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Especially if you’re Parker and the LA Sparks, who started on such a high against the Sun, and then boom. They took it to overtime against the Silver Stars, but that was all they wrote.

And especially if you’re Chicago, who saw their star end up on crutches. The Fever took advantage and Indy righted the ship with a nice win over the Sky.

In other news, another Connecticut writer weighs in on the suit v. Auriemma: Hardwick’s story about Auriemma hard to believe.

It’s hard to figure out this mess. I, too, have a hard time believing the accusations. One, I can’t imagine USA Basketball (in the form of Carol Callan) standing for the kind of crap Auriemma is accused of. At USA Basketball, they  take decorum beyond seriously. It’s never about “just getting the best so the US can win.” It’s about getting people who understand that the red, white and blue (and the gold) is IT. You mess with that ethos, it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever don the colors again.

Also, while I am in no way “in” in the world of women’s basketball, I know enough to know it’s a small world and there are VERY few secrets. People may know about unethical and immoral behavior and not do anything about it (witness Rene Portland and Penn State), but there’s little that the coaches,  writers and (some) fans don’t know. Across the board it seems people are saying, “Say what?” I keep waiting for the skeletons to appear.

That being said, just because there appears to be no pattern doesn’t mean what is alleged didn’t happen.

Wisest course of action: avoid a rush to judgment and wait for this thing to either play out in court or at the discussion table..

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PSU again deficient in leadership – In its dealings with Rene Portland, administration also failed to be proactive, vigilant

I don’t want to pile on Penn State, knowing the majority of people there and the alums are totally aghast at the current disaster. Nor do I want to equate what happened with the women’s basketball program under Portland to what apparently happened with the football program. As reprehensible as many found the things that Portland did and said in regard to lesbian (or perceived lesbian) student-athletes, what Sandusky is alleged to have done is in its own isolated dungeon of horrific crime.

But the situations are linked in this way: The leadership at Penn State was lacking, and many of the same key people — such as Curley and Spanier — were involved.


To me, the almost casual way Penn State handled its defense and support of Portland throughout her career signaled that the school didn’t take any allegations against her very seriously. What I wrote in October 2006 reflected the frustration many outside observers had about the school’s attitude regarding complaints about Portland: It took a quarter-century of people not speaking out, or looking the other way, or rationalizing that led to Portland having complete belief in her dictatorial power.

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is beyond horrible.

But why, considering the ethical and moral shame that was Rene Portland’s tenure, is anyone surprised that Penn State staff and administration would put sports and coaches above the well-being of students and children?

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If you have not seen Training Rules yet, do. It’s a thoughtful, heartbreaking and important movie about the embarrassment that was Rene Portland’s tenure at Penn State.

You can now get it streaming at Netflix.

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comments: The Rebkellians have been all over this.

From Queerty – Free of an agenda, except that gay one: Why Did 28 Players + Coaches Quit Indiana University’s Women’s Basketball Team? Its Anti-Lez Coach, Perhaps

For those who are hearing echos, consider downloading Training Rules on iTunes – 14.99 to buy, 3.99 to rent. Even if you think you “know” the story, please consider taking the time to watch. As some of the Rebkellians write:

I just got done watching Training Rules, and about my only comment is: Shocked

How the hell did that get allowed to happen for so long? I am well past stunned on the surprise scale.

I clearly give the 21st century waaay too much credit.


The attitude and behaviors the film typified certainly have not magically just disappeared, but seem to have just become more veiled and discrete.
And, perhaps, coded.

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