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from the NY Times: 

Only 21 states have laws barring employers from refusing to hire people or firing them because of their sexual orientation, and only 16 of those have inclusive workplace nondiscrimination laws that cover bisexual and transgender people as well as gays and lesbians.

Mr. Collins’s announcement coincided with the reintroduction in the House and Senate of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, an overdue measure to outlaw employment discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. It has been stalled in Congress for years. But the idea that job applicants and employees should be judged on their professional credentials and the caliber of their work, and not be penalized because of who they are, is a basic fairness principle, and one that polls indicate most Americans support.

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The unavoidable question

As in the previous discussion about race, coaches did not want to think that sexual orientation is an issue in recruiting, but it is at the very least a consideration, albeit one that depends on situation and context.

When ESPN HoopGurlz asked more than 20 college head and assistant coaches or recruiting coordinators whether a prospect’s sexual orientation should be a factor in her recruitment, all were adamant that it should not be. Yet, when the discussions progressed, it turned out that sexual orientation, in some situations, could have an impact.

“It does matter,” said the head coach referenced above. “I’m being honest.”

Another said, “It’s an unavoidable question.”

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and this time it’s a “real” reporter, not an AP report. Lesbian Coach’s Exit From Belmont U. Has Nashville Talking

Still, some see a continuing identity crisis — on the one hand, the university has long had a reputation as conservative and Christian, a reputation safeguarded by the board of trustees, which includes several Baptist ministers; on the other hand, Belmont has aggressively earned a reputation as a progressive, artsy place to study the music business.

“What are we trying to do?” asked Cassidy Hodges, a senior. “It’s kind of back and forth, push and pull, between what we want at the university.”

That identity crisis is now in full public view.

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picks up the AP article: Belmont Faces Criticism for Gay Coach’s Departure

Students at Belmont University protested the departure of the women’s soccer coach again on Wednesday, calling on the school to make amends after her players say she was let go for telling them she is expecting a child with her same-sex partner.

A crowd that included some of Lisa Howe’s former players held a three-hour protest Wednesday afternoon pushing for a change allowing for freedom of sexual orientation. Mike Curb, a music industry executive and major donor to the private Christian school, wants Belmont to rehire Howe and “act like Christians.”

As noted in an earlier post:

You can contact President Fisher at bob.fisher@belmont.edu and 615-460-6793. The Athletic Director, Mike Strickland can be reached at mike.strickland@belmont.edu or 615-460-5547.

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