EST
Friday, March 18
UMBC at Florida, 7 p.m. EST

Drexel at FGCU, 7:05 p.m. EST

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As shown by their work last year, the Stanford video folk have great creative minds. Check out their latest: lacrossquetball!

Oh, and have you read about the Cardinal wrestling team’s latest recruit? It’s “The Terror.” I gotta say, The Terror looks SO familiar….

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Hogg, Taylor Recall Techsters Beginning at National Championship Reunion Luncheon – Packed house hear about the very beginnings of the storied program

A sense of nostalgia filled the banquet room at Squire Creek Country Club Saturday afternoon as hundreds of Louisiana Tech basketball fans turned out for a luncheon honoring members of the Lady Techsters three national championship teams.

Memorabilia filled two tables taking Lady Techster fans old and new back three decades to the first of the three national championship titles when LA Tech defeated Tennessee 79-59 on March 29, 1981.

Original footage from all three national title games rolled off a projector against a screen in the room, which included game footage as well as postgame interviews with players such as Jennifer White, Angela Turner, Teresa Weatherspoon and more.

BTW, thanks to Spoon, the LaTech program has a future: they’re unbeaten in the WAC.

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When you get a chance, make sure you scan Kim’s TV Schedule page. You never know what’s going to sneak on in your area. For instance, on the bill for this weekend (all in Central Time):

Iowa State at Baylor……….11:00am……….Fox Sports Net
Ohio at Akron……….11:00am……….SportsTime Ohio/Comcast/Comcast SportsNet
Tampa at Lynn……….11:00am……….CBS College Sports
UConn at Notre Dame……….1:00……….CBS
Wyoming at New Mexico……….1:00……….CBS College Sports
Albany at Hartford……….2:00……….CTSN
Ohio State at Iowa……….3:00……….CBS
DePaul at St. John’s……….3:00……….Big East Network
Southern California at UCLA……….3:30……….Fox Sports Net
Southern Utah at UMKC……….4:00……….KSMO
Utah at San Diego State……….4:30……….The Mtn.
Texas Tech at Kansas……….7:00……….Metro Sports
Missouri State at Bradley……….7:05……….Ozarks CW
LA Tech at Hawaii……….9:00……….KFVE
Minnesota at Wisconsin……….TBA……….Big Ten Network
Pitt at Louisville……….11:00am……….ESPNU
Ole Miss at Tennessee……….11:00am……….CSS
North Carolina at Boston College……….12:00……….Comcast SportsNet/Fox Sports Net/NESN
James Madison at Old Dominion……….1:00……..CSN+ (Check out Dawn Evans)
Georgia at Kentucky……….1:00……….ESPNU
Oklahoma State at Kansas State……….2:30……….Fox Sports Net
Arkansas at Mississippi State……….3:30……….Fox Sports Net
Tulane at UAB……….4:00……….ESPN2
UTEP at Marshall……….4:00……….CSS/CBS College Sports
James Madison at Old Dominion (tape delay)……….5:00……….Comcast Sports Net/The Comcast Channel PA
Dayton at Xavier……….6:00……….ESPNU
UAB at Central Florida……….6:00……….Bright House Sports Network

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If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to catch Burnt Orange v. Cardinal today in a variety of forms at 3:30 p.m. ET




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A Rarity in Women’s Basketball; Duke Leads the Way

Well, every so often Duke Women’s Basketball releases a question and answer style update on the life of a former player. Most (though not all) of these “Catching Up” pieces ask a question about the alumna’s spouse and kids. It’s a pretty heteronormative question and I always wondered if they only asked it of straight athletes (I sort of figured that they only asked it if they knew that person was in fact married, though I don’t know this for a fact). But what about a player who was in a committed same-sex partnership? Would Duke Women’s Basketball ask former players they knew to have a partner about this aspect of their lives, the same as they ask their straight counterparts? Or would it be a matter of reporting on the relationships of the straight athletes while simply not reporting on the “love lives” of any LGB-identified former players, thereby ignoring any same-sex relationships?

Well, I’m here to applaud Duke Women’s Basketball, GoDuke.com and Nicole Erickson!

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“We want to learn from the men’s side — what to do and not what to do.”


Eastern Michigan self-reports 4 major NCAA violations in women’s basketball program, suspends coach, punishes others

The report also indicates that evidence suggests that players were instructed to lie by Eastern Michigan assistant coach Darin Thrun once coaches learned compliance officials were examining team practices.

The report states that players were told Thrun would be fired if the truth came out as to how long they had practiced. Thrun reportedly told players to tell compliance officers they practiced two hours and to tell them, “this, this and this.” Players were also told to tell officials that they had not watched film or worked out.

Players said they felt like they had been “put in the middle.”

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From the Daily News: Clyde Frazier, Sr. keeps son’s memory alive by running the Slam Jam tournament he founded

Clyde Frazier Sr. stares out at the fading lines on the basketball court at PS 192 Renaissance Playground in Harlem. For the better part of the last decade, Frazier has spent his retirement keeping the Slam Jam girls basketball league that his son, Clyde Jr., founded in 1994 from falling apart.

At the scorer’s table, Melanie Murphy, the last player to touch the ball in last spring’s NCAA Women’s Final Four, keeps score while her sister, Monique, handles the clock. Their mother, Rochelle, who is the athletic director at Nazareth HS in Brooklyn, is the tournament director. Along with some other volunteers, the Murphy family was instrumental in reviving the tournament this summer.

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on the men’s side.

From ESPN’s Dana O’Neil: What’s wrong with college basketball? In a survey of 20 high-profile coaches, the shadiness of the recruiting trail is exposed

The image of college basketball has taken a beating in recent years, with rumors, murmurs and innuendo about cheating spreading like wildfire. Cynics believe no one is trying to follow the NCAA rulebook and that the game has fallen victim to the begging hands of agents, runners and hangers-on looking to collect on the next NBA star.

Is it that bad? What are the real problems? And is the NCAA doing enough to fix those problems?

To get the answers, ESPN.com went to the sources. During the EYBL Peach Jam last week, we interviewed 20 high-profile head coaches, representing each of the six power conferences. With the promise of full anonymity, we asked them to tell the truth about their sport.

And they did.

What are the concerns on the women’s side? CIVIL WARS: Keeping the Recruiting Battles Clean –

But asking coaches about the severity of recruiting violations or the prevalence of negative recruiting in women’s basketball can be a bit like trying to pin down a ghost: there are feelings, but not a lot of concrete evidence.

“A lot of things that we hear are either told to us by a scholastic or summer league coach,” explained Tulane head coach Lisa Stockton. “It’s basically hearsay, so it’s difficult to prove.”

“It’s a shame, but I think there are a lot of violations,” admitted Notre Dame coach Muffet McGraw. “A lot of people are concerned about the ethics in women’s basketball, but it seems like more and more people are cheating. I think the common perception is that they’re cheating because you can get away with it. And they’re getting away with it because nobody’s turning them in.”

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How can reality find its place in college sports?
There are those times when you read about the way something used to be and think, “How could it have gone on like that for so long?”

I wonder if that will someday be the case in regard to the desperately clung-to concept of “amateurism” in the two college sports that produce revenue in the larger conferences: football and men’s basketball. There is really nothing “amateur” about either one, yet the facade is fiercely defended _ by those who benefit enormously from it, and by those who wish to live in a dream world devoid of practical sense and economic reality.

Programs are punished and athletes’ reputations are tarnished because of this, and every story of the latest program “exposed” just irritates me more. Not because of the athlete who “gave into temptation” and took money from an agent. But because of the system that profits off that athlete’s talent while condemning him for wanting to do the same.

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