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You’re going to have to wait a week for the Seattle Times’ feature on Laurel Richie, but you can check out the vast media coverage below:

First, read the teleconference transcription at the .com (’cause it’s always fun to see what writers pick out).

Next, from Kelly Hines (not Lynn?) at the Tulsa World: WNBA president Laurel Richie calls league a ‘terrific product’

“I am learning along the way,” she said during a media teleconference Tuesday. ” … I have been a viewer of (WNBA) games, not necessarily an attender of games.”

From Vin at the AP: Richie set to take over as WNBA president

Laurel Richie acknowledged she doesn’t know a lot about the WNBA’s history. Still, days after being hired as the WNBA’s third president, she called it a ‘dream job.'”I am learning along the way,” Richie said Tuesday on a national conference call with reporters. “I have been, as part of the interviewing process, spending lots of time with many, many people with the NBA and WNBA. I am on that learning curve.”

In contemplating why she previously wasn’t a ticket-buying WNBA fan, Richie pinpoints the fact that she was “not necessarily being approached.” Meaning she felt like the league hadn’t made an effective concerted effort to reach people who weren’t already largely predisposed to being women’s basketball fans.

“So what I want to think about is, how do we reach out to people and engage them?” Richie said. “Versus assuming or putting the burden on them to come and grab us.”

From Mel: The Business of New WNBA President Richie Will Be — Business

For those who have watched the WNBA evolve into its forthcoming 15th season there were few surprises out of new president Laurel J. Richie’s introductory teleconference with the national media Tuesday afternoon.When Donna Orender, the second WNBA president and successor to Val Ackerman, announced her resignation last fall, officials in the hybrid connectivity of the NBA and WNBA targeted the next leader to be someone with a strong business and marketing background to rebrand the league.

I’ve maintained since the beginning of the WNBA’s search for a new president that someone from outside the women’s basketball world would be a good idea.

An “outsider” would presumably bring some fresh ideas, a frame of reference free from historical inertia, and perhaps a critical eye on some practices that have become accepted as common sense.

The NBA’s search committee took that reasoning to its extreme with its choice for the league’s third president to succeed Donna Orender.

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