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Baylor’s stomping of Grambling State (Sims), Louisville’s smothering of Loyola (Swoopes’ coaching debut) or UConn’s smooshing of Hartford (front court)…except Connecticut does meet up with Stanford on Monday… and, while the Cardinal (Ogwumike) did exit Boston with a victory over Boston College, I’m going to give a stink eye to their defense in the second half.

Not much to say about Notre Dame’s (Loyddismissal of UNC-Wilmington, other than it’s a great opportunity for the “other” players to get experience as they await the return of the injured.

So, Iona, I see we should keep an eye on you.

Debbie would have enjoyed the Ducks/Bakersfield game: 131-91.

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Some Stanford fans (and probably staff and players) were probably muttering something about, “Yah, but who’ve they’d played?” as they watched the Bruins climb up and (in one case) over them in the polls.

Well, they certainly hadn’t played the Cardinal, who blew UCLA out last night, 64-38.

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UConn fans were wearing their “Sveta Shirts.”

Now, Stanford fans can sport a “Hecka Nneka”-t.

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Cal Q and A, Part I: A Look At Stanford After Beating UConn

Happy New Year to you (And it is indeed a happy one, as we are still basking in the glow of Stanford beating UConn).

The folks over at California Golden Blogs sent us some Stanford Women’s basketball questions in honor of Stanford traveling to Cal to start PAC-10 play. Here are their questions and our long and rambling answers. At the end are our questions back to them, which we will post in Part II.

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Mechelle writes: Cardinal cut into UConn’s invincibility

But, other than the streak being over, does this loss really mean anything substantial? Well, if nothing else, it gives this season a different feel.

We’ll see if the rest of UConn’s opponents feel that way. Certainly, if people are thinking that (2003) history is repeating itself, we all remember what happened after Villanova snapped Taurasi and her Tenderfoots’ 70 game winning streak.

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Oh, gosh, it sure is. I mean, just check out the ratings for the Stanford-UConn game: Streak Ending UConn-Stanford Nets Highest-Rated Regular-Season Women’s Basketball Rating Ever

Next time someone mouths that silly comment, I’m just going to tell’em to stuff it.

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found this blog:

what was the betting line on december 30, 2010 between uconn and stanford ncaa womens basketball?


lady huskies loose string

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to prepare for tonight’s game (thanks HuskyNan):

UConn women face rigid test in Stanford, Post
UConn women’s game day, Post
UConn vs Stanford: Two streaks on line, Courant
No. 1 UConn vs No. 9 Stanford, Courant
Stanford poses biggest threat to streak, Register

90 game streak on line at sold out Stanford arena, Day
Huskies have hands full tonight, Bulletin
Could this be the game?, Bulletin
Sun turn a profit, make history, Mike DiMauro, Day
Two streaks at stake in UConn-Stanford matchup, San Jose Mercury News

Winning streak on line, UConn steels for fight at Stanford, Fan House
Record 90-game victory streak on line as Connecticut women face Stanford, Bloomberg
A winning streak is a winning streak, Minneapolis Star Tribune
Something must give in UConn-Stanford matchup, USA Today

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I honestly thought that Baylor would stop the streak — and they probably should have, if BG suddenly hadn’t got a case of the free-throw yips.

So, maybe it’s the Cardinal’s turn. (Thursday, ESPN2 @ 9pmEST) Wise money has been looking at this game for a while with itchy palms. Both teams have come off of “important” moments (the streak, 800 wins), both teams have had a post-Xmas game to get back in the groove (Stanford in particular). Let’s hope for a game that was as much fun as the Bears/Huskies match up that launched this season with a bang.

From Mechelle (nice shot of two fabulous athletes on the ESPN.com front page, btw): Stage set for UConn-Stanford clash – Game we’ve all been waiting for finally arrives with both teams playing at high level

“It has become something you look forward to every year,” Auriemma said of UConn-Stanford matchups. “You know how that happens? It’s because you play them a lot of times in a short period of time.”

From The Olympian: Stanford women set stage for UConn showdown

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by reminding everyone of Michelle’s Left Coast Hoops. Visit, and you’ll catch Highlights from Tara VanDerveer’s Tuesday press conference

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