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looking for your next head coach.

COY Pac-12: Scott Rueck. Before he got to Oregon State, he was head coach of Division III’s George Fox.

COY Big East: Kim Barnes Arico. Before she got to St. John’s, she was head coach of Division II’s Adelphi.

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humiliation, it’s important to notice the real moments of human kindness and generosity. For instance, Vanderbilt’s Melanie Balcomb gives LSU senior a gift

Prior to last week’s Vanderbilt-LSU game in Baton Rouge, LSU Coach Nikki Caldwell asked Vanderbilt’s Melanie Balcomb for a favor.

Caldwell wanted senior guard Destini Hughes to start the game on senior night with four other seniors. Hughes had not played since suffering a knee injury Jan. 19.

Then, there was this, a few years ago, but coming to light now after St. John’s Smith nailed the 3 that snapped UConn’s 99-game winning streak:

The relationship between Auriemma and Smith originated at Big East Media Day in New York City during her freshman year in 2009-10. Barnes Arico had brought her along and Smith asked her if she could introduce her to Auriemma. “She always looked up to him,’’ Barnes Arico said. “She always idolized him. He’s the greatest coach in the game. I have a good relationship with him so I brought her over to him and they chatted and she was just in awe afterwards.’’

The two talked again at Big East Media Day in 2010. This time the meeting was again set up by Barnes Arico. She felt that Smith needed some guidance. And she felt that Auriemma was the perfect candidate to get Smith on the right path to success.

“She was going through a lot of struggles and she had her little bumps in the road,’’ Barnes Arico said. “People were trying to get in her mind and people were trying to do different things with her. She was struggling. And I said to Coach (Auriemma), `Coach, can you grab Shenneika for a minute? Can you talk to her for a minute?’ He did and that kind of turned the kid around. She’s the greatest kid ever and the commitment she’s made to our program and the strides that she has made are tremendous. He really pumped her up. He gave her a bit of confidence and he really made her feel good. She came back and she was a different player.’’

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Win, and win big.

From a UConn fan:

Kim Barnes Arico on WFAN (Francesa). She’s being interviewed by Mike right now (3:10 EST). Glad she and her program are enjoying some attention. (On the flip side, as many of you know, Francesa hardly EVER has any coverage of WCBB. So of course a NY team beating us is HUGE news. She’s giving a lot of credit to Geno for being gracious in defeat. She mentioned how Geno helped her in the profession and when he saw her later after the game pressers he was still very complimentary and congratulatory.

And another: Kim also mentioned that Geno texted her a few times that night on their bus ride home. They play WV tomorrow. Will be a tough one.

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We’ve known for a while that the teams had changed — and kinda knew who the were. Finally, confirmation: Summitt’s Lady Vols to play in Maggie Dixon Classic

The card:
Baylor v. St. John’s
Tennessee v. DePaul
Some where I saw the games listed for an 11am start.

Over the last few years I’ve corralled a huge group of random fans (45+ last year) to attend the Classic. I’ve been fortunate enough to snag great seats ($40-$45) and it would be my pleasure to help anyone interested in attending avoid Ticketscalper fees.
Just drop me a line (womenshoopsblog @ gmail.com) and we’ll celebrate Maggie, Pat and all the good things women’s basketball has given us.

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but lost track of it.

From Katie Thomas at the New York Times (and no, you can’t blame the zebras, but you might want to call the AFLAC duck): St. John’s Women Start With 10, Finish With 4

The St. John’s women’s basketball coach, Kim Barnes Arico, called her players into a huddle late in a game last weekend. With 2 minutes 13 seconds left and the Red Storm beating Southern Mississippi by 34 points, she instructed her players not to worry about scoring — just run down the clock.

The sophomore guard Eugeneia McPherson jogged onto the court at Carnesecca Arena, then turned back to Barnes Arico in disbelief. “Coach, you know there’s only four of us,” she said.

“Yeah, I knew that,” Barnes Arico replied with a chuckle. “That’s why I called you over.”

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