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Yah, it doesn’t scan but it’s the musical thought that counts!

More “remember whens” from Melissa Rohlin at the LA Times: WNBA celebrates 15 seasons (Photo: Ooooo, it’s Penny and Sophia — and Sophia is wearing classic NY black. Sigh. I miss those uniforms BIG time.)

Even players were skeptical at first.

Sparks forward Tina Thompson was a USC senior in 1997 and hoped to attend law school when she received a call from a WNBA official inviting her to play for the fledgling league. Worried the WNBA wouldn’t survive long, she hesitated.

“I wanted to make sure this was solid before I walked away from everything I had been working toward,” Thompson recalled. Hours before the draft, she decided to take a chance.

She doesn’t have any regrets.

In a similar vein, Jayda Q&As with Penny Toler (And check this note from the editor: Seattle Times reporter Jayda Evans will have a weekly conversation with a WNBA newsmaker. )

Q: So, the first made WNBA shot was a baseline drive in the corner on the Great Western Forum court. What do you remember about that play?

Penny Toler: I scored it on Vickie Johnson, who’s now a coach down in San Antonio. It was a pull-up and I was lucky to hit it because there were some shots taken before. Everybody always asks me about the first shot, but there was a lady named Daedra Charles-Furlow on the Sparks. She’s an assistant coach now at Tennessee. We ran the play and … Daedra just caught the ball and shot it real quick. Not once, but twice. After the game, when reporters asked me about the shot, I said, “Daedra, you were trying to make the first basket in history, weren’t you?” She said, “Yes, I sure was!”

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