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team a fighting chance — but a 28 point lead at the half? That’s generous, even for a Wildcat team battling the post-beatdown blues.

In fact, it proved too dang generous, and Alabama, the worst team (and THAT’s a whole ‘nother issue) in the SEC held on for the win, putting itself in contention for the “Upset of the Year” award. And can someone please explain to me the concepts behind Kentucky’s defense? ‘bama shot 70% in the first. (Wonder if Graham wants to revisit his article from Feb 5th: Kentucky loses but has no reason to panic?)

It’s not quite as “sexy,” but I’m also putting Jen Azzi’s San Francisco team up for the “UoY” award as they took down #23 BYU. Yah, we mentioned their nice win a while back, the it’s exciting to see the Dons do more than just threaten to change their ways.

Nebraska suffered its own post-loss discombobulation, letting Northwestern (13-12, 3-9 Big 10) stick close all game. And then watched as the Wildcats ran away with the win.

A tip of the hat to the Pride as they played Delaware:

The Pride wore pink warm-up shirts that said “Crush Clare’s Cancer”. The school had to get a waiver to wear them since Droesch is a high school coach in New York. Droesch talked to the team before the game.

“It was really emotional,” Pride coach Krista Kilburn-Steveskey said.

Looks like it was a fun game out in Hempstead, but in the end, Hofstra was overwhelmed by the Donne (42 points, 12rebs – now at 2000pts for her Delaware career ). Yah, yah, yah, I understand all the naysayers, but come on, do you REALLY want your team to meet the Blue Hens in the tournament?

I’m going to bet Tennessee fans (and coaches) are shaking their heads at the Vols’ Jekyll and Hyde like performances. There was little fire and less offense in their 57-41 win over Mississippi State.

Yawn. Another double-double for Wojta. Yawn.

Whoa! The Thundering Herd of Marshall (14-11, 5-7 surprised Memphis (19-6, 9-3), 65-54.

After a rough start, the Techsters are trying to make a run in the WAC.

Okay, the Eagles are on a roll: the take down Clemson (2-11, ACC) for their second conference win.

Well, it wasn’t exactly 28 points, but the Hawkeyes were down 14 at the half and managed to come back for the 1pt win over Michigan.

Erf: the Wildcats put a hurt on Washington State, 90-51.

UTEP is still digging its way through the C-USA schedule and now are 12-0 in conference play. In a similar vein, Fresno State is mauling the WAC competition and they’re 9-0 in the conference. (Why aren’t these teams ranked, especially in a year where the “bottom” 24 are such a hot mess?)

Yesterday’s “game Debbie and Beth would have loved”? Wright State 91, Detroit 82. Haven’t I mentioned that Wright State has stunk? Here’s a little on their second-year coach, Mike Bradbury:

Mike Bradbury was named as the sixth Raider women’s basketball coach at Wright State on April 21, 2010 and he hasn’t stopped.

Last year was a year of firsts for the WSU women’s basketball program as it played in its first post-season tournament as a division I school when it hosted two round of the Women’s Basketball Invitational. The team also recorded the most wins in division I with a 20-13 record. Three Raiders received Horizon League honors–LaShawna Thomas first team, Molly Fox second team and Shaunda Sandifer Newcomer Team.

Don’t ignore what the Toreros are up to in the WCC: 19-6, 10-3. (Check out their blog.)

The Cal Bears moved to 19-7, 10-4 with their 83-71 win over the Ducks. Who’s impressed with the job Lindsay Gottlieb has done in taking over?

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From Q: Five Preseason Questions: What makes Azzi a ‘natural’ coach? How will that help her at USF?

If you were wondering how much University of San Francisco players know about first-year coach Jennfier Azzi, you’re not alone.

“These guys? Not so much,” said Azzi’s former Stanford teammate and current USF assistant Katy Steding. “I think they know that we were successful and things like that. But, you know, I think it’s a different ball game because it was so long ago. I think they know the name, but it’s another thing to have watched them play a lot because most of them were in junior high or so even when Jennifer was playing (in the WNBA) and I retired two years before that. It’s a little bit different.

Some prognostications: Dishin & Swishin: Who Will Cut ‘Em Down in April? 2010-11 NCAA Top 10 Predictions

And finally, what kind of limb is Q goin’ out on? 2010-11 Pac-10 Preview: A Conference Poised To Restore Its National Reputation

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as if anticipating the *soon to come* list of the WHBMDRCOY list, Q writes about one obvious candidate:

Jennifer Azzi Makes A Strong First Impression On San Francisco Players

For most coaches, exhibition games are just a chance to play somebody different, most meaningful to the extent that they serve as something of a dress rehearsal.

But for first-year University of San Francisco coach Jennifer Azzi, there might have been a little added significance to the Dons 61-34 home win against Sonoma State University Friday night.

“Now no one will tell me anymore that I haven’t done it before,” quipped Azzi when asked about her first game coaching.

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Debra Gore-Mann resigning as USF AD

This after hiring Jen Azzi and then having the program suffer NCAA sanctions.

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