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To grow a woman’s basketball program takes more than recruiting and knowing your X’s and O’s. It takes long hours marketing, working crowds, building relationships with local businesses and movers and shakers, and the support of your administration.

And, of course, it takes money. So it’s been cool that the NCAA has provided grants to help programs improve. The University of Dayton is one of the grantees:

Jahrling detailed in the proposal that UD has created such a strong program, and they could really use extra funding to increase awareness, exposure and attendance. More than half of the money received will be spent on video shoots in order to promote the girls and encourage future recruitment in the community.

“We really have a good product on the court, and we want to showcase that talent to everyone here and nationally,” she said.

Out of the 88 schools who applied for this grant, only 12 received some aid in the end. Jabir feels that along with the proposal written by Jahrling and Harper, his team’s recent success proves the opportunity this institution has to become a national spectacle.

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