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Seattle: Jayda is Catching up with Storm All-Star Sue Bird

A benefit to the WNBA starting training camp later is most players have trickled into their respective cities earlier to begin one-on-one workouts and get settled. (In the past, camp started in April with season-openers hovering around mid-May). For Storm PG Sue Bird, that means moving to a new home in Queen Anne and reuniting with teammate Lauren Jackson, who Bird hasn’t seen since winter.

It’s the first time in five years that Bird hasn’t returned a champion from some nether-region, however. There was the 2010 FIBA World Championships title in October, but Bird’s Russian team, Spartak, placed second in EuroLeague and the country’s postseason.

Cali: From C&R: VanDerveer honored at BAWSI’s Sportsapolooza

Stanford Women’s Basketball Coach Tara VanDerveer was honored at the Bay Area Women’s Sports Initiative’s first annual Sportsapolooza. Also honored was BAWSI co-founder and soccer legend Brandi Chastain. Sportsapolooza was a fundraiser for BAWSI held at Santa Clara’s Leavey Center May 4th of this year.

Cali: Remember the student crankiness that was happening over at UCLA over shuffling up to the cheap seats: Students vote to reject new seating arrangement at Pauley Pavilion

Ohio: Mom and coach knows meaning of family

Family isn’t always defined by genealogical trees — names scratched out on paper, its branches stretching back generations into history.

Sometimes, family is defined with X’s and O’s — plays drawn up on a clipboard during a critical time-out. Sometimes, family has less to do with the name on the back of the jersey and more to do with the name on the front of it.

If anyone knows exactly what “family” is, it would be Suzy Venet Pietz.

Minny: A Mother’s Day to celebrate: Minnesota Lynx’s Taj McWilliams-Franklin has kept her family and career intact

Taj McWilliams-Franklin had 50 offers to play Division I basketball as a high school senior in Augusta, Ga.

Then she learned she was pregnant.

There were college and high school coaches who told her that raising the baby would be a mistake and would derail her basketball career. They said she should give up the child for adoption. She ignored them. She decided to raise the child on her own, and the scholarship offers all but dried up.

Connecticut: For Lobo, It’s All In A Mother’s Day

Siobhan Rushin was watching her older cousins play basketball on Easter.

“I bet my mom would be good at this game,” she told them. “She played basketball in college.”

Her mother, Rebecca Lobo, laughs when she tells that story. Her four children, ages 6 months to 6 years, delight her. They exasperate her. She, who never yelled before having kids, yells at least twice a day now (“Will you stop doing that. I already told you 10 times to stop!”). Or she wonders if her head is going to explode because her two oldest are quarreling. Again.

From the Title IX blog: One week later

Many, many responses to last week’s NYT piece by Katie Thomas on the fudging of Title IX numbers by colleges and universities.

A related piece, with a h/t to Swish Appeal (and a concern that Forbes would allow the sentence “As I’ve eluded to, things are a little easier in the SEC and Big Ten where football and men’s basketball make enough profit to cover all the other sports.”) Does Football Fund Other Sports At College Level?

BusinessofCollegeSports.com last week we looked at the Top 25 recipients of student activity fees. As I researched, I was looking for a correlation between those who rely on student fees and football profit. Then someone asked me how sports outside of football and men’s basketball impact a school’s athletic department budget. So, I did a little digging.

First, let me say that it is generally true that football, and sometimes men’s basketball, subsidizes a (sometimes large) portion of the expenses for other teams. It doesn’t matter if we’re looking at a team from Conference USA or the SEC. Accordingly, I pulled numbers for several of the top student fee recipients, both in terms of dollars and percentage, an SEC school, a Big Ten school and Cal-Berkeley because of their recent fundraising efforts to save five sports.

In the charts that follow, you will see a breakdown of the revenue and expenses for football, men’s and women’s basketball and the catchall for the rest of the varsity sports, “Other Sports”.

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