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Former basketball sensation Linda Page found dead in her Yeadon home

Contemporaries of former Dobbins Tech girls’ basketball sensation Linda Page, who broke Wilt Chamberlain’s individual local high school scoring record when she scored 100 points against Mastbaum in February 1981, reacted with shock and fond remembrances Wednesday to her death. She was 48.

At his blog, Mel writes: Remembering N.C. State’s Linda “Hawkeye” Page

Somewhere back in time when Villanova longtime women’s basketball coach Harry Perretta was accepting an award on behalf of Shelly Pennefather, one of his former all-time players from his Wildcats teams of the late 1980s who later became a cloistered nun, he related that in a conversation he had, she mentioned to him that you never know sometimes how many other lives you many touch from something you do.

Surely, it is something to ponder with the news late Wednesday afternoon that announced that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs had passed away at age 56 after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

Jobs, with his company’s technological innovations of such devices as the iPod, iPhone, and iPad, as well as the growth of Mac laptops and desktop computers, certainly affected for the betterment thousands of lives of persons across the globe that he never met.

In the same manner it seems between the stretch drive of the end of the WNBA season, which could occur Friday night in Atlanta unless the host Dream find a way to rally against the Minnesota Lynx, and the start of the collegiate season, which is phasing into preseason practice, the Guru has been consistently running into stories, blogs, facebook announcements and tweets of women’s basketball notables who are making a difference in the lives of persons they may never meet.

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to top off your Sunday: When she took the floor with famed Harlem Globetrotters the crowds were hooked

Picture this: A double-deck bus barnstorming the northern United States and Canada with the Harlem Globetrotters filling the upstairs and the Texas Cowgirls, a women’s basketball team, riding below.

The Globetrotters, featuring Wilt Chamberlain and Meadowlark Lemon, were black. The Texas Cowgirls were white.

The years were 1957 and ’58.

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Swoopes, 40, as passionate as ever – Despite Shock’s 1-9 record, legend looks for best way she can help Tulsa, teammates

You might be wondering how this could be fun for Sheryl Swoopes. She has won everything there is to win in women’s basketball, and so returning for another WNBA season at age 40 had nothing to do with pursuing an ultimate triumph that had eluded her.

Sure, she felt she’d deserved more of a chance to exit the WNBA on her own terms. Yet as the calendar turned to 2011, she was no longer burning with a desire to prove something. In fact, it was as if the call came from the Tulsa Shock after Swoopes already had made some peace with the idea that sometimes you cross a finish line that has no tape to break or crowd to cheer for you.

Swoopes doesn’t act like a woman desperately chasing the sun and trying to keep it from setting. Yet …

Mechelle also chatted Thursday:

kevin (macon ga): Jeff Jacobs had an interesting article about Candace Parker. He suggested she might reach a point where we think of her as similar to oft-injured Fred Lynn rather than similar to dominant Wilt Chamberlain (two other players who won ROY and MVP the same season in their sport). Is it possible she’s headed towards being a case of potential lost to injuries?
Mechelle Voepel: One of things to remember, of course, is part of the time Candace Parker was out in the WNBA wasn’t because of an injury, but because she was on maternity leave … which obviously is not a factor in men’s sports. It seems like there’s been a lot of speculation about Parker that strikes me as a bit too alarmist – she’s still only 25 (birthday was in April). And while there is understandable concern about the time she’s missed and what it portends for her future, I’m not sticking her with the Fred Lynn tag by any means yet.

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Those with long memories will remember Linda Page, who scored 100 points in a Public League high school game for Dobbins Tech, also Staley’s alma mater, in 1981 against Mastbaum to break Wilt Chamberlain’s record in Philadelphia, which was the 90 he set at Overbrook High.

She went on to play for the late Kay Yow at North Carolina State.

Page, the native of Yeadon in the suburbs whose nickname is “Hawkeye”, recently reached out to the Guru through his facebook page and informed of a book she has written — Love, Pain & Passion: The Heart of a Champion.

She has worked as a probation officer asd well as social worker and information about her life and shooting clinics, as well as more about her book, can be found at her website http://lindapage100points.com.

On Saturday, July 17, Page will host a book signing and dinner party at Cafe Harlem, 717 Church Lane in Yeadon.

Tickets are $45, the deadline is Saturday, and you can mail payment to her at Linda Page, P.O. Box 5260 Yeadon, Pa., 190501. Page will mail the official invitation upon receipt.

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