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It’s called parity, my friends.

That’s a capital P
And it ends with TY
And it spells… last one standing gets into the playoffs.

Or, as Michelle Smith explains: Trio continues to set pace in WNBA – Atlanta, Minnesota, Phoenix are league’s only teams with winning records

Been off for a few weeks, watching this WNBA season purely as a fan and wondering what every fan must be: Where are all the winning teams?

As of Monday, three teams have winning records and one additional squad sits at .500. That leaves eight teams with losing records.

Is this mediocrity? Is it parity? Is it good for the league?

The postseason will hold the answers. Will we see blowouts and one or two teams dominating the playoffs? Or will someone other than Phoenix, Minnesota and Atlanta emerge?

In the meantime, here are the Week 11 power rankings. The Mercury and Lynx have clinched playoff berths already.

Speaking of teams hoping for a playoff berth, John Altavilla says It’s Crunch Time For Sun As Season Winds Down

Jayda speaks with Penny.

Q: Was Ross blindsided? She was the coach of the year in 2012 and signed a contract extension in February.

Toler: If you’re not winning and your team’s not successful and you were picked as one of the favorites (to win the WNBA title), are you blindsided by it? With the fans, we’re in LA, they were calling for it (the firing) after four games. It’s my job to protect the coach but when other decisions are made, it’s my job to carry out those orders.

Dawn is busy in Colorado with the U-18 team. She gets to work with this kid from Missouri who seems pretty good: Competitiveness An Inherited Trait For USA U18 Guard Napheesa Collier

Random Rant: Oh, lordy, get me a bat: it’s the mission of the Houston Inferno to break the stereotype that women cannot be athletic and feminine.


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but one has to wonder, “Why does the GM still have a job?” Followed by, “Wait, you think she’s going to do a better job?”

Mechelle breaks the news.

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Yah, it doesn’t scan but it’s the musical thought that counts!

More “remember whens” from Melissa Rohlin at the LA Times: WNBA celebrates 15 seasons (Photo: Ooooo, it’s Penny and Sophia — and Sophia is wearing classic NY black. Sigh. I miss those uniforms BIG time.)

Even players were skeptical at first.

Sparks forward Tina Thompson was a USC senior in 1997 and hoped to attend law school when she received a call from a WNBA official inviting her to play for the fledgling league. Worried the WNBA wouldn’t survive long, she hesitated.

“I wanted to make sure this was solid before I walked away from everything I had been working toward,” Thompson recalled. Hours before the draft, she decided to take a chance.

She doesn’t have any regrets.

In a similar vein, Jayda Q&As with Penny Toler (And check this note from the editor: Seattle Times reporter Jayda Evans will have a weekly conversation with a WNBA newsmaker. )

Q: So, the first made WNBA shot was a baseline drive in the corner on the Great Western Forum court. What do you remember about that play?

Penny Toler: I scored it on Vickie Johnson, who’s now a coach down in San Antonio. It was a pull-up and I was lucky to hit it because there were some shots taken before. Everybody always asks me about the first shot, but there was a lady named Daedra Charles-Furlow on the Sparks. She’s an assistant coach now at Tennessee. We ran the play and … Daedra just caught the ball and shot it real quick. Not once, but twice. After the game, when reporters asked me about the shot, I said, “Daedra, you were trying to make the first basket in history, weren’t you?” She said, “Yes, I sure was!”

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Vin writes: WNBA Reaches A Milestone With Its 15th Anniversary

Lisa Leslie remembers her surprise at the big arenas and luxurious locker rooms. Rebecca Lobo, Penny Toler and Teresa Weatherspoon recall the excitement of finally getting to play before family and friends. For everyone involved in the WNBA’s first game in 1997, there was also plenty of nervousness to go around.

With the New York Liberty facing the Los Angeles Sparks on Tuesday, the matchup falls on the anniversary of the game the teams played to begin the league’s inaugural season. Now in its 15th year, the WNBA has outlasted an early rival, endured a struggling economy and overcome naysayers perennially predicting its doom.

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