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it’s hard not to read stuff into results.

Like maybe North Carolina’s got something goin’ on (even though they did almost blow a lead).

Like maybe other Tennessee teams have it in for the Vols this season. UT needs OT to escape MTSU.

Like d’em Flyers are FLYIN’!

Like you should be glad I wasn’t hired to write the headlines for the UCONN game, ’cause there were SO many possibilities: Colgate gets *fill in appropriate dental related verb* by Connecticut.

Like I’m not taking Kansas seriously until they play a team that is, or stands a chance of being, ranked (I see you, Cal Bears). Same goes for you, Oklahoma State.  And ditto to you, Georgia. Double ditto to you, South Florida, especially since you needed OT to defeat Clemson. And you’re not quite in the same category, Florida State, but you’re close. And Northwestern? Talk to me after you meet the already mentioned Cal Bears. And yes, I see you, 8-0 South Carolina, but I also see the Cardinal looming.

Like the Pacific Tigers got my attention ’cause they’re undefeated AND that includes a win over Fresno State. Of course, there are those Cardinal folk looming.

Like Turtles are faster than Huskers.

Like what a difference a year makes: A Della Donne-less Delaware takes down the Bonnies.

Like I never know if I can trust Michigan State — will we know more after they meet Dayton?

Like why couldn’t I have used my psychic abilities to pick the Powerball numbers instead of (sorta) picking Penn State getting upset by Miami.

Like, seriously, dudes and dudettes, how long will Banghart stay a Tiger? Princeton takes down Rutgers big, 71-55.

Like WHB readers are wicked cool, because they know who the Chippewas are, and are kinda stoked that they gave Notre Dame a game, and then some.

Like I sick and tired of reading the same old stuff: OU’s Maddie Manning out for season and Injury Sidelines Richmond’s Okoro For 2012-13 Season

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To grow a woman’s basketball program takes more than recruiting and knowing your X’s and O’s. It takes long hours marketing, working crowds, building relationships with local businesses and movers and shakers, and the support of your administration.

And, of course, it takes money. So it’s been cool that the NCAA has provided grants to help programs improve. The University of Dayton is one of the grantees:

Jahrling detailed in the proposal that UD has created such a strong program, and they could really use extra funding to increase awareness, exposure and attendance. More than half of the money received will be spent on video shoots in order to promote the girls and encourage future recruitment in the community.

“We really have a good product on the court, and we want to showcase that talent to everyone here and nationally,” she said.

Out of the 88 schools who applied for this grant, only 12 received some aid in the end. Jabir feels that along with the proposal written by Jahrling and Harper, his team’s recent success proves the opportunity this institution has to become a national spectacle.

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