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enjoying seeing Tulsa on their schedule? Mystics stop four-game skid by pounding Shock

Indiana stays en fuego, silencing the Lynx with a late push courtesy of Katie D, 78-75.

Speaking of “fuego,” look at d’em Stars! (And how frustrated are the Dream fans?)

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Didja catch Mechelle’s chat?

Here ya go.

kevin: 10 days ago you said the Mystics would have news “soon”. How soon is soon?
Mechelle: Pretty clearly, “soon” in Mystics time is not “soon” in everyone else’s time. I had been told by someone in the organization at the time I wrote that it was forthcoming within a week. Obviously, that didn’t happen.

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Alana Beard’s Road to Recovery and Alana Beard: The Intern? – WNBA superstar heads west to take on new opportunity.

The busy life of Armintie Price – Recently back from playing in the WNBA Finals with the Eastern Conference Champions, the Atlanta Dream, Lady Rebels assistant coach Armintie Price discussed being a professional basketball player, being a newlywed and a coach.

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