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It’s stunning how universally (with one notable exception) the dismay has been in reaction to Dolan hiring Thomas. More from the New York Times: James Dolan Gives an Executive Another Shot, Deserved or Not

Who among us does not believe in repentance and second chances? I called to ask the Garden about Thomas and the boss.

Have the two men repented? Do they have second thoughts? Or have they rethought their first thoughts?

This email statement arrived in my inbox:

Several problems arise here. The facts of the Browne harassment case are no longer “allegations.” A jury verdict is not a friendly tap on your shoulder or advice whispered in your ear. You appeal a verdict or accept it, at which point, like freshly poured concrete, it quickly hardens into accepted fact.

After the verdict, Dolan and Thomas made a show of suggesting that the jury was gullible and that they would appeal. “I’m very innocent,” Thomas said immediately afterward, tapping his chest for emphasis. “I will appeal.”

He did not.

I have no idea if the WNBA has the spine to resist the peevish oligarch that is Dolan – nor what the possible consequences might be (no more Lib). But, in the court of public and published opinion, they sure have a solid base from which to make a stand.

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at Swish Appeal: What Each WNBA Team Do In 2012, Pt. 2: Playoff Teams That Might Not Be Championship Caliber Yet

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  • Second. Chance. Points.
  • The Dream are an intriguing mix of high speed guards and large, tree-like posts.
  • Well, we had the Expected, the Elders but nothing much from the Unexpecteds.
  • Coach M did a great job keeping the young Dream focused and prepped.
  • I would love an explanation of the double-foul/jump ball call.
  • Not for nothing, but the Dream are “I never fouled” Drama Queens.
  • ’cause it bears repeating: Second. Chance. Points.

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Preview time!

From Q: Liberty vs. Dream ECF Preview: Why New York Needs Kia Vaughn To Play Well

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The Lib are on the west coast and they have a game-preview article? Libs sail into eye of the Storm by Tim Bontemps.

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