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This seemed the most breathtakingly obvious move that Washington could have made. On Nov. 20, after the Connecticut Sun announced they were parting ways with Thibault, my first question when I talked to him was, “How are you doing?” Followed by, “Have the Mystics called yet?”

This took no great insight; everybody who follows the WNBA had to think of Thibault as the top choice for the Mystics. But because they are the Mystics, you just couldn’t be sure.

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a little flashback, courtesy of Title IX’s birthday: From Lee over at Full Court Press, Title IX: Former Texas Longhorn reflects on era of change

Hiss, who served as director of physical training for women at UT for 36 years, was an interesting character. In some respects, she was a pioneer. Her own promotion to that rank in the gender-biased culture of that era was no small accomplishment. Hiss made two years of physical education mandatory for every “co-ed,” as the women on campus were called at the time, and worked tirelessly to acquire resources for women’s athletics, raising $400,000 for construction the women’s gym and surrounding tennis courts and playing fields and establishing a vital intramural sports and physical education program for women that included a variety of activities from tennis and golf to archery, swimming, posture and interpretive dance.

At the same time, like her mentor, First Lady Lou Henry Hoover, one of the early heads of the Girl Scouts of America and one of the founders of the National Amateur Athletic Foundation, Hiss was adamantly opposed to team sports and intercollegiate competition for women.  Both Hiss and Hoover also actively campaigned against the inclusion of women’s sports in the Olympics, with partial success – though female Olympians competed in individual sports, the U.S. did not field its first Olympic women’s basketball team until 1976.

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but it was so fine, they played triple overtime.

The West Lafayette fans got a show from Nebraska’s Hooper (27pts) and Moore (26pts) and watched their own Boilermakers keep coming back. But, in the end, the victory went to the Cornhuskers, as did a share of the B-10 top spot.

Staying with the theme o’ the day, Georgia Tech needed overtime to escape North Carolina, 75-68.

In the “imitation is the finest complement” vein, Iowa roared back to take Wisconsin to OT, and then earned the win, 85-79.

In the, “we took Stanford to OT, but lost. Let’s see if we can take let the Wildcats take us to OT and win” vein, Cal succeeds.

In the, “yes, the Pac-12 enjoys OTs, ’cause it gives the fans heart palpitations,’ vein, Washington exploded for 45 in the second to tie up the game, but fell to UCLA in, you guessed it, OT, 79-73.

In the, “Yah, you may be undefeated in conference play, you Bengals you, but we Bobcats are cute and fuzzy and will take. You. Down. In OT!” vein, it was Montana State giving Idaho State their first Big Sky loss. (Bussey’s school record 41pts helped.)

It was close, but no overtime for the UNC-W folks, as EDD used her 29 pts and 14 rebounds 4 assists and 3 blocks to ensure a Blue Hen victory in North Carolina, 62-53.

It was oh, so close but Middle Tennessee squeezed out a 2-point win over Aston’s North Texas team, 70-68.

I’m sure the Terps were happy to play Boston College, but they were happier to have Thomas back.

Penguins win!

Eagles beat Ospreys.

You know, Wright State used to be really awful, but I notice they’re 8-2 in the Horizon.

Whoops! Memphis (6-2 C-USA) lost to Southern Miss, 62-54. The Tigers beat the Eagles by 41 last time they played.

Mini whoops! The Blue Jays (6-4 MVC) take down the Shockers (8-2), 61-59.

Another mini-whoops! BYU (8-2, WCC) got hammered by the Waves (6-4), 49-61.

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WNBAlien: Women’s Pro Basketball coverage that’s out of this world (insert reverb)

This is an independent site covering women’s professional basketball across the globe, concentrating on the WNBA. Chief writer, editor, and all-around man-in-charge is Richard Cohen, whose ramblings you may have encountered before at SportPageMagazine.com (or possibly as Richyyy on a variety of forums around the internet).

Why WNBAlien? Because I like to think that I look down upon the WNBA with an impartial eye (y’know, like an alien looking down on the Earth), because I’m based outside the USA (making me an ‘alien’, in US terms), and because I like the way the ‘A’ noise from the end of ‘WNBA’ runs into the start of ‘Alien’. Also it lends itself to a cute graphic.

Here’s his latest post: WNBA Today, 06/12/2011 (Part One): Fever/Libs battle, and the Sky’s the limit

You know, I had a report just about finished on the New York-Indiana game at Conseco on Friday night, then they went and played again last night and produced a carbon copy, only with the result reversed. So let’s tackle both games together.

Pierson and Vaughn both picked up two early fouls in Friday’s game, which considering people like me keep going on about New York’s post situation looked worrying for the Libs. Not the case. Breland and Hollingsworth both came in and provided perfectly reasonable backup, the starters avoided drawing too many more whistles when they came back, and New York rolled. In both games the Libs opened up a lead in the second quarter, winning the period 30-18 on Friday and 22-16 last night to lead 52-42 and 49-45 respectively. So that’s the much vaunted Indiana Fever defense giving up 101 points in first halves alone on two consecutive nights – not what you’d expect from a team that has always built from a defensive base above anything else.

Hit his archives to catch up with posts like this: 06/08/2011: Shocking Basketball

I barely know where to start with this one. One WNBA game last night, with Tulsa travelling up to take on the Lynx in Minnesota, and if you stuck around to watch the second half when Mavs-Heat Game 4 was on offer instead, you’re an extraordinarily dedicated WNBA fan. Or you need your head examined. It’s really hard to watch or write about this Shock team, because they turn every game they’re a part of into disorganised chaos. By the end of the season they’ll probably be lucky to win 6 games, but they’ll likely have a 34-0 record in making games a complete mess.

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or a U2 program, Mechelle writes about forward Jordan Hooper

Coach Connie Yori refused to see last season as a brief open door that would inevitably shut. Yes, there would be rebuilding to do, lessons to be learned, lumps to take. But she viewed 2009-10 as another important piece of the foundation of what she is constructing at Nebraska, not just a scrapbook season to wistfully file away.

Plus, she knew she was getting Hooper.

“I’m never one to blow up kids … in fact, I usually do the opposite,” said the hyperbole-adverse Yori. “But Jordan is going to be a pretty special player in our program. She set an all-time record in our agility test this fall. And that includes every player that I have ever had. She’s very, very skilled and a great shooter.”

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(There’s a bird pun for you birding peeps out there)

Yikes! Who’d they piss off?

For Thursday’s Morning Buzz, we’ll have two special guests stopping by in WNBA All-Stars Lauren Jackson (10 a.m. ET) and Sue Bird (10:15 a.m. ET).

Glad I saw in on the ESPN.com site.

Wow, wouldn’t it be cool if the WNBA had some way to, you know, inform fans about the chat? Some sort of cool, high tech, yet to be invented technology of some sort? Like, I dunno, something link an instant letter that magically appears in your mail box?

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